Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 740


There was no trace left behind. Not even a scream could be heard when the light hit the ground! 

‘Successfully killed 1st Layer Spirit King Stage Intruder!’
‘Reward: 600 million Exp, 25.000 Cps, …’

‘Successfully killed 5th Layer Spirit King Stage Intruder!’
‘Reward: 900 million Exp, 33.000 Cps, …’

‘Successfully …’

A large number of Spirit King Stage cultivators were killed instantly. The remaining Spirit King Stage cultivators on the battleground turned pale as they realised that they didn’t stand a chance against Yi Tianyun!

‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 2nd Layer Saint King Stage.’

He finally levelled up! It was partly thanks to the eight 10X Exp Card that he got from the roulette in the past. After stacking so many Exp amplifiers, he got a total of 112X Exp for this battle! The Exp he got from killing a Spirit King cultivator wasn’t much, but as it was multiplied by 112 times, the amount of Exp he got was ridiculous.

Yi Tianyun used all of his Exp cards as he saw the number of opponents this time was too many! Fit to go all-in to grow his power once more! A lot of opponent meant a large number of Exp! With the attack from the Ten Divine Tools, he could cover a wide area and decimate them cleanly, thus increasing the effectiveness of the Exp Card!

Unfortunately, the Crazy Point that he got was abysmal to Exp as he didn’t have any Crazy Point Card for now. While he got hundreds of millions of experience points, his Crazy Points only increased by thousands. 

“Well, I had to live with what I got! Killing these scums alone gave me quite a lot of exp already!” Yi Tianyun said to himself. He hated a group of greedy opportunists the most. The war against the demon hasn’t even started just yet, but these scums were already keen on killing each other like a fool. Especially the word from Heavenly Silkworm Holy King earlier when he stated that he didn’t care about the demon. Was he really alright in the head by saying that?

If Sealing Heaven Divine King were here, he would instantly kill these people without even batting an eye! 

Everyone was scared of what just unfolded in front of them. A large number of Spirit King cultivators was gone, like a vapour! The Divine Nation leaders that were still standing looked at Yi Tianyun dreadfully, and they started to look up and saw that the ten stars were shining in the sky!

“What is this power? Is this the inheritance that Sealing Heaven Divine King left behind?” one of the Divine Nation leaders said in horror.

“It must be! This power is too amazing to be his own!” another Divine Nation leader said anxiously. 

“That’s it! I surrender! There is no way I can win against such an overbearing power!” another said while holding his hands up. They didn’t want to die just yet, so they left behind their banners and stopped their attacks. Suo Kaifeng was also shocked as he never saw such monstrous power. Although he had the great array to use the star power himself, it was never to this extent!

“Surrender? Did you think it would be that easy?” Yi Tianyun said coldly to the Divine Nations’ leaders. They wanted to surrender to keep their lives as soon as Yi Tianyun demonstrated such an extraordinary power before them, but why would Yi Tianyun give them such mercy?

“No, stop saying nonsense! I believe that he can only launch an attack of that scale once. He is definitely scaring us to surrender! We have to stay strong and fight back!” Shi Huotian said desperately. “Moreover, he already killed many of our elders! It wasn’t something that could be forgiven! We have to avenge them as the king of a Divine Nation!” 

Shi Huotian’s words were true. As a king of Divine Nation! He couldn’t just retreat like that as it would show weakness and at the same time shaming their respective Divine Nations! 

But most of the Divine Nation’s leaders gave up partly because they didn’t think that they could destroy Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s shield anymore with their current number.

“Are you certain that I can only do it once? Did you really think I would use my one-time chance just to kill a bunch of Spirit King cultivators instead of the leader? I wonder why something like that didn’t even cross your mind!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He didn’t care what they wanted to do as he felt like he was observing a group of ants trying to climb up into his house!

He didn’t use the full potential of the Ten Divine Tools as just a small portion of its power was enough to kill the Spirit King Cultivators. This was the power of Divine King. Those at Saint King level or below wouldn’t be able to defend against this power!

The Divine Nations leaders, who were swayed by Shi Huotian’s word earlier began to surrender once again as they believed that Yi Tianyun’s word was more believable. 

“No, don’t listen to his gibberish! We have to continue attacking!” Shi Huotian tried to sway the leaders once again. He was frustrated to keep the morale of the joined forces as he was so eager to destroy Sealing Heaven Divine Nation!

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not! You all will die here today!” Yi Tianyun coldly said as he reached up to the sky once more, and the ten stars that shone in the sky began to flicker once again. A terrifying Spiritual Power began to condense, and this time, it was more powerful than the one before! The joined forces army began to scatter, trying to get away from the attack!

Shi Huotian was no exception, as he was the first to run with everything he got! He ran faster than anyone else despite his plea to keep attacking earlier!

“Well, you won’t be able to escape this!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. This attack that he was about to unleash covered a huge amount of ground that no matter how far Shi Huotian ran, he would still be inside the attack range!

Finally, Yi Tianyun released his attack! The light blasted the ground once more, covering the entire Saint King cultivators and the Divine Nations’ leaders!

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