Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 741


Yi Tianyun’s attack this time was far more powerful than the previous one. The only thing different this time was Yi Tianyun directed the attack towards the Saint King cultivators on the scene! The light covered everyone from the enemy alliances, and everything just disappeared, leaving not even a scream behind!

Everyone was surprised as they realised this time, Yi Tianyun’s light of death was stronger than before! They were trembling on their feet as they realized that they wouldn’t survive if they were the target!

“The power of the stars is too strong!” an elder said from above the wall as he witnessed Yi Tianyun’s strength. 

“Yeah, I have never seen the stars being used for something like this before!” another elder said with a frown on his face. 

“Thank god he isn’t our enemy now! It’s really fortunate for us to be able to ally ourselves with such a powerhouse!” another said excitedly.


The look from Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s cultivators was filled with awe. Some people already knew that Yi Tianyun was the one who lighted up all ten stars, but some of them still didn’t know about this information. But most of them definitely didn’t know that the Ten Stars lighting up in the sky were Divine Tools!

‘Successfully killed Yutian Holy King!’
‘Reward: 8.3 billion Exp, 250.000 Cps, 30.000 Sps, …’

‘Successfully Killed Yutian Imperial Preceptor!’
‘Reward: 8 billion Exp, 240.000 Cps, 28.000 Sps, …’

‘Successfully …’

‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for breakingthrough to 3rd Layer Saint King Stage!’

Holy Kings and Imperial Preceptor were being killed without a chance of resisting! Not only the people watching, but even Yi Tianyun himself was also shocked by the scene in front of him. His Combat Power rose and reached 40 billion points. Even a Saint King Peak cultivator wouldn’t be able to withstand Yi Tianyun’s power!

But as the light faded, a few Holy Kings were still left standing! They had Divine Tools that shielded them from the light, but unfortunately, their Divine Tools were completely useless now as they broke after taking the attack head-on. 

Shi Huotian was one of the survivors this time, and his eyes were full of horror! Even with the strongest treasure in their possession, they couldn’t even defend themselves completely as they still sustained injuries here and there.

“Well, I’m surprised that you can survive my attack!” Yi Tianyun indifferently said as he shook his head. He could’ve levelled up once more if these people died. Too bad they could defend themselves earlier!

It was no wonder that the world didn’t have any Divine King since the disappearance of the three divine kings of the past! It was thought to raise even one level of Saint King Stage! Without the help of the Exp Card that he got from the roulette, he wouldn’t even be able to level up once even after dealing with so many enemies!

“You are clearly cheating here! You are using the Divine Tools left by Sealing Heaven Divine Kings, aren’t you? I bet that you can’t deal with us with your own power!” Shi Huotian said tauntingly. He taunted Yi Tianyun as he thought that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to do anything without Sealing Heaven Divine King’s power.

“Yes, come down here and fight us yourself! You are just a coward that hides behind the ancestor’s treasures, aren’t you?” another Divine Nation’s leader shouted as he realised what Shi Huotian was trying to do. 

“Don’t listen to what they said! They’re just afraid of the stars’ power!” Suo Kaifeng said worriedly to Yi Tianyun. Suo Kaifeng himself didn’t think that Yi Tianyun would be able to deal with several Saint King Experts at the same time, so he didn’t want Yi Tianyun to respond to their provocation. 

Yi Yuanlong also looked at Yi Tianyun with worry. He knew how easy it was to provoke a young man like Yi Tianyun as a young man his age often bit into the provocation without really thinking of the consequences. But, Shi Xueyun didn’t say anything as she knew that there was no way Yi Tianyun would lose.

Yi Tianyun just smiled and jumped onto the battlefield, while the stars in the sky were immediately covered by the clouds. It was clear to everyone that Yi Tianyun was provoked and sealed the stars’ power!

“Great! He is just another idiot! Albeit his ability is good, he’s still too green to think rationally! We have to join forces and kill him quickly!” Shi Huotian said to the rest of the Divine Nations’ leaders as he smirked triumphantly.

“Second Elder! Stop! Don’t fall for their provocation!” Suo Kaifeng tried to persuade Yi Tianyun to listen to his word. He also jumped forward, preventing Yi Tianyun from advancing any further.

“I understand that you are worried, Family Lord! But I am stronger than them, that fact I can assure you. So, please! Don’t worry about me!” Yi Tianyun said with confidence. Yi Tianyun wasn’t a fool. He already assessed the power of each Divine Nation’s leader on the battlefield and reached the conclusion that he would be able to win! 

He had to prove himself in front of everyone that he was a force to be reckoned with, whether with or without Sealing Heaven Divine King’s inheritance! 

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