Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 760


The cultivation of the beast that attacked the Huge Sea Whale was amazing as it has reached the 8th Layer Void Spirit stage, meaning it was stronger than the Mermaid Queen! Yi Tianyun immediately realised that it was impossible for the queen to defeat the beast in her current state, especially without the Water Jade Pearl!

It was obvious that the power of the Scarlet Monster Clan that contained the Evil Spirit Race would be stronger than that! Although the Mermaid Bloodline was strong and they possessed control over the water around them, it wasn’t enough to win against the Scarlet Monster Clan!

“My Queen! I didn’t expect you to recover this fast! Did you consume the Water Jade Grass?” One of the Scarlet Monster Clan said sarcastically. “Well, it wouldn’t hurt to answer my question, would it? You don’t have anywhere else to go at the moment anyway. Your whale is trapped now, and there is nothing you can do.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Now, you have two choices, the first is to die here pathetically, or the second is to come with us bringing the Water Jade Pearl! Please answer it carefully. Keep in mind that you have nowhere else to run!” one of The Scarlet Monster Clan said with a smirk on his face.

“Did you think I am that stupid? You’ll still massacre my people even if I go with you!” The queen said while brandishing her weapon bravely. 

“That might be true, but they are a necessary sacrifice if you want to survive. As the queen, you should know that their lives are for your cause.” One of the Scarlet Monster Clan’s men sarcastically said while sheathing his sword.

“Don’t worry about that. I would rather die than doing something so heinous!” The queen said as she took her stand.

“Wow, Mermaid Clan sure is weird. You guys are always putting up a brave front when you face a life-and-death situation. If that is what you wanted, then I would be happy to fulfill your wish.” One of the Scarlet Monster Clan that looked like the leader said with an emotionless face. “Take them out!” he shouted, and the Scarlet Monster Clan’s force began to attack. They started to rush towards the Mermaid Queen with a long spear in their hand.

The Scarlet Monster Clan, while having a Water Attribute on their attack, they also had a fire attribute with them! It was a strange combination for a sea dweller, which was strong enough that it could knock out the mermaid queen easily!

“I will help!” Lan Qingling’s voice came from inside the whale. The queen looked around and saw Lan Qingling rushing towards her with a long spear in her hand as well. 

“Princess!” Hai Xiaopang shouted in shock. Obviously, he didn’t expect the princess to come back. In fact, everyone else was also shocked, including the queen. Everyone hoped that the princess escaped with Water Jade Pearl, which would ensure the Mermaid Clan’s survival!

Clearly, their plan to distract the Scarlet Monster Clan to buy Lan Qingling some time to escape has gone down the drain!

“Why did you come back?” The queen asked with a frown on her face.

“I can’t leave without my parent beside me!” Lan Qingling said determinedly. 

“You silly girl! What about your human friend?” The queen wondered.

“I sent him off away with Water Jade Pearl to find another Mermaid Clan. I believe he will do it!” Lan Qingling said firmly as she really believed in Yi Tianyun.

“Well, since we are already here, we should show them see the true power of our mermaid clan!” The queen said as she stepped forward. She knew that it was too late to order Lan Qingling to hide or escape once again, but she would stay in front of her as it was a mother’s job to protect their children!

“Well, this is awkward! That girl looks just like the queen. She has to be the princess of the mermaid clan! Did she come to offer herself as a sacrifice?” The Scarlet Monster Clan said with a smirk on his face.

“How dare you! I will kill you myself!” Lan Qingling angrily shouted while releasing her killing intent. 

“Not bad, girl! I can see that you want to kill me!” the leader of the Scarlet Monster Clan said with a smirk on his face. he then turned his attention towards the queen. “I let you off the hook with only a wound on the tail before, but now I will completely break you!” He said coldly.

“Then let us see what you can do!” The queen coldly said as she brandished her spear forward.

The sea whale turned into a battlefield in an instant as the Mermaid Clan tried hard to defend against the Scarlet Monster Clan’s attack. Lan Qingling herself also joined the battle, fighting with her companions like never before. While they were all so focused on the battle, they didn’t notice a single figure slowly descending towards them with the Water Jade Pearl in his hand.

When the figure descended close enough, the Scarlet Monster Clan noticed him and frowned.

“Who are you, and why did you have the Water Jade pearl?” The Scarlet Monster Clan asked confusedly.

Yi TIanyun just walked towards the Scarlet Monster Clan, and once he was close enough, the frown on Scarlet Monster Clan’s face became clearer. 

“A human? I didn’t expect the Water Jade Pearl would be in the hands of a human. Well, that saves us the trouble. Now human boy, throw me that Water Jade Pearl, and you will walk out of here alive with so many treasures. We will even award you with a beautiful mermaid of your choice!” The leader of the Scarlet Monster Clan said with a grin.

They knew that a human was weak to temptation, so they believed Yi Tianyun would cave in and threw them the Water Jade Pearl. Even the queen was staring at Yi Tianyun as she knew that there was no guarantee that a human wouldn’t betray them!

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