Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 757


“What? you don’t need to touch me to heal me?” The queen asked confusedly. “Human, do you really understand what kind of injury did I suffer? How can you heal me without touching me? Not to mention you didn’t even have the Water Jade Grass!” The queen said, bewildered by Yi Tianyun’s remark. 

“I know that your tail was injured and continuously damaged by some a flame, so you use the mysterious ice to wrap your leg so that the flames wouldn’t spread. From that alone, I know that the flame has to be Evil Fire!” Yi TIanyun said casually.

“That is certainly accurate! But how do you plan to heal me without even touching me?” The queen asked curiously.

“I won’t have to touch you, but yes! It’d be more effective if I make contact. But I believe that Mermaid Clan wouldn’t be fond of me touching their queen. In fact, your guard wasn’t keen on letting me in either!” Yi Tianyun casually said while glancing at the group of guards that still had their hands on their weapons and as they closely observed what Yi Tianyun planned to do.

“Big Brother Yi won’t harm you. I believe his words!” Lan Qingling said confidently at the side.

“Qingling, you are too easy to trust others!” The queen said as she flicked Lan Qingling’s forehead. 

“No! I know when someone is telling the truth or lying! Did you ever see me being deceived in the past?” Lan Qingling said with a grin on her face.

“That’s true, but you always interact with our people, and since you’re a princess, they had no choice but to tell you the truth!” the queen said to Lan Qingling before turning her attention back to Yi Tianyun. “If you can really heal me, our Clan will be indebted to you in the future. I apologize in my men’s place for our attitude this far, and we will consider you a friend of the Mermaid Clan forever!” The queen said casually.

Yi Tianyun nodded as he already understood the fear that the Mermaid Clan harbored towards humans. “Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t need any of that as I just want to go to the Scarlet Monster Clan’s palace to get what was stolen from me. So just leading the way towards their palace will do. With that being said, when should I start?” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Scarlet Monster Clan’s Palace? Well, I won’t pry now, and you can start now if you want.” The queen said as she realised something but refrained from asking Yi Tianyun about it. 

“Alright!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately equipped the Longevity Necklace. This necklace would increase the recovery rate and granted him the ability to heal without needing any Spirit Medicine. This necklace was one of the Eternal Sets!

Once Yi Tianyun equipped this item, he would be able to heal everyone as long as the injury wasn’t too severe! Immediately after wearing the necklace, Yi Tianyun released a strong wave of Life Energy that surprised everyone in the room. 

“It has begun!” Yi Tianyun said as he reached his arm towards the Queen and a green Spiritual Energy flowed towards her slowly. Once the green Spiritual Energy wrapped her slowly, her recovery speed immediately sped up, and her tail was healing on its own.

The recovery speed was incredible as the power of a Saint King stage cultivator hastened the recovery process. The queen herself could tell that her body was starting to recover, but that was not the only thing that happened! The Evil Fire that infected her body was extinguished without any trace! 

“You may come over and touch me to heal me more efficiently!” The queen said as she grew confident that Yi Tianyun would be able to speed up the healing process. Elder Bo was shocked to see that the queen really began to recover from her wounds.

“Told you Big Brother Yi would definitely heal her like he said he would!” Lan Qingling said towards Elder Bo tauntingly. Elder Bo was embarrassed as he already behaved rudely towards the saviour of their queen. 

“Pardon me for my rudeness.” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards the queen and held her hands. The ice that wrapped the queen’s tail immediately dissolved into powder, revealing the badly injured tail. 

As soon as she saw her own tail, the queen’s smile disappeared, and her eyes became red like she was about to cry. Yi Tianyun just smiled and reached out towards her tail. The queen didn’t say anything, but it was evident that she was uncomfortable as she was embarrassed for her badly injured tail, but she knew that she had to leave it to Yi Tianyun if she wanted her tail healed.

Yi Tianyun didn’t say anything as he began using the power of Longevity Necklace to heal the injury, and almost immediately, the scale that was in a horrible shape before started to heal and restore themselves to their once shiny state. 

The recovery speed was really amazing! Everyone couldn’t believe what they were witnessing as no Medicinal Pills could grant such regenerative power! But even then, Yi Tianyun clearly still showed a dissatisfied look on his face as he thought that the recovery speed wasn’t fast enough! 

“Lottery roulette!” Yi Tianyun whispered as he used the opportunity to use the Lottery Ticket that he got earlier. He activated his Lucky Aura before using the ticket. He wanted to get the next set from the Eternal Set, and for that, the roulette had to stop on Jewellery Category. 

But just his luck, the roulette stopped on Equipment! 

“Just my luck!” Yi Tianyun sighed as he opened the box. But to his surprise, it was Desolate Ancient Divine Armour! He didn’t expect to get the Desolate Ancient Set now, but with this, he’d be able to complete the set once he got Desolate Ancient Boots. Then again, he was still fixated with the Evil God Suit.

But it wasn’t a complete loss! He believed that Desolate Ancient Set would be useful in the future, and if he could complete the Eternal Longevity Set, his power would grow exponentially! 

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