Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 758


The second draw was much to Yi Tianyun’s liking as it stopped right on the Jewellery category. It was all thanks to the Lucky Aura and his high prestige point. Yi Tianyun wished for Longevity Set in his mind as it was the one he wanted the most right now. He knew that once he got the set, he would be practically invincible! 

Yi Tianyun immediately opened the box from the lottery, and a green Longevity Ring was presented inside!

“A longevity Set! Finally!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly. He was so excited that he unconsciously stopped healing the Queen, which perplexed the Queen as she didn’t understand what Yi Tianyun was doing.

“What’s wrong? Did you need to take a break?” The Queen asked curiously. Everyone else was staring at Yi Tianyun as they too were curious about what was happening. They saw that the Queen was recovering at an unusual rate, but Yi Tianyun suddenly stopped. 

“We have Medicinal Pills to help you with Spiritual Fatigue if you want. We will give it to you no problem!” Elder Bo said as he thought that Yi Tianyun might be exhausted. It might not be cheap, but it was definitely cheaper for Medicinal Pills containing Water Jade Grass!

“That is unnecessary! I am just adjusting my aura. Please wait for a moment.” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled towards everyone. It couldn’t be helped as nobody knew about his System, so there was no way they would know how happy he was after getting another jewel from the Eternal Longevity set! 

“Big Brother Yi, perhaps you would like to take a break for a moment?” Lan Qingling said worriedly.

“No, it’s okay! I can manage.” Yi Tianyun said casually. Elder Bo and the rest of the guards that showed animosity towards Yi Tianyun earlier felt guilty as they saw that Yi Tianyun really just want to heal their Queen without any ill intent!

Yi Tianyun ignored everyone for a moment as he went ahead and wore his new ring, enhancing the Longevity effect immediately!

Longevity Ring: 5x Healing Power, 20x Defence (Wearing two of these rings would grant a skill Absolute Defence.)

The Longevity Ring’s effect was straightforward yet powerful! It improved Yi Tianyun’s healing power and defence, making it worth his while! Yi Tianyun knew if he could get the full set, he would be unkillable, and there was a saying in the gaming community that something you couldn’t kill would be able to kill you! Therefore, if he could withstand the attack of a powerful cultivator, he’d be able to defeat his opponent eventually!

After wearing the ring, he immediately healed the Queen once again. This time, his healing power was enhanced by 5 times, so his healing rate became so fast that everyone was shocked! They could clearly sense the healing energy that Yi Tianyun used to heal the Queen, and this time it was quicker and more potent than before.

“This is…!” the Queen said as surprise was clear on her face. She could feel that the pain on her tail disappeared almost immediately. The agony that she felt for weeks now was gone in an instant! Based on the recovery rate, she believed that it would take 2 whole days before the healing was concluded!

Yi Tianyun’s healing power was truly amazing! It was far more potent than high-grade Medicinal Pills! 

From Yi Tianyun’s perspective, it was certainly faster now, but he was still a little bit disappointed that the healing would take countless hours to finish. But it couldn’t be helped. He only had two pieces of the Eternal Longevity Set, so he couldn’t ask for more.

But a guard barged in suddenly with a pale face. 

“This is bad! The situation is getting worse!” the guard said nervously.

“What about the situation? What happened? Didn’t you see that the Queen is still in the process of healing?!” Elder Bo furiously said as he glared towards the rude guard.

“I understand, elder, but the Scarlet Monster Clan has caught up to us and climbed the Whale’s back! They‘re attacking the Whale as we talk, and it’s just a matter of time before they knocked on our door!” The guard said nervously.

“What? How could that happen? The Sea Whale is so fast that they shouldn’t be able to catch up!” Elder Bo said worriedly.

“They have Scarlet Monster Clan’s Chasing Monster with them. The monster could lock onto our Sea Whale and catch up eventually!” The guard said nervously.

“How could they send those monsters after us!” the King that was just sitting on his throne while Yi Tianyun was healing finally spoke.

“The Chasing Monster had hurt our Queen before, and it seems this time we have to stop them with all we got!” Elder Bo said coldly.

“Yes, we have to use all we got!” The Queen said as she stood up, stopping Yi Tianyun’s healing process. “Thank You very much, young man! You are a friend of our Mermaid Clan for as long as you live, but I am afraid the situation is dire! You should leave with our little Lan to safety before it’s too late!” The Queen said to Yi Tianyun.

“But, I want to help out too!” Lan Qingling said as she clearly refused to leave.

“Come on, take the Water Jade Pearl and go! Little Lan, you have a bright future ahead of you. The future of Mermaid Clan will depend on you, so you can’t stay here!” The Queen said commandingly. “Human, you are very reliable, but it’s unfortunate that we can’t repay you properly.” The Queen said as Lan Qingling dragged Yi Tianyun out of the room. 

“Yeah, it’s unfortunate that I got to know a human that I can trust, but we have no idea whether we will survive this attack!” Elder Bo said as he shook his head disappointedly. 

At the same time, Lan Qingling dragged Yi Tianyun towards the long hallway and into an empty room where a fist-sized jade floated in the middle of the room. Yi Tianyun immediately realised what it was at first glance!

A Divine Tool!

Yi Tianyun stared it wide-eyed as he didn’t expect a small race like the Mermaid Clan would have a divine tool in their possession!

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