Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 83: Crazy Absorption


Yi Tianyun completely lock Spirit King Xuan Tian in place, sealing his movement with  both their hands locked against each other, no matter how hard Spirit King Xuan Tian struggles, he could not break free.

“This physical prowess… he’s definitely strong but not stronger than me.” Yi Tianyun smiled, it is undeniable that Spirit King Xuan Tian physical prowess is very strong, but Yi Tianyun is even stronger! Especially thanks to the effect of Power Suit, makes it easier to hold Spirit King Xuan Tian down.

Spirit King Xuan Tian did not let up the struggle at all. He’s not out of idea, this time he used his foot to kick Yi Tianyun, like a sickle about to cut Yi Tianyun.

However, the moment he swing his foot, Yi Tianyun suddenly smile, and immediately pulled Spirit King Xuan Tian’s arm and kick his other foot.

As a result, Spirit King Xuan Tian loses his footing, and fell down on his back.


Spirit King Xuan Tian fell heavily on the ground, and quickly Yi Tianyun flip Spirit King Xuan Tian’s body so now his face is facing the ground and he pin Spirit King Xuan Tian down with his body.

“Even though you’re strong, it’s useless if you can’t move.”

Yi Tianyun smiled and opened his inventory, and consume the Double Exp Pill, combined with crazy mode it becomes 6 times exp absorbed! He didn’t expect he will be able to absorb exp from Spirit King Xuan Tian, but now that he actually get exp from absorbing Spirit King Xuan Tian’s spiritual power, he can’t waste this opportunity to earn as much exp as possible.

It’s almost as if Spirit King Xuan Tian is begging Yi Tianyun to absorb all of his spiritual power.

Yi Tianyun was planning to do this to begin with.

Old Xuan, who was watching from the very beginning is out of words. Turns out Yi Tianyun is stronger than Spirit King Xuan Tian! Spirit King Xuan Tian can’t even move a muscle.

“Such extraordinary strength, there’s not that many cultivator who can match let alone exceed master’s strength…” Old Xuan is overwhelmed by Yi Tianyun’s strength, but he did not stop the duel.

This duel will only end if either one of them is defeated.

Spirit King Xuan Tian still tried to break free but Yi Tianyun made sure he can’t fight back, in fact Spirit King Xuan Tian’s body gradually become transparent as Yi Tianyun has absorbed quite a lot of his spiritual power.

Old Xuan know what’s goin on as he could sense spiritual power is seeping away from his master’s body. This realm along with Heavens Immersing ancient Ruin is connected to Spirit King Xuan Tian, so if he loses too much spiritual power this realm could just disappear.

“I would like to see how long you can hold on.”

Yi Tianyun smiled because it will take a while until Spirit King Xuan Tian is out of spiritual power meaning Yi Tianyun can savor more and more exp and Spirit King Xuan Tian is readjusted to be Seventh Level Core Condensation so the amount of exp Yi Tianyun get is pretty good.

In any case Yi Tianyun has absorbed a lot of exp at this point, probably hundreds of thousand exp already and finally he saw Spirit King Xuan Tian on the ground have become transparent.

And not only Spirit King Xuan Tian, this place somehow gradually become transparent as well.

“This… What kind of martial art are you using? How can you absorb master’s spiritual power just like that?” Old Xuan finally couldn’t help but voice his concern with a bitter smile: “If this keeps up this place will disappear!”

Yi Tianyun looked at Old Xuan said with a smile: “you jest, a realm at this scale could disappear just because i absorb Spirit King Xuan Tian’s spiritual power?”

“Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins have been functioning for too long, the effect of Spirit Gathering Array is getting weaker and weaker, and the ability to concentrate spiritual power is deteriorated. If you keep absorbing, Spirit Gathering Array won’t be able to keep up and this place along with the ruins will disappear because it’s connected to Spirit King Xuan Tian!” Old Xuan didn’t know whether he should be sad or happy, he never expected to encounter such talented and unique cultivator!

And most cultivator normally tried to defeat Spirit King Xuan Tian as fast as possible, yet Yi Tianyun doesn’t care how long it takes as long as he can absorb more spiritual power!

“But I haven’t defeated Spirit King Xuan Tian” Yi Tianyun said.

“This is not about defeating master… i can’t interfere so please let go of master and defeat him with another way.” Old Xuan is basically begging Yi Tianyun to stop absorbing more spiritual power because at this rate Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins could crumble as well.

This is not the time to mind about his pride, because Old Xuan is not an exception, he could disappear along with Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins and this realm as well.

“This is…” Yi Tianyun smiled and said: “You should’ve said it earlier.”


Old Xuan who thought Yi Tianyun is a very polite young man suddenly questions himself

Of course Yi Tianyun can’t waste such golden opportunity to gain abundant exp, with an easier way too, killing cultivator outside wouldn’t give him this much exp so it can’t be helped he gets ahead of himself in this situation.

After absorbing for quite a while, finally a notification that he’s been waiting for come.

[Level up to Eighth Level Core Condensation.]

“Finally level up, i had to say it’s quite a long way.”

Although the absorption rate is actually pretty fast, but since the experience he needs is quite a lot, so it takes quite a while.

After he Leveled Up, he saw that his surrounding was more transparent, but seems like it will be fine after quite a while. Spirit Gathering Array will restore this place although it will take a while.

“Enough, please stop…” Old Xuan looked at Yi Tianyun and couldn’t help but begging Yi Tianyun to stop. Even Old Xuan who at first seems to have authoritative air surrounding him now cast away his pride to stop Yi Tianyun.

“Don’t worry this place won’t be that easy to collapse.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile: “Where is the promised grand Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, why is it so easy to make it crumble?”

If Spirit King Xuan Tian, not his divine sense who has lost conciousness beneath Yi Tianyun is here, what would he say hearing Yi Tianyun uttering those words?

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