Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 744


‘Successfully killed Shi Huotian!’
‘Reward: 10 billion Exp, 500.000 Cps, 50.000 Sps, Heavenly Stone Secret Art, Crystal Body Divine Art, Stone Heavenly Axe, Tianyu Stone, 20x Exp Card!’ 

‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 4th Layer Saint King Stage!’

Yi Tianyun successfully breakthrough after killing Shi Huotian. Yi Tianyun was very well satisfied as he managed to level up three times from this battle alone! It was unfortunate that he only got a little Crazy Points as he didn’t have the Crazy Points card! The price of the Crazy Points Card in Crazy Shop was far already too expensive that it’d be inefficient if he purchased it. 

“Is it over?” someone said on top of the wall. Everyone saw that Yi Tianyun was the only one standing on the battlefield. Shi Huotian was nowhere to be seen! Everyone was surprised that Yi Tianyun was really able to kill all of his enemies without leaving anyone behind! 

Everyone’s heart beat so fast out of excitement as they thought of the future where Yi Tianyun would lead them to since Yi Tianyun had light ten Stars during his Bloodline test and so powerful that he easily mowed down several Divine Nations alone!

“He is too strong! His power is that of the Old Ancestor’s rank!” one elder said with awe in his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter! What matters right now is that our Sealing Heaven Divine Nation has conquered these Divine Nations, and we stand even stronger than before!” another Elder said excitedly.

“As expected of Family Lord! It was obvious the Second Elder is our secret weapon now. He actually hid such a cultivator from us all and successfully beat down the enemy’s effort to trample us!” a disciple said proudly. 

Most of the disciples still didn’t know the truth about Yi Tianyun. As far as they knew, Yi Tianyun has always been one of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s cultivators! The ones who knew Yi Tianyun’s story were ashamed of themselves as they realised now that Yi Tianyun was the strongest person in the entire Faction!

People began to chant ‘Hero!’ as not everyone knew Yi Tianyun’s name, but surely, they still could praise Yi Tianyun for what he was, a Hero!

Yi Tianyun immediately looked up and frowned as he heard people started chanting the word Hero. He inspected his status and realised that his Reputation skyrocketed, and Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s Favourability toward him was close to maximum!

‘Successfully acquired a title [Saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor Pagoda!]’
‘Prestige Point increased by 3.000.’

After hearing the notification, Yi Tianyun was startled! He didn’t think what he did was considered as saving them as he was keen to do it for himself! But after he gave it another thought, he did end up saving these people as the enemy would surely slaughter them all if Yi Tianyun weren’t here! 

But still, the enemy attacked Sealing Heaven Divine Nation because he lighted up ten stars in the first place! Nevertheless, it wouldn’t change anything! The enemy would attack Sealing Heaven Divine Nation in the end, whether or not Yi Tianyun was there.

The only difference would be the Great Elder and the Third Elder would still be there, munching down on Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s resources!

“Well, it was a huge amount of Prestige Points from this battle alone!” Yi TIanyun said with surprise in his eyes. Yi Tianyun then flew to the top of the wall and observed the people that worshipped him. It was clear to him that almost all Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s disciples considered him as a hero.

But Suo Kaifeng just helplessly sighed as he knew that no matter how much the disciples worshipped Yi Tianyun, he set on leaving!

“Can you perhaps consider staying a bit longer?” Suo Kaifeng asked curiously while still hoping that Yi Tianyun would really stay. 

“Thank you very much for your consideration, Family Lord! I do consider staying, but I believe Sealing Heaven Divine Nation should be out of the wood now! Now, I wasn’t needed here! But if any of the Divine Nation still comes here to exact their revenge, I will return and help!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. 

“If you say so.” Suo Kaifeng said with a sad frown on his face. Suo Kaifeng didn’t persuade Yi Tianyun any further as he knew that Yi Tianyun has his own mission to do. 

“Family Lord, we shouldn’t ask Yi Tianyun to do things for us. After all, it is us that owed him!” Yi Yuanlong said as he looked at Yi Tianyun with a smile. “But, this will always be your home, so you are welcome to come back anytime you want!” Yi Yuanlong said to Yi Tianyun with a big smile on his face.

“Don’t worry, Grandfather! I will be back!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile. Then he turned his attention to Yi Xingchen and Jiao Linghe. “I will be gone for a while, but if there is anything I can help you with, I will come back anytime!” Yi Tianyun said as he hugged his mother and shook his father’s hands.

Jiao Linghe’s eyes were red as she tried her best to contain her emotion! She wanted to help Yi Tianyun on his mission, but she knew that she would just become dead weight to him! So, she let Yi Tianyun go!

After that, Yi Tianyun immediately left with Shi Xueyun. The disciples that were in a festive mood became puzzled as they saw Yi Tianyun, the one they hailed, was leaving!

“Our child has grown into a responsible young man! We don’t have to worry about anything! What we need to do now is to strengthen Sealing Heaven Divine Nation so that no one dares to threaten us in the future!” Yi Xingchen said confidently.

“Yes, you are right!” Jiao Linghe said with a sad frown on her face. She was still sad that Yi Tianyun had to leave before they could catch up with each other, but she knew that she had to show Yi Tianyun that she would do her best!

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