Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 752


Yi Tianyun couldn’t lie and said that the Mermaid wasn’t tempting at all, but honestly, the fish part is a little bit off-putting. Besides, he still had Shi Xueyun that loved him with all her heart. He could say that Shi Xueyun was more beautiful than the Mermaid as he truly felt that way.
“You think too much about the situation! Do you think I am that kind of person?” Yi Tianyun said as he lowered himself to the sea.
“You are all the same! You took us and sell us to play around later!” the mermaid lady said with vigilance. “I will never trust a human!” She said coldly.
“Well, but I saved you earlier! Is it not a courtesy to thank your saviour?” Yi Tianyun said casually.
“It shouldn’t be like this!” The Mermaid frowned as she looked down in shame. Yi Tianyun laughed as he was amused by the Mermaid’s reaction. He thought that the Mermaid would be stubborn, but that didn’t seem to be the case.
“Well, let’s forget about it for now! I just want some information from you and let’s call it even! There is no need to feel indebted to me after that!” Yi Tianyun said honestly.
“Really? What is it, human? You didn’t look like a bad guy, so I will let it slide for now!” The Mermaid said excitedly. Yi Tianyun’s happy smiley face made her a little bit comfortable as she didn’t see the need to be on guard in front of Yi Tianyun. “Start asking your question, human!” the Mermaid said excitedly as her debt to Yi Tianyun for saving her life would disappear after answering some questions.
“For starters, did you know where the sea monster dragged a palace around here?” Yi Tianyun asked.
“Sea monster with a huge palace? You mean Scarlet Monster Clan? They are a very ferocious clan! They will assault you if you wander around them!” the Mermaid said solemnly.
“Great, so you really know about them?” Yi Tianyun was in high spirits and asked her many questions immediately. It seemed the mermaid race wasn’t the same as this Scarlet Monster Clan.
“But they are very dangerous! You shouldn’t approach them carelessly! They have a sea monster king protecting their palace, and it is a powerful creature! Any other creature that tried to get close to their palace was caught and killed almost immediately!” the Mermaid said worriedly.
“It’s fine. I only want to find them. But did you know how did they move the palace in the first place?” Yi TIanyun asked curiously.
“I am not sure, but I heard that a group of red demons moved that palace!” the Mermaid said honestly. Yi Tianyun nodded his head thoughtfully. Yi Tianyun now knew that the Scarlet Monster Clan was the strongest clan in the sea, and no one dared to lay a hand on them.
“Do you know around which parts did they live in?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.
“Are you serious? Are you seriously going? It’s too dangerous, I tell you! You can die there, you know!” The Mermaid said with a frown on her face.
“You don’t have to worry about it. I want to get something back that I need from them!” Yi TIanyun said with a light smile on his face to reassure the Mermaid that he’d be fine!
“No! if you are harmed in any way, I won’t be able to repay you!” the Mermaid determinedly said as she refused to tell Yi Tianyun where the Scarlet Demon lived.
“Well, one way or another, I will find them as I really need something from them! You won’t be able to stop me in either way.” Yi Tianyun said as he frowned at the Mermaid’s stubbornness.
“Are you serious right now?” the Mermaid wondered.
“Yes, I am being serious right now! they took something that doesn’t belong to them, and I am here to get it back!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.
Yi TIanyun has never seen Scarlet Monster Clan before. However, if they really took Heaven Ascending Divine Altar from its former location, that meant they had become Yi Tianyun’s enemy! After all, he needed the palace to fight against the Demon!
“Well, if you really insist, I will guide you there myself!” the Mermaid said confidently.
“Are you sure? The direction alone is fine since you are convinced that it would be dangerous to come close to their palace!” Yi Tianyun wondered as he was a little bit surprised that the Mermaid would help him.
“Yes! If you are strong enough to fight them, I want to see it with my own eyes! They killed my parents! Therefore, they are my enemies too! They also took my sister away. I haven’t heard from them for a long time now!” the Mermaid said coldly.
“If that being the case, I would help you get your revenge!” Yi Tianyun said casually with a smile on his face.
“Then come with me! I will absolutely take you to their nest! Without a proper guide, it would be impossible for you to get there by yourself!” The Mermaid said confidently.
“Let’s go! we don’t have to waste our time any longer!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.
The Mermaid immediately swam under the sea while Yi Tianyun followed her closely behind, but the Mermaid turned around and put a bubble on Yi Tianyun’s head before they could go far. “This is to help you breathe underwater! I know that the human race has trouble breathing underwater! Now, take my hand. I should be faster than you underwater. Here, take my hand!” the Mermaid said as she stretched her hand for Yi Tianyun to take.
Yi Tianyun smiled as he realised that the Mermaid was actually a considerate person. However, she failed to notice that Yi Tianyun didn’t really have any trouble breathing underwater and it was not like he became slower underwater either!
But he didn’t need to tell her that now!

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