Crazy Leveling System Chapter 768


The two men inside the room were shocked as it was so sudden! Cang Yun’s arms were cut off from his body in a clean fashion that there was a delay before dark blood spurting out of the wound. The blood was harmful as the ground immediately started to corrode when the blood hit the ground! 

But the bleeding immediately stopped, and his arms even started to regrow thanks to Cang Yun’s regeneration. It was common for Saint King Expert to have the regeneration of that level, but it wasn’t as fast as Cang Yun’s regeneration! 

“What? Who are you, and how did you get here!” Cang Min shouted with a frown on his face. He looked at the door, and it was still locked. Furthermore, that door would only open with Cang Yun’s permission! The situation was so strange as there was no other way in!

But Yi Tianyun just smirked as he wouldn’t reveal his card. In fact, he just teleported in, so there was no trace of trespassing! He knew that Cang Min and Cang Yun wouldn’t be able to guess that he came in with teleportation as there was little to none amount of expert that had such an ability! The Young Mermaid that Yi Tianyun saved was shocked when she realized that she was still alive! She thought that she would be killed and never expected that she would be saved by a human! Although she hated humans, she was truly grateful for being alive right now. 

“You don’t need to know how I came in. The dead doesn’t have to know about anything other than their own repentance!” Yi Tianyun said while holding the Evil Spirit Divine Sword in his hand.

“How dare you!” Cang Min said as he summoned a hand on his back, which was the trait of Evil Spirit Race while his face transformed into that of a demon. He also set his aura loose, and the room was filled by the power of 7th Layer Saint King stage aura!

Cang Yun also did the same thing, but he still lost two arms as it was still in the middle of recovery. Nevertheless, he still transformed into a demon! Cang Yun activated a Divine Rune, and a great array that was right below them lighted up, summoning countless swords that encircled the room! Each sword contained at least 1st Layer Saint King stage aura, so it was quite powerful! 

“I don’t know how you managed to get in, but you will be dead soon!” Cang Yun said furiously. He was really startled by Yi Tianyun’s arrival. Furthermore, he lost both of his arms too! 

“We have to be careful here! He probably wasn’t some small fry if he comes all the way here without us noticing! we have to kill him quickly!” Cang Min said solemnly. He already suspected that Yi Tianyun managed to come in with some kind of special technique, so he had no intention to prolong the fight.

“I wouldn’t kill him so fast! I will eat him and savour every bite of it! Although he might be strong, he was a fool for coming here like this!” Cang Yun said with an evil grin on his face. He then pointed his finger towards Yi Tianyun, and countless swords that encircled the room earlier immediately flew towards Yi Tianyun!

The Mermaid looked pale as she really wanted to help the human, but unfortunately, she couldn’t move her body! As for the Heavenly Monster Clan, he has long hidden in the corner due to fear! However, even with countless swords flying towards him, Yi TIanyun didn’t budge and even smiled at Cang Yun. The Mermaid closed her eyes as she thought that Yi Tianyun would be stabbed countless times by the swords!

“What is going on?” Cang Yun said with a shocked tone, and that was when the Mermaid opened her eyes to see what happened. She saw that the countless swords were stopped on their track in the air, completely still!

“Do you think Heaven Ascending Divine Altar belongs to you? No, this place is mine!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed his fingers towards Cang Yun, and the swords that surrounded Yi Tianyun turned around, setting their path towards Cang Yun. 

“You are the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King! No, you are The Descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King!” Cang Yun said confusedly, but it was already too late for him to react as countless swords were coming at him with unbelievable speed!

After the swords stopped, Yi Tianyun could see that Cang Yun was still alive, but his legs were blown away because of the attack. Cang Min wasn’t in any better shape either, as he also suffered severe wounds that wouldn’t be easy to regenerate. 

He stepped in as he thought that Cang Yun wouldn’t be able to handle the swords on his own, and his decision turned out to be right. Had it not for Cang Min, Cang Yun would’ve been dead by now! Each of the swords that the great array summoned was deadly, so it would be impossible for a Saint King Expert to hold it alone!

Heaven Creating Divine King was definitely a monster in terms of Divine Rune usage!

Now, Yi Tianyun has taken over the control of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar from Cang Yun. He conveyed his intention to the Tool Spirit when he came in. Although Cang Yun has the bloodline of the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King, he wouldn’t be able to nudge Yi Tianyun’s priority inside the place! After all, he had a pure successor status!

“Well, you can ask those who knew about who I am later in hell! Your death would serve as my stepping stone, too! I will destroy the Scarlet Monster Clan and the remaining Evil Spirit Race that I can find! You are pollution here in the three realms. You are better off dead!” Yi Tianyun coldly said as he held Evil Spirit Divine Sword in his hand.

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