Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 723


“You don’t have to worry about my alchemy!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. 

Suo Kaifeng looked at the two medicinal pills and confirmed that it was the right antidote as they expected. It really was hard for him to believe that such a young man was able to refine such a high-grade antidote, not only that, but he refined it way faster than it was supposed to be! 

“For those who have no business here, please make way! My father has been waiting for too long, and I don’t plan to make him wait any longer!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards the Water Crystal Coffin where his father lied await. Pill Refining has always been a little bit too easy for him as it only demanded control over the fire. As he already had the perfect control over the Immortal Fire, he didn’t have to worry about failing!

“I have to say that your alchemy level is way higher than the people on Medicine Divine Valley!” Suo Kaifeng said as he shook his head. He really wanted Yi Tianyun to join Sealing Heaven Divine Nation right now as Yi Tianyun alone would be worth more than all of their elders combined! 

“Mother, give the antidote to father now. If it doesn’t work, we still have another one!” Yi Tianyun said as he handed over one antidote to Jiao Linghe. She nodded and excitedly walked towards the Water Crystal Coffin and pushed it open! The coffin’s aura immediately seeped out as its cold aura started to freeze the air in the hall. It was to preserve whoever was put inside the coffin as the cold aura would slow down any type of aura inside.

This coffin was also commonly used for the Old Ancestor as it could extend their life indefinitely until they could use their last breath to defend their faction! There were so many Old Ancestors who did that and even set up the coffin seal to open only on their command! 

Jiao Linghe immediately gave Yi Xingchen the antidote and used her Spiritual Energy to guide him to swallow the pill and assist him in absorbing the antidote. Soon enough, the antidote was absorbed successfully, and Jiao Linghe was waiting worriedly for the antidote to kick in. 

Not long after, Yi Xingchen’s pale complexion returned rosy, indicating that the antidote was starting to work, and the process was quite fast as Yi Tianyun could feel that the Blood Essence on his father’s body was accumulating. This was the effect of his Five Refinement Ranks antidote. It was way more potent than the normal rank antidote that Suo Kaifeng would get in Medicine Divine Valley. 

Jiao Linghe helped Yi Xingchen stabilised his Blood Essence as he still couldn’t do so at the moment. Yi Yuanlong, on the side, looked nervous as he wanted to help his son, but he knew that the fewer people involved with the stabilisation process, the better it was for Yi Xingchen. 

Moreover, Jiao Linghe could do it herself as her cultivation level was good. She was at 4th Layer Spirit King Stage, and she also knew him the best at the moment. For Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, Jiao Linghe was strong, but not enough as their goal was to have the elders reach the Sant King Stage rank. But as of now, most of the elders were stuck in Spirit King Stage as it was hard for them to cultivate in this stage.

Most of them were too busy minding their Bloodline so much that they didn’t even care about their cultivation level! As long as they had the powerful Sealing Heaven Bloodline, they felt like they could win against anything! The Great Elder was the best example of this misleading idea that the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation adhered to right now. 

This type of corruption was hard to punish as it didn’t break any rule at all. It was just a habit that became an outspoken rule that every family member had to follow! Even the Evil Spirit Race had the same kind of rules for their blood kin, but maybe, Sealing Heaven Divine Nation took it to another level!

Yi Xingchen’s condition immediately improved thanks to the antidote, and he eventually woke up as his eyelids started to move. Jiao Linghe and Yi Yuanlong were worried that there might be some change in Yi Xingchen’s personality once he woke up, but there was no way to know until later.

“Father?” Yi Xingchen hurriedly said as the first one he saw was Yi Yuanlong. He tried to sit back up immediately, but the dizziness was still there due to prolonged rest inside the Water Crystal Coffin. He started to look around and realised that he was inside the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation and that the Family Lord was present. “Family Lord!” he said surprisedly. He didn’t know what to say to such a respectful man as he knew that he once escaped from the faction with Jiao Linghe.

“You just woke up; take your time.” Suo Kaifeng said with a kind smile on his face that took Yi Xingchen aback a little. 

“Linghe, just how long did I sleep? Did I miss anything?” Yi Xingchen worriedly asked Jiao Linghe with a whisper. He was afraid that too much had changed, but he was most afraid of losing Jiao Linghe.

“Nothing is wrong, everything has been dealt with single-handedly by our son, and you have to rest and recover your strength back!” Jiao Linghe said as she looked at Yi Tianyun with happiness and excitement on her face.

“Our son?” Yi Xingchen said confusedly and looked at the young man that Jiao Linghe looked at. He was dumbfounded as he saw that the son that Jiao Linghe mentioned was already a young adult! “You are my son?” he asked Yi Tianyun curiously. 

“Yes! This is your son, Yi Tianyun! He has grown up handsomely and helped us with our previous predicament.” Jiao Linghe said with a prideful look on her face. She wanted to say that they didn’t need the Sealing Heaven Divine King’s Bloodline to become a super genius as her son was the proof of it!

“Welcome back, Father.” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards Yi Xingchen’s Water Crystal Coffin. Yi Tianyun felt a little bit complicated and awkward about this whole situation as he didn’t know what kind of man his father was and what his father would think of him.

“I am so sorry, my son!” Yi Xingchen said as he reached for Yi Tianyun and patted him on his shoulder. Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised as he didn’t understand why his father’s first word was an apology like this.

The truth was, Yi Xingchen realised that he must’ve owed a lot of things to Yi Tianyun as he already missed the entirety of his son’s life! That was why the only thing that he could say to his son right away was an apology! Yi Tianyun immediately realised what his father meant by that apology and smiled kindly.

“It was nothing, father. It’s all in the past, and I didn’t blame you for what happened!” Yi Tianyun warmly said. Despite how he felt in the past, after knowing the whole ordeal his parent were facing, he realised it wasn’t their fault!

“Son, it must be hard for you too!” Yi Yuanlong said as he saddened by his son’s expression as soon as he woke up.

“Father …” Yi Xingchen wanted to say something, but he was stopped by his guilt. He blamed himself for not being there for his son, and he also blamed himself for disappointing his father. 

As neither of them said anything, Jiao Linghe then explained everything that happened earlier, all the way to Yi Xingchen’s antidote. Yi Xingchen was shocked and stared at Yi Tianyun disbelievingly. He couldn’t believe what his wife just told him as he didn’t expect his son to become the super genius of the century!

“My son is that powerful?!” Yi Xingchen said, still with disbelief in his eyes.

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