Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 739


Numerous Divine Nation leaders had speculated what role Yi Tianyun played in Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, and Yi Tianyun’s word himself already confirmed it! Now, the genius of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation that was able to light up ten stars was there in front of them! Not only that, but the boy was capable of killing Heavenly Silk Holy King with only a sword aura!

“How could this be possible?! Didn’t you only test out your Bloodline Power recently? How can you already have such monstrous cultivation?” Shi Huotian said surprisedly. In fact, all other people were also surprised as it didn’t make any sense for some boy to be able to kill Heavenly Silkworm Holy King! 

But suddenly, a shriek was heard from someone asking for help! Everyone looked toward the direction of the sound, and it turned out, the Heavenly Silkworm Holy King wasn’t dead just yet! He was still burning, and the shriek turned out to be him screaming out of terror and asking for help! Several Spirit King cultivators immediately came to the rescue, but as soon as they came close to Heavenly Silkworm Holy King’s burning body, the fire immediately jumped at them!

“Ahhhhhh, get it off of me!” The Spirit King cultivators shouted in horror as the fire started to burn their clothes. But the fire wasn’t something easy to get rid of. The cultivators tried putting off the fire by rolling on the ground, quenching it with water, and any other method, but it was all useless! Eventually, they came up with the answer that the best way to get rid of the fire was to cut off the burning part itself! 

But they realized this too late as their body was already burning, and now, there was no way to cut off their body to get rid of the flame! Not too long after, several Spirit King cultivators that tried to help Heavenly Silkworm Holy King was burned alive. On the other hand, the Heavenly Silkworm Holy King was still burning but still very much alive! It was not because of his high cultivation level but because Yi Tianyun deliberately let him suffer!

The other cultivators that saw the scene with their own eyes were shocked beyond belief! Several Spirit King cultivators who almost reached the Saint King expert were killed without the enemy lifting a hand! 

Shi Huotion began to worry as Heavenly Silkworm Holy King was defeated in an instant with so little effort, making him shudder at the fact of what would happen to others that were clearly weaker than Heavenly Silkworm Holy King! Was his idea to get rid of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation only an illusion right now?

“You are too full of yourself, kid! How can you defeat so many people at once! You may be powerful, but you wouldn’t be able to handle all of us at once!” Shi Huotian said coldly at Yi Tianyun, “Now, charge forward my men! Kill them all without leaving anyone behind!” Shi Huotian shouted his warcry.

The Divine Nations alliance immediately roared in excitement and rushed forward while pulling out their best weapon to attack the wall and breached Sealing Heaven Divine Nation!

“Starting the Defensive Great Array!” Suo Kaifeng said with a cold expression. He was already determined to fight the invading enemies, and this was what he could do for now! The great array immediately activated, and a thick shield immediately pushed out cultivators that tried to climb up the walls. The shield exuded a powerful aura that pressured the enemies!

“We’re prepared for the shield!” Shi Huotian coldly said as he gathered the remaining Divine Nation leaders and a few dozen Saint King Cultivators and started to combine their power into one! Spiritual Power burst out on the air, and a terrifying sword aura floated on the air that rushed forward and slammed against the shield!

The hard shield immediately cracked after taking the attack of Shi Huotian’s combined force. The Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s guards were even sent off the wall and received a couple of injuries from the impact of the attack. Suo Kaifeng gritted his teeth as he knew that at this rate, the shield would be shattered in no time!

“You indeed came prepared! It seems you have planned this for quite a while! You even have a martial arts specifically to destroy our shield!” Suo Kaifeng said with a frown on his face. 

“Now, you still think that you would be safe there? Our sword would destroy your defences in a moment, and you would be killed along with your entire Divine Nation!” Shi Huotian said with a smirk on his face. His army of Spirit King cultivators was also trying their best to attack the shield, causing a lot of pressure towards Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s people.

Many people started to panic as they saw the shield starting to crack. If the shield was broken, there was no way they could fend off the horde of enemies in front of them!

“Is this the extent of your abilities?” Yi Tianyun coldly said as he threw his looks at Shi Huotian’s attack with a bored expression. 

“Look here, kid, I know that you are quite a powerful person, but in the face of so many enemies, do you think you have Sealing Heaven Divine King’s power? You might survive our attack, but Sealing Heaven Divine Nation is done for!” Shi Huotian said furiously.

All the other enemies smirked and nodded to Shi Huotian’s word! The reason they joined hands with the Divine Nation alliance was that their own Divine Nation stopped growing! They wanted to attack Sealing Heaven Divine Nation to receive new treasures for their Divine Nation to grow. 

“I may not be the Sealing Heaven Divine King, but I am his descendant!” Yi Tianyun coldly said as he reached out his hands to the sky, and suddenly the ten stars shone in the sky, and a terrifying beam of light immediately engulfed the Divine Nation Alliance forces. Yi Tianyun deliberately let Shi Huotian live for now as he wanted to deal with him with his own power. 

The light that shrouded the Divine Nation alliance forces immediately dissipated and left a huge hollow land with no corpse left! In the blink of an eye, Yi Tianyun has decimated more than half of the enemy forces!

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