Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 751


With just one attack from Yi Tianyun, the Demon Beasts were dead, including the feared Heaven Water Beast! They looked at the dead Demon Beasts and noticed that none of them had any external injuries! But because they were still unsure of what they have seen, they thought that the Demons Beasts were still alive because the Demon Beasts floated towards the boat!

“Hey, I appreciate your kindness as it was hard to see some in this kind of time, so consider this my way to pay you back for your kindness. This many Demon Beasts should at least cover your expenses for a couple of months.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile before he flew away towards the north. 

After a while, the other boat that Ling Xiang saw earlier seemed jealous as they saw so many Demon Beasts’ corpses floating around Lin Xiang’s boat. Lin Xiang himself was shocked by what just happened, but he slowly regained his senses as he realised that the Heaven Water Beast was at least at 4th Layer Core Transformation, and the young man that he saved earlier was obviously far more powerful than that!

“He must be a Core Transformation Expert!” Qian Lang worriedly said as he looked at Lin Xiang.

“I think he’s even stronger than that! It won’t be surprised if he turns out to be a Void Spirit Expert!” Lian Xiang said in awe. It couldn’t be helped if none of them knew that Yi Tianyun was at Saint King Stage, because such level of cultivation was unheard of in Mortal World. 

“Void Spirit Stage cultivation?” Qian Lang said while sweating profusely. “I am just suspecting him as he was really suspicious, you know.” Qian Lang said worriedly. He was afraid that Yi Tianyun would pay him back for his rude attitude earlier. It was common to find someone dead after disrespecting someone a lot stronger than themselves!

“It’s a mistake on your part indeed, but don’t worry! If you really angered him earlier, you would’ve died by now!” Lin Xiang said while shaking his head. “He was honest all this time, but you are just too paranoid to believe his story. Use this opportunity to learn that not everyone is as bad as yo think!” Lin Xiang said confidently. 

“We are lucky that the person earlier didn’t mind your attitude and still rewards us over something that was common knowledge in the island now. But that aside, we have to haul these Demon Beasts’ bodies and preserve them however we can! The body wasn’t damaged, so it should fetch a high price later!” Lin Xiang said as he quickly ordered the last two of his crewmates to work.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun already flew towards the north at a very fast speed. He searched the seabed with his Appraisal Eye at the same time, not overlooking any detail! Even after knowing that the Heaven Ascending Divine Palace was being dragged towards the north, he couldn’t seem to find it! There was a high chance that he had to buy another Soul Guide to finish this quest if he couldn’t find it around the vicinity!

But after searching this way for more than a day, he still couldn’t find any trace about the palace, which made him really confused! He has flown hundreds of miles away from Devil Clouds island and still couldn’t find any sign of the palace. He began to wonder just how far the Demon Beast could drag the huge palace?

“This is so weird! Where is it?” Yi Tianyun frowned and activated his Lucky Aura as he thought that luck might allow him to find any clue! He immediately pulled out a sword from his inventory and threw it to the sea to see where it would point to. 

Sure enough, the sword fell and pointed towards the north, which proved that he was going the right way.

“It seems that I have to keep going!” Yi Tianyun shook his head and continued his fly towards the north. As he was about to turn off the Lucky Aura, suddenly a figure appeared from the water and splashed down right in front of Yi Tianyun!

At first, he was startled that a beautiful woman appeared out of nowhere in front of him, but as he looked closely, he noticed that the woman was half fish! She might have the most attractive appearance out of the woman Yi Tianyun has met before, but she had a fish tail as a leg!

“Sea Monster?” Yi Tianyun frowned. He didn’t expect to encounter them, but it seemd the Lucky Aura made the unlikely encounter possible! 

“You are a man! Human race’s man!” The mermaid said as she twisted her body to make herself more intimidating. But right after, a huge Demon Beast suddenly rushed out from below, trying to swallow her whole. 

Now, Yi Tianyun realised that the mermaid’s sudden appearance earlier was her trying to escape this huge Demon Beast! “Die!” Yi Tianyun said as he waved his hands towards the Demon Beast, and it suddenly floated lifeless in the surface of the sea. 

The mermaid was shocked to see the huge demon beast was easily killed by the young human in front of her. She even forgot that she was still too close to that human!

“It’s dead!” the mermaid said in shock. She turned towards Yi Tianyun and smiled, but from Yi Tianyun’s perspective, this mermaid’s smile was like that of a predator, and he didn’t like it!

“I already saved you. Shouldn’t you repay me for that?” Yi Tianyun said as he stepped back a little bit from the mermaid.

“You can’t do that to me, Human!” The mermaid said as she covered her breast from Yi Tianyun’s view.

Yi Tianyun frowned as he only wanted some information, but the mermaid seemed to get the wrong idea!

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