Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 755


“Thank you very much for saving the princess!” Elder Bo said as he looked Yi Tianyun up and down to observe Yi Tianyun, but he didn’t see anything suspicious about him. The one thing that he noticed was that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation is so much better than him. 

“It’s nothing. I just happened to be around, so I saved her. But I didn’t think that she is a princess at that time.” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head with a smile on his face. It couldn’t be helped that Yi Tianyun arrived at this conclusion as Lan Qiangling didn’t even have a single bodyguard with her.

“I went to Water Jade Grass to cure the wound that I got!” Lan Qingling said flusteredly.

“You know that the situation is dire, right? Scarlet Monster Clan has been chasing us for a while now! if you are somehow captured, we will be in big trouble!” Elder Bo said with a sigh. At the same time, Yi Tianyun could tell that the Huge Sea Whale was going down on the sea, but he didn’t know where it would go to shake off the Scarlet Monster Clan that was chasing them.

Yi Tianyun squinted his eyes at Elder Bo as it was obvious that Elder Bo didn’t know about Lan Qingling’s injuries. It should be obvious that someone with status as high as a princess to be well-tended, and it went without saying that he should’ve known about the slightest of injuries she sustained.  Yi Tianyun was also aware that Elder Bo was slightly cautious of Yi Tianyun after Lan Qingling told them that she got out to cure her wound. It was clear that he didn’t want Yi Tianyun to talk about this matter to anybody.

But apparently, Lan Qingling was completely oblivious to all this. 

“I just want to get out and do something! I am hurt, and fortunately, I can help myself! That would get me in trouble probably, but I was bored!” Lan Qingling said as she pouted with a sad expression on her face. Elder Bo felt a little uncomfortable as the princess’ word was hard to refute. 

Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but smile as he knew that Lan Qingling’s words were simple yet effective. “Are you hurt in any way?” Yi Tianyun asked with a smile on his face to Lan Qingling. At the same time, Elder Bo sighed as he knew that he couldn’t do anything now.

“Yes, I was hurt earlier by the Scarlet Monster Clan! They hurt me pretty bad, and that is why I need the Water Jade Grass, but just my luck, I couldn’t find it anywhere out there!” Lan Qingling said with a frown on her face. The Water Jade Grass was another medicinal grass with the same effect as Spirit Grass, but it belonged to 4th Grade Spiritual Medicine, and it only grew on the sea.

“I am sorry, young man! but I hope that you can keep this between us!” Elder Bo said out front as he could no longer be subtle about it. 

“Don’t worry, Elder Bo! I wouldn’t say it to any soul!” Yi Tianyun said with a nod.

“Now, after we shake off the Scarlet Monster Clan, you should be able to escape easily! I suggest you leave once we do as the situation here was dangerous for a human!” Elder Bo said solemnly.

“It doesn’t really matter. If by any chance you fail to escape, I can deal with the Scarlet Monster Clan on my own!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Elder Bo immediately frowned as he didn’t like the arrogant tone coming out of the human’s mouth. He couldn’t believe the human as a mere human claimed that he could do what the Scarlet Monster Race couldn’t? 

“Princess, I am afraid you brought a braggart and a liar here with you! His word is full of nonsense!” a voice said from the side, startling Lan Qingling and Elder Bo. Yi Tianyun looked at the voice, and it was a young mermaid man. Yi Tianyun noticed that the young man was the one that stared at him earlier when they got inside the Whale. 

“Hai Xiaopang! What are you saying? Big Brother Yi is not a liar! He really has the power to do so! He saved me from a Dragon Sea Beast with one attack! If he weren’t there at that time, I would be badly injured if not killed!” Lan Qingling angrily said as she stood in front between Yi Tianyun and the young man.

“Only defeating a Dragon Sea Beast? You know that the Scarlet Monster Race is a lot stronger than that. The Queen herself couldn’t even deal with the Scarlet Monster Race, and there he was, a mere human claiming capable of defeating the Scarlet Monster Race? It already sounds like a lie!” Hai Xiaopang said in boredom. 

Yi Tianyun listened as the young man kept going, and it was the same as Elder Bo earlier. “Do you like the princess?” Yi Tianyun asked an irrelevant question instead of getting mad at the young man’s word.

The young man was instantly dumbfounded by Yi Tianyun’s question, and he couldn’t hide his flushed face. “Are you messing with me! I don’t!” Hai Xiaopang shouted as he took a step back while glancing towards Lan Qingling. Elder Bo and Lan Qingling noticed Hai Xiaopang’s gesture and sighed profusely.

“I am sorry, Hai Xiaopang. You may like me, but I don’t see you that way!” Lan Qingling said with a look full of pity.

Hai Xiaopang’s turned glum, and his complexion suddenly turned pale. He was rejected before he could even confess properly! Yi Tianyun himself felt pity for the guy as he knew how badly hurt the young man must be.

“I, I am leaving!” Hai Xiaopang said as he turned towards the exit abruptly and ran away. 

“Poor guy… You’re being too blunt, Princess!” Yi Tianyun said with disapproval clear on his face.

“If I can’t even say what’s on my mind, how can I stand against my enemy in the future?” Lan Qingling said confidently.

“Well, back to the matter at hand. Where are you injured? I can help heal you! Since none of your people believe that I can deal with Scarlet Monster Race, why don’t I heal you instead?” Yi Tianyun said casually.

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