Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 754


“This place was my home once, so there are quite a lot of us that remain here. Be sure not to let anyone see you, or they will definitely attack you on the spot!” Lan Qingling said worriedly. 

“Don’t worry! As long as I hide, no one would be able to find me!” Yi Tianyun said casually. “Well, if that’s the case, I will go ahead and fetch something. Just stay here for a while!” Lan Qingling said before she swam forward, leaving Yi Tianyun behind. 

Yi Tianyun was very surprised at first after knowing that the Mermaid Clan lived inside a Huge Sea Whale. It was a mutual symbiosis, too, as he learned from Lan Qingling that the Sea Whale would provide a place for them to live and shelter, and in exchange, the Mermaid clan would provide security for the Whale in case some Demon Beast threatened its life!

This could be achieved as the Huge Sea Whale could easily provide enough space to accommodate thousands of people! The area also provided a good cover as it was full of seaweed that kept them hidden from the Scarlet Monster Clan that hunt them down. 

“Mermaid Clan is certainly interesting!” Yi Tianyun said as he observed his surrounding. He saw that several Male Mermaids were holding weapons and patrolling along the ridges. When Lan Qingling went past them, they just nodded towards her and continued their patrol without uttering even a single word!

Yi Tianyun tried to observe the Whale and noticed that the Whale was at Core Transformation Stage Peak. Obviously, if the Whale were only a shelter, it would become a powerful meat shield against any intruders!

But as he observed closely, he noticed that there was no Void Spirit Expert among the Mermaid Clan. Meaning if someone at Void Spirit Stage or higher attacked this place, they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves since the Whale wouldn’t be able to become a meat shield against a Void Spirit Expert!

“I don’t know what she was taking, but I guess I will just wait here for a while.” Yi Tianyun said as he lay on the seaweed. After an hour, Yi Tianyun was getting bored as he thought that taking something wouldn’t be this long. Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun trusted Lan Qingling, and as he noticed that the Mermaid Clan’s base was quite hidden, it wouldn’t be a wonder if the Scarlet Monster Clan would be more hidden than this!

But suddenly, Yi Tianyun noticed a movement in front of him, and when he looked at it, he noticed that many mermaids immediately goes inside the Whale and that the Whale was beginning to move. It was obvious that something that Yi Tianyun wasn’t aware of was happening.

“Were they startled by something?” Yi Tianyun wondered, but at the same time, he saw Lan Qingling swam out towards him.

“Big Brother Yi!” She shouted nearby.

“I am here! What is the situation over there?” Yi Tianyun said as he emerged from the seaweed and asked Lan Qingling curiously. 

“Just come over! Scarlet Monster Clan is nearby, and they’re chasing several mermaids. We have to evacuate from this place!” Lan Qingling worriedly said before grabbing Yi Tianyun’s hand and dragged him towards the Huge Sea Whale. 

“Wait, aren’t you worried about me being discovered by your race earlier?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“It is better than letting you out there! You will be discovered by the Scarlet Monster Clan and died out there!” Lan Qingling worriedly said as she took Yi Tianyun inside the Huge Sea Whale.

Soon they entered a place where there was no water before a voice appeared near them. “Princess, where have you been? You know that Scarlet Monster Clan was hunting us, right? Yet you still go out there! Wait, is that a human race?” the voice said curiously.

Several guards suddenly appeared and brandished their weapons towards Yi Tianyun with a vigilant look on their faces.

Yi Tianyun observed these guards and noticed that they were around the 5th Layer Core Transformation Stage. If they were in a normal faction, these guards should be around Elder Rank. However, Yi Tianyun was quite surprised that Lan Qingling turned out to be the princess of the mermaid clan!

“Grandpa Bo, don’t worry! He is not a bad person. He has saved me from Demon Beast earlier!” Lan Qingling said as she got in between Yi Tianyun and the guards that pointed their weapons toward him.

“Saved you? It doesn’t matter! He still shouldn’t be here!” Grandpa Bo said with a frown on his face. While Lan Qingling might trust Yi Tianyun, the same couldn’t be said for the rest of the mermaid clan. Obviously, this was their first time meeting Yi Tianyun, and it would be a stretch for him to be trusted that fast!

“No! don’t you hear me! He already saved my life, and this is how you repay him? he isn’t a bad person!” Lan Qingling angrily said before telling Grandpa Bo what has happened to her earlier and what Yi Tianyun’s objective was. 

“Well, if that’s the case, then Mermaid Clan is glad to have you here! We will not do you any harm!” Grandpa Bo said casually, but it was obvious that he still kept up his guard around him. It wasn’t easy to trust a stranger, but he had to relent to Lan Qingling’s request as he knew how stubborn Lan Qingling could be.

“Well, come with me now, Big Brother Yi!” Lan Qingling said with a smile on her face and dragged Yi Tianyun inside. 

Just as he passed Grandpa Bo and the guards, Yi Tianyun noticed that they kept their vigilant and observe Yi Tianyun from afar. However, it didn’t concern Yi TIanyun at all as he knew that it was just a precaution to protect their Clan!

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