Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 722


There are many Alchemists with Heavenly Flame among their ranks, but one with Immortal Fire was hard to find! Even Suo Kaifeng, who has lived for so long now, never truly saw any Alchemist with said fire! 

With this new revelation from the Family Lord, others began to believe that Yi Tianyun really was a Pill Refining Grandmaster, capable of refining the antidote for Bloodthirsty Poison. With such amazing tools in Yi Tianyun’s arsenal, no one in the hall was dumb enough to question Yi Tianyun anymore! 

But then again, Yi Tianyun didn’t really care about what they thought of him. He immediately threw all ingredients inside the furnace to see what happened. Everyone was dumbfounded by this scene as Yi Tianyun just threw everything at the same time! They believed that to make such a complicated and complex antidote, the Alchemist should have done the refining process slowly and carefully. 

Everyone started to believe that the refining process has failed and the ingredients were wasted, thanks to Yi Tianyun’s carelessness. All the ingredients were high-grade ingredients, too, meaning that they wouldn’t be able to procure another one anytime soon! Even Jiao Linghe herself was dumbfounded as she never saw an alchemist did anything like this! 

“This is awkward!” Shi Xueyun said since she didn’t understand how Yi Tianyun worked, but she believed it was the best for the situation. 

Everyone thought the furnace would explode soon and immediately got away from the hall as high-grade ingredients would definitely create a huge and powerful explosion! 

“Idiot! What Pill Refining Grandmaster is this! If we only lose Spirit Grass, everyone would be fine, but this is too much!” an elder said with a frown on his face.

“Well, we gotta get away from here as soon as possible! The explosion wouldn’t be pretty!” another said as he was trying to get out of the hall. 

“What a damn bullshit! He is surely not an alchemist, let alone a Grandmaster! I am sure I will do a better job than him!” another elder said, clearly in contempt! 

Everyone thought that Yi Tianyun’s pill refining technique was horrendous. Every advanced Alchemist would do a better job than Yi Tianyun! Most Alchemists would use a Spirit Medicine to stabilise the refining process, but instead of doing something to ease the refining process, Yi Tianyun just threw everything in without any consideration! 

But Yi Tianyun wasn’t bothered at all. He paid no mind to those who doubted him. It’d be better for him to focus on finishing the refining process as the Immortal Fire could be a fickle if not controlled carefully. Nonetheless, Immortal Fire would decrease the refining process by a lot!

Although his skill was considered odd compared to other Alchemists, he didn’t make any mistake yet! The sizzling sound that everyone was hearing wasn’t the sign that the ingredient would explode. Instead, it was the sign that the ingredient condensed into one, extracting the essence and removing the impurities! Everything was stable, and Yi Tianyun knew that he would succeed! 

Suo Kaifeng himself was standing beside Yi Tianyun with a frown on his face. He thought that everything would fail, but as he witnessed the refining process closely, he knew that the refining process was stable and everything was going perfectly smooth! But then again, he never saw any refining technique like this! 

Suo Kaifeng finally saw the condensation of the ingredient, meaning that the antidote would be done soon! He couldn’t believe what he saw as he has never seen anything like this before! He expected the process would take quite a while as that was how it normally went when it came to refining such a difficult medicinal pill, but Yi Tianyun did it in a mere couple of hours! 

“Impossible! How can you refine it so quickly?” Suo Kaifeng said with astonishment in his voice. Everyone else was shocked by the Family Lord’s word and began observing a little bit closer. They, too, were surprised upon realising that Yi Tianyun was almost done!

“There is no way he would succeed, right? It’s gotta be because the initial process was fairly easy, and it all comes down to the end process, right?” an elder said with uncertainty in his voice.

“That might be the case! It’s always difficult to assimilate the spiritual energy at the end. If the assimilation failed, everything would go down the drain!” another elder said unsurely.

Most of them still weren’t convinced by Yi Tianyun’s skill and still talked like Yi Tianyun would fail soon! It was a pity that their assumption was way off! With a slight movement of his fingers, the Immortal Fire on the furnace suddenly intensified, speeding the condensation process quickly.

“It is done!” Yi Tianyun confidently said as he waved his hands and opened the lid of the furnace. He then took two medicinal pills inside the furnace, meaning he successfully refined the antidote. The pill was glowing red in colour and kind of looked like a dragonfly. It was obviously stunning!

“6th Grade Medicinal Pills with Five Refinement Ranks?” Suo Kaifeng gasped as the pills’ quality was beyond his wildest imagination! Everyone was shocked by this revelation, too, as they doubted Yi Tianyun’s skill, but it turned out that he was really the Genius Alchemist all along!

With Five Refinement Ranks on the antidote, it meant that the effect would increase dramatically. At the very least, it would enhance the effect of the antidote by eight times! But the most shocking thing was that Yi Tianyun managed to create two of them! 

Suo Kaifeng himself was excited to see this and saw Yi Tianyun with respect. He had been surprised by how strong Yi Tianyun was earlier, but now that he knew that Yi Tianyun also a Pill Refining Grandmaster, he couldn’t help but think that Yi Tianyun had to be the most genius person in the whole world!

“This is all I can do for now. So, is there anyone who still thinks these medicinal pills have no effect?” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He heard everything that everyone said earlier, but he decided to ignore it as he was concentrating on refining the medicinal pills. Now that he was done, he could see anyone eye to eye! If anyone wanted to complain about his ability and technique, they could complain straight to his face!

Everyone was still too shocked to say anything, but surely, they now believe that Yi Tianyun was truly the Pill Refining Grandmaster!

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