Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 742


Suo Kaifeng was nervous as he failed to dissuade Yi Tianyun from going down to the battlefield! If Yi Tianyun died here today, Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would be as good as finished, and that’s not just of speech as the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would be immediately destroyed by the other Divine Nation as soon as Yi Tianyun was killed! 

The scene earlier still shocked everyone as it was possibly the strongest attack that anyone on Heaven World has ever seen. Even if Sealing Heaven Divine King’s successor never appeared, no one would dare to stand against Sealing Heaven Divine Nation as the Stars’ power was enough to destroy a Divine Nation by itself!

Although some Hidden Faction somewhere in Heaven World might have a stronger Divine Weapon or cultivators, it doesn’t matter as no one would really want to make an enemy out of Yi TIanyun! 

“Listen to me, Yi Tianyun! Don’t go over there! They’re not the people we can take lightly, and you should’ve known this! If you get overpowered, you will die!” Suo Kaifeng shouted desperately.

“That’s a fact, kid! You better come down here and come at us with your own power instead of hiding behind Sealing Heaven Divine King’s power! Be a man for once!” Shi Huotian said with a smirk on his face. He planned to provoke Yi Tianyun until the end as he thought it would be easier to deal with Yi Tianyun once he lost his cool.

“Family Lord, don’t worry! I have my own plan!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. Suo Kaifeng saw the determination in Yi Tianyun’s eyes and fell silent for a while as he started to believe Yi Tianyun might just be able to deal with the allied forces alone. 

Suo Kaifeng then nodded his head and returned to the top of the wall, but once he got to the top of the wall, he felt a little bit disappointed at himself for letting Yi Tianyun go. Yi Tianyun’s word really got to him, and he ended up letting him go!

This is all because of Yi Tianyun’s high Command Point, which made his word turned into a command for those who believed in him. That was also why many disciples obeyed Yi Tianyun’s word without any question! 

“What happened, Family Lord? Why did you let him go alone?” An elder asked Suo Kaifeng in astonishment. 

“He is our genius! If you let him die, how can we survive in the future!” another elder said surprisedly.

“Stop him, damn it! if I can fly, I will rush there and stop him myself!” A disciple said nervously.

Many disciples and elders felt that Yi Tianyun was clearly powerful but not powerful enough to deal with so many enemies at once! But the enemy, especially Shi Huotian, was very excited as he saw a ray of hope to win this battle!

“Good, kid! Act like a real man and come here!” Shi Huotian said to Yi Tianyun provocatively. The allied forces almost cheered up as they saw how easy it was to provoke Yi Tianyun. 

A moment after, Yi Tianyun landed on the ground with the Evil Spirit Divine Sword in his hand. Yi Tianyun walked in with a calm demeanour without any concern showing. With a step forward, the allied forces were preparing themselves to attack Yi Tianyun!

“It seems that you are really confident in your power. But don’t worry, you will not be the first cultivator I know who was so confident, only to die the next moment!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. “In my opinion, cultivators tend to act around several circumstances. It is either their unwavering belief that they are a genius and surely can destroy everything on their path, a belief that they can do anything once they break through in cultivation, or the belief that they were so strong that they could kill anyone! And obviously, you are the last type!” Yi Tianyun said while shaking his head.

“Nonsense! It is as simple as to see who is right and wrong through a head-on battle!” Shi Huotian said coldly. 

“Well, if that the case, good for you! Although it doesn’t matter what belief that you have once you stood in front of me!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards the edge of the barrier that was created to protect the wall earlier.

“What?” Shi Huotian was perplexed as he didn’t understand where Yi Tianyun’s confidence was coming from, but he suddenly felt extreme pressure coming out from Yi Tianyun!

“It is already too late!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently as he suddenly disappeared from his spot and appeared behind the enemy line! Yi Tianyun slashed the enemy gently, but the Evil Spirit Divine Sword still cut the enemy like butter! His first victim was the Imperial Preceptor of some Divine Nation and cut him in two with a single slash. 

‘Successfully killed Liu Yun’s Imperial Preceptor!’
‘Reward: 8.3 billion Exp, 200.000 Cps, 13.000 Sps, …’

He continued his assault, killing one cultivator or more with a single slash of his sword. His speed was so fast that the allied forces couldn’t react. He killed Saint King Cultivators with ease that it was absurd!

In the end, only three people left standing!

“Wha…! Is this his real strength?” the people on top of the wall started to wonder.

“He is too strong! Even without the ancestor’s power, he would easily annihilate anyone!” another elder said with awe on his face. 

They are just observers of this battle, but they felt immense joy to witness Yi Tianyun’s real power. Yi Tianyun’s reputation raised through the roof in an instant as everyone from Sealing Heaven Divine Nation immediately revered him. 

“Well, look at that! I become popular because of you!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk towards Shi Huotian. He knew that it was best for him to deal with the enemies by himself! If he relied on Sealing Heaven Divine Nation to deal with them and wait, it would take a long time with a risk of losing! 

In the end, his choice to deal with the enemies himself was the best!

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