Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 761


“It was a good offer, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy me!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. Elder Bo and the rest of the Mermaid Clan was surprised that Yi Tianyun was considering the offer from Scarlet Monster Clan. They were clearly afraid that Water Jade Pearl to fall towards their hands!

“You can’t be serious, right? There is no way you are thinking about handing over the Water Jade Pearl!” Elder Bo shouted at Yi Tianyun while the queen looked at Yi Tianyun with a disappointed gaze. Although Yi Tianyun has healed her earlier, it seemed the Human Greed knew no bounds.

“The princess trusted you, but you throw it so easily!” Hai Xiaopang said furiously. Lan Qingling, on the side, was confused as she didn’t understand what Yi Tianyun had in mind.

“Shut up! If you open your damn mouth one more time, I wouldn’t be so kind anymore!” The leader of Scarlet Monster Clan said to Elder Bo before turning his attention back to Yi Tianyun. “So, what do you want? As long as we can provide it, we can give it to you.” The leader said with a smirk on his face. The other Scarlet Monster Clan member laughed as they found it easy to follow the human’s greed. 

“I am not a greedy person. With that said, all I want is all your life. So, do you agree to my term?” Yi Tianyun said casually. The Scarlet Monster Clan was surprised by Yi Tianyun’s word, and the entire place was silent for a good while as the Mermaid Clan was also surprised by it.

“How dare you!” the Scarlet Monster Clan’s leader shouted angrily. He didn’t expect the human to mock him like this. The human clearly had no intention to give them the Water Jade Pearl from the beginning!

“I knew it! there is no way Big Brother Yi would betray us!” Lan Qingling said with a big smile on her face. The rest of the Mermaid Clan sighed with relief as they were glad Yi Tianyun wasn’t betraying them. Yi Tianyun threw the Water Jade Pearl to Lan Qingling and talked casually. “This is yours. Keep it safe and don’t give it to others so easily!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“Big Brother Yi, why didn’t you escape like I told you? They’re gonna kill you!” Lan Qingling said as she was still worried about Yi Tianyun’s safety.

“Why would you say that? I can deal with these Scarlet Monster Clan, you know. If you listen to me, you don’t have to do anything from the beginning.” Yi Tianyun said with a sigh as he was annoyed by Lan Qingling.

The queen was speechless on the side as she, too, didn’t understand what Yi Tianyun’s point was. Was it really okay to underestimate the enemies right in front of their nose like what he was doing now? 

“You bastard! How dare you look down on us, human! Let’s prove your word now!” The Scarlet Monster Clan that used magic shouted furiously. He then roared angrily, and many Red Demon Beast appeared out of nowhere. The Mermaid Clan’s guards that grouped up around the queen turned pale when they saw the amount of Demon Beast that has been summoned by the Scarlet Monster Clan.

“This is bad, your majesty!” The Guard said nervously.

“This is it? where are the others?” The Summoner of Scarlet Monster Clan shouted.

“There is nothing left. The other has been killed!” one of the Demon Beast talked nervously.

“Killed?” The Scarlet Monster Clan were all surprised by this revelation. “Did some other Clan aid the Mermaid Clan? How could they retaliate?” the Scarlet Monster Clan Leader said confusedly.

“There’s no need to brood over it that hard. I am the one that killed the rest of your soldiers! It was clear to me that your clan was a branch of Evil Spirit Race, and you were also the one that moved the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar away before I got the time to claim it!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“What? You are the one that did all of this?” The Scarlet Monster Clan said with shock on their face.

“Don’t be so surprised! Who else did you think was responsible for that?” Yi Tianyun said before making a gun motion with his hands and pointed it out at the Scarlet Monster Clan. Then, a light was concentrated at Yi Tianyun’s fingertips and hit the Scarlet Monster Clan one by one, turning them into a mist of blood!

All of the Scarlet Monster Clan surrounding the whale and Mermaid Clan was killed so easily. The Mermaid Clan was surprised by what Yi Tianyun was capable of, especially Hai Xiaopang that was convinced that Yi Tianyun was only bragging the whole time.

From what they saw, Yi Tianyun was powerful as he could easily kill so many Scarlet Monster Clan’s men like they were nothing. They thought that Yi Tianyun was lying about his power, but clearly, they were wrong!

“Your cultivation is so strong! How did you achieve that?” The queen said curiously.

“See, Big Brother Yi is really strong! No wonder I didn’t sense any lie in his words earlier. I am sorry, I should have believed your word earlier, big brother Yi!” Lan Qingling said with an apologetic look on her face. With her ability to sense the truth from people, she never heard Yi Tianyun lying, but she couldn’t believe it either. Well, it couldn’t be helped since Yi Tianyun’s word was too hard to believe without a proof. 

Now that she already saw the proof, she felt really bad for not believing Yi Tianyun’s word earlier. If she listened to Yi Tianyun’s words earlier, they could’ve dealt with the Scarlet Monster Clan faster without so much of a hassle as now. 

“Well, you are the only one I left alive. Now, what would you do?” Yi Tianyun coldly said to the only one Scarlet Monster Clan that he spared.

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