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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 84: Xuan Tian Divine Arts


After listening to Old Xuan, Yi Tianyun is starting to think for how long he can keep absorbing the Spiritual power. 

Old Xuan keeps persuading Yi Tianyun to stop, “That’s enough, you’re already considered winning on this situation, truthfully I don’t know what kind of martial arts is that you are using, but as I know of, absorbing that much of spiritual power wouldn’t be good for you, it can disrupt your own spiritual power’s stability.”

“You are right, I will stop in a minute.” Yi Tianyun give Old Xuan a smiles, he already know that rules of Spiritual Power, but it didn’t affect him, because Spiritual Power are conferted into Exp in his case.

He doesn’t want Old Xuan to ask unnecessary question as it would be troublesome, but he feels a little bit disappointed, he can continue to get a bunch of exp here, its not like he can come back anytime he wants here, he wanted to earn as much exp as he can while he’s here.

Old Xuan is already sweating while watching him “Well, Hurry up then.”

Yi Tianyun already absorbed almost half a million of exp and he is ready to finish things up. If Old Xuan didin’t stop him, he would’ve absorbed it all, possibly he could reach Ninth level Core Condensation or even Peak Core Condensation, and finish his quest in the end, but when he look around and the way Old Xuan look at him, he realized that the Spiritual Power he absorbs right now is connected to Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins and to Old Xuan himself. He must stop now or the ruins could collapse and Old Xuan will disappear as well.

Even if this place is created by Spirit King, it is already a long time in the past. This place has already deteriorated. If Yi Tianyun came here in the prime time of this place, surely he could absorb as much as he likes because Spirit Gathering Array will be able to keep up with Yi Tianyun, but not as of now that’s for sure.

Spirit King Xuan Tian still tried to attack Yi Tianyun while he’s on the ground but of course it’s just a random attack, a futile struggle. Yi Tianyun sighed and screams “Die!”

Yi Tianyun throw punches into Spirit King Xuan Tian and knock him out, and after that Yi Tianyun jump and use both of his fist to smash Spirit king once more. “boom!” with his last punch Yi Tianyun Successfully defeated Spirit King Xuan Tian.

Spirit King XuanTian disintegrates into countless little lights in front of him, indicating Yi Tianyun’s victory.

[Defeated Spirit King Xuan Tian (teenager), got 100.000 Exp and 3400 Crazy Point.]

Yi Tianyun is a bit surprised by this notification, he didn’t expect to gain exp because it’s not an actual human, just a Divine Sense left by Spirit King Xuan Tian, although not dropping any item even the fact that he could get exp from defeating this Divine Sense is already a surprise.

“I have finally done it.” Yi Tianyun sighed and turned to look at Old Xuan and asked, “Old Xuan, this means I finished the test right?”

“You certainly did… I didn’t expect you to be this strong, at the very least you’re stronger than master in his teen.” Old Xuan didn’t hide his surprised looks “Congratulations, you completed the trial and earn yourself master’s inheritance!”

“Does this inheritance also include the control of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins?” Yi Tianyun hurriedly asked.

“Yes, as long as you get the owner’s inheritance, then the control of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is naturally belong to you.” Old Xuan smiled and chuckled at Yi Tianyun’s fervor.

“Very good, that’s all I need!” Yi Tianyunsmiles brightly, he gained control over Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, it almost the same as being the owner. Which means his main quest can be completed.

“Follow me.” Old Xuan waves at Yi Tianyun to follow him.

Yi Tianyun looks at his surrounding and felt that Spiritual Pressure in this place already thinner than before, obviously it’s because of his absorbing technique. But this technique, even if it’s a little bit destructive is not considered to be illegal, there is no such regulations that bans a certain technique to be used.

This is a good thing, because the stronger the inheritor the better, only the strong is worthy of this inheritance.

The surrounding area changed after a while, and this time showing the scenery from the room of Smelting Trial Stone Tablets. There is no one there but the two of them, clearly Yi Tianyun is still not back to his physical body. This time when he inspected the Stone Tablet, he noticed something different. He can’t read anything from the tablet before, but now he can clearly see what is written on the tablet.

“Mysterious Heaven Divine Secret Art?”

Yi Tianyun reads the content of the tablet and he was a little bit surprised, he didn’t think that it’s gonna be this easy to become a spirit king. He didn’t expect that in order to become a Spirit King all you need is rely on some Divine Arts.

“I believe you are a little bit surprised. This is a divine art that has been developed by master for many, many years. As long as the inheritor has a strong innate ability, this Divine Art can help them cultivate into Spirit King!” Old Xuan also informed “This is a Heaven Level Martial Art or to be precise Middle Grade Heaven Level Martial Art, but unfortunately it’s impossible to upgrade it any further into High Grade Heavens Level Martial Art.”

He sighed deeply and thought it was a pity that this Divine Art can’t improve any further. If this Divine Art can be improved into a High Grade Heavens Level Martial Art, it could help him reach a Saint King Level!

“It’s already a great achievement to be able to create a martial art that can greatly help cultivator to reach Spirit King Level.”

Yi Tianyun already knows the difficulty to improve a martial arts, a martial arts suitable for cultivation is rarely the same from person to person, if that person doesn’t know about his own ability, cultivation deviation could happen..

Heaven level martial arts in its own way is already amazing enough. There is not that many poeple capable of mastering this level of martial arts. This level of martial arts only can be found fourth level factions or above.

“Yes, it wouldn’t be easy to cultivate this Divine Art. You have to inherit master’ legacy, with your strength, I think you can do it, and you have to fulfill master’s last wish to perfect the XuanTian Divine Art as an Inheritor.” Old Xuansolemnly said.

Yi Tianyun nodded “I hereby accepted.”

“If you’ve made your resolve, let me remind you that this martial art not only require high Innate Ability, but also demanding another condition.” Old Xuan adds.

“Whatkind of conditions?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“Blood Qi have to be strong enough and the Divine art requires the user’s physical prowess to be strong enough as well!” Old Xuan explained “Xuan Tian Divine Art can be said to be some kind of a door that allows the user to reach an ultimate defense power. It needs a strong Blood Qi and Physique to support it.”

Immediately, Yi Tianyun activated his Dragon God Bloodline in front of Old Xuan, his Blood Qi rises and his physical prowess is enhanced, making Old Xuan lost for words.

“Is this good enough?” Yi Tianyun indifferently asked.

“…” Old Xuan who was surprised by Yi Tianyun’s power silently said “Rascal!”

If the inheritor didn’t have the standard, he will have to strengthen himself until he is able to cultivate the Divine Art, but Yi Tianyun is not only up to standard, but he is even beyond that standard.

“Then you may begin learning the Divine Art now. Your comprehension will be tested. if it doesn’t match with your spiritual power, then there is nothing we could do about it. And you’re obliged to cultivate this divine art up to the second level.” Old Xuan said solemnly.

Every Martial Art has affinity. If it doesn’t match the user affinity, it will be extremely hard for them to cultivate it.

For example, if the user originally has the fire affinity, it would be almost impossible for them to cultivate an ice attributed martial art. If that person still insisted to cultivate it, they would be in a high risk of injuries, with a chance of dying from the backlash. It is normal for cultivator to abandon a martial arts after cultivating it for half a day because incompatibility.

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