Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 745


Yi Tianyun had killed 8 Divine Nations’ lords and their Imperial Preceptors without any difficulties! This news quickly spread throughout the Heavenly World and shocked everyone! The rest of the Divine Nations in Heaven World immediately made sure that they didn’t become Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s enemy! Although the 8 Divine Nations that attacked Sealing Heaven Divine Nation wasn’t the best Divine Nations in Heaven World, but the thought of having that many people attack without any solid reason would catch any Divine Nation off guard! 

For Yi Tianyun himself, he didn’t want to prolong this matter anymore. He knew that he could thoroughly purge the Divine Nations that tried to attack Sealing Heaven Divine Nation for extra treasures and experience, but he didn’t see the need to do that! 

He knew that after killing the Divine Nations’ lords and imperial preceptors, the alliance of Divine Nations was practically over! If he attacked the shaken-up Divine Nations further, he would be seen as a villain and would negatively affect Sealing Heaven Divine Nation! They were teaming up against Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, which wasn’t something to be proud of. However, if Sealing Heaven Divine Nation thoroughly destroyed these Divine Nations, everyone else would think that the alliance might be right!

“I can finally relax a little now!” Yi Tianyun said as he relaxed on top of the blue phoenix.

“Aren’t you glad to finally see your parent after such a long time!?” Shi Xueyun said, comforting Yi Tianyun as she thought that Yi Tianyun was having a hard time leaving his parent.

“Yes, it won’t be easy to get used to the fact that I have my parent now, but I think time would change it in the future!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. He had never met his parent before this, so it was normal if it took some time to mend their relationship. 

“Well, if anyone started to tell you’re wrong, believe in yourself! Because I will always believe in you, I will always stand by your side no matter what your choice is!” Shi Xueyun said as she leaned her head to Yi Tianyun’s shoulder. 

Yi Tianyun was moved by Shi Xueyun’s words. He leaned closer and kissed her gently.


‘Successfully completed the Main Quest [Healing Thee Father!]’
‘Reward: 500 Million Exp, 100.000 Cps, X2 Roulette Tickets.’ 

‘Successfully took a new Main Quest [Find Mortal World’s Heaven Creating Divine King’s Palace and took control!]’
‘Reward on completion: 20 billion Exp, 150.000 Cps.’

The new main quest presented itself, and now he knew what he needed to do first! It was in line with his intention to return to Mortal World too! He wanted to find the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar on Mortal World to make travel between worlds easier.

Logically speaking, Yi Tianyun should level himself up quickly to reach the Divine King stage so that he could prepare himself for the battle against the Demon. However, there was no enemy that he could take advantage of for the moment, and it’d be hard to find another source of Exp aside from killing other cultivators!

Yi Tianyun wouldn’t make a new enemy for his own good. He was set on not making new enemies on purpose! He would only kill a cultivator if they wronged him. Otherwise, Yi Tianyun couldn’t consider them an enemy!

Another way to gain Exp was to kill demon beasts, but finding a powerful demon beast would also take a lot of effort! The best way for now was to complete the quest that he had, and now, his Main Quest was the only quest he had and could complete!

“We are about to enter Mortal World now.” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at Shi Xueyun at his side. 

“Aren’t you too strong to return to Mortal World now? Are you going to be okay?” Shi Xueyun asked worriedly. As far as she knew, a cultivator with high cultivation would be impossible to pass through the channel of world as the passage would give them a more difficult test to pass! Now, the passage from Heaven World to Mortal World was a waterfall! The passage was simple. The cultivation current of the waterfall would be stronger according to the level of one’s cultivation!

“No, it would be like everyone else!” Yi Tianyun smiled and took Shi Xueyun directly to the bottom of the waterfall. 

Some cultivators were surprised as soon as they saw a giant phoenix flying down with a young man and a beautiful woman on top of it. 

“That brat is asking for trouble! He has the gall to fly here and try to cross over!” a cultivator that was standing near the waterfall said with a frown on his face.

“Yeah, that brat is too brave for his own good! That beautiful woman is there just for show, right?” another cultivator said while shaking his head.

“Well, it would be fun to see them drown! So, let’s keep watching them from afar!” another cultivator smirked.

But complete to their surprise, Yi Tianyun just flew while holding Shi Xueyun in his hands through the waterfall! The water opened up and let him in without any obstruction!

“What the hell? What just happened?” the cultivator shouted as he couldn’t believe what he just saw. He immediately tried to fly, following Yi Tianyun’s action, but to his dismay, the pressure on the air brought him down immediately! Everyone looked at each other and shrugged as they really couldn’t think of how the young man flew through the waterfall like that!

The Guardian of the Passage title that Yi Tianyun had allowed him to freely use any passage created by the Divine Kings without any obstruction! In a short moment, Yi Tianyun has arrived at Mortal World with Shi Xueyun and immediately returned to Heavenly Clouds Empire!

Everyone immediately welcomed Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun, Shi Xueyun especially as everyone was worried that she wouldn’t return!

“Xueyun, Heavenly Clouds Empire couldn’t live without you! You are everyone’s empress!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“Tianyun, I swear I won’t leave again! This place is my home. Wherever you are will be my real home!” Shi Xueyun said with a tear on her face.

When everyone saw that Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun were holding hands together, they were quite surprised! “Great Emperor, when will the wedding date be?” someone asked curiously.

“Not until we unified all three realms!” Yi Tianyun answered with confidence and a slick smirk on his face.

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