Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 767


Yi Tianyun has been thinking regarding how the Evil Spirit Race could control Heaven Ascending Divine Altar without the Descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King, and it turned out that the Evil Spirit Race has been killing all Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendants that they could find and drink their blood to trick Heaven Ascending Divine Altar into thinking that the Evil Spirit Race was Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant!

But Yi Tianyun knew that it was possible as the Tool Spirit only assessed the bloodline of the person that wanted to control Heaven Ascending Divine Altar. Although Yi Tianyun has gained the inheritance, he wasn’t Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant. Therefore the Tool Spirit will prioritize the descendant first!

After Evil Spirit Race took over the place, they remove the Tool Spirit, and everything has become so much easier. They could do whatever they want to Heaven Ascending Divine Altar as no one would contest them for it, especially here on Mortal World where no expert could defeat them if they filled the place with Sea Monster!

Their method to obtain Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was so cruel that Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but feel disgusted that such a method existed! No wonder Heaven Creating Divine King tried his hardest to get rid of these people from the three realms! 

The worst realm for Evil Spirit Race would probably be Heaven World as Sealing Heaven Divine King’s treasure would easily exterminate them once they were discovered! But Yi Tianyun was a little bit curious regarding why the Ghost World’s Heaven Ascending Divine Altar wasn’t controlled by Evil Spirit Race when he was there. They must’ve tried to control it, but their attempt might’ve failed!

“This is good. I got all the information I need!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He just wanted to find Heaven Ascending Divine Altar at first, but now, he wanted to destroy this Evil Spirit Race that ravaged this place! However, he wasn’t in a hurry to make a move, so he decided to listen to their conversation a little longer.

“Yes, we have to exact our revenge against the Divine Kings for sure! The three realms will be ours soon!” Cang Min said while laughing maniacally. “Absorb the previous Blood Essence first! I will bring you two Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendants soon!” Cang Min said confidently.

“Okay, there is almost nothing left from the previous descendant. I am fine if you only manage to find one, but the more, the merrier!” Cang Yun said elatedly. “But if you want to bring them to me, then you should hurry up! That way, I can control this place completely!” Cang Yun said confidently.

“Great! Then I will be off!” Cang Min said as he waved his hand, and suddenly two people were thrown into the ground. One of them was a Mermaid Clan, and the other was Heavenly Monster Clan, another Race in the ocean. Yi Tianyun wanted to know the identity of Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant in order to find out how to distinguish them, but he had to wait for now. 

Heaven Creating Divine King had a good reputation here in the ocean, so it wasn’t unusual to see that he had a descendant here in the ocean. Furthermore, the Evil Spirit Race couldn’t leave the ocean, so they had no choice but to search for the descendant down in the ocean!

It would be rare to find a highly concentrated Heaven Creating Divine King’s bloodline, so just a minuscule of it would be great for Evil Spirit Race. It was disappointing that the Tool Spirit could be fooled by this method, but there was nothing Yi Tianyun could do about it. 

“Don’t eat me!!” the captured Heavenly Monster Clan shouted while crying frightenedly. 

“I am sure that the Queen would avenge us in the future, so do what you want!” The Mermaid Clan said coldly.

Just like the rest of her Clan, the captured Mermaid Clan wasn’t even the slightest bit afraid even when their life was in danger! No wonder that Heaven Creating Divine King and Sealing Heaven Divine King helped them by creating a Middle-Grade Divine Tool! It was such a great treasure that could leave the other Clan in envy! 

“The Queen’s revenge? That opportunity is already gone! You see, your queen would be captured soon enough, and she would also become my meal! Her bloodline must be pretty strong, so there is no way we will leave her alone! But I imagine that your queen would be delicious!” Cang Yun said while laughing hysterically. 

“That is impossible! The queen wouldn’t be captured by the likes of you!” The young mermaid lady said furiously. 

“You can’t possibly see that for yourself since you would’ve already become my food by then!” Cang Yun said with delight. “I will eat you first because I prefer the spunky one! Your scream and rapidly beating heartbeat would be a feast to enjoy!” Cang Yun said while licking his lips in ecstasy.

“You are a coward!” The Young Mermaid Lady said while her face paled considerably. 

“Yes, swear at me! Relent to your fear, for your meat would become more delicious that way!” Cang Yun said with a horrifying laugh. 

“The Queen will definitely avenge me! You all will die at her hands!” The mermaid said while tearing up from fear.

“Don’t worry. Her turn would come soon!” Cang Yun said as he took a step towards the young mermaid, but suddenly, a flash of light was coming from the side, and Cang Yun’s arm suddenly got cut off! A figure appeared beside the young mermaid, looking down at Cang Yun with disgust in his eyes.

“Your time has come too!” Yi Tianyun coldly said as he released his suppressed killing intent!

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