Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 85: One Week


A week passed and Smelting Trial is over.

Everyone finish their meditation with satisfaction, although it was a short week, but it was more impactful than two months worth of cultivation. Besides learning new martial arts, they can cultivate in maximum potential here.

Some cultivators manage to breakthrough while they’re here, it’s all thanks to Spirit Gathering Array for concentrating the spiritual energy inside Ancient Ruin.

But there’s someone who hasn’t woken up from his meditation, it’s none other than Yi Tianyun!

It’s a shock for everyone. Yi Tianyun hasn’t woken up from his meditation and is still shrouded in this light. It’s been so long, it’s been a whole week, and most disciples here finished their meditation in about 15 minutes then proceed to cultivate.

The realm within Smelting Trial Stone Tablet filled with nothing but Stone Tablets containing one martial art, and all they need to do is only pick one of them, it shouldn’t take that long.

But Yi Tianyun has been at it for a week, it really makes them wonder!

“Everyone is about to wrap this up and leave already… Did he spend too much time picking martial arts or what?”

“That’s possible, but why waste so much time in just picking one martial arts?”

“What a fool, by the time he’s finished, this place won’t be open untill another 3 years!”

Other Cultivators laughed and thought that Yi Tianyun was a fool for wasting time picking one martial art instead of cultivating.

This is what they thought, including Qin Xue. Little do they know that there’s an additional test await for those who figured out the puzzle.

They all failed to figure it out after all, that’s why they don’t know why Yi Tianyun takes so long.

“It’s time!! Everyone inside prepare to leave because Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruin is about to shut!” Somebody shout from outside, their voice reach even into the depth of the ruin even though he can’t come in .

Yi Tianyun is in dire situation, but they can’t afford to stay here, if they miss their timing to get out, no other choice but to wait untill 3 years, they won’t even be able to survive here for one year let alone 3 years.

Since there’s no food or drink, all they did to survive is absorb spiritual energy from the surrounding, but if one’s cultivation is not high enough, they can’t keep this up for long, so doing this for 3 years is out of question.

“Senior Sister, we ‘re leaving, is there something wrong with Elder Yi? How come he hasn’t woken up yet?” An Ling was in a hurry, yet their Elder hasn’t woken up.

Qin Xue frowns and said: “I don’t know, but perhaps Elder Yi has entered a peculiar state, or he is somehow stuck inside, and it’s not possible to disperse this light shrouding him… There is no other way but report this to Great Elder, we must leave for now.”

The light from the Smelting Trial Stone Tablet is not something they can disperse that easily.

All they can do is leave Yi Tianyun for now, it would be even more problematic if they can’t get out as well, causing even greater loss to Jade Palace. Seven disciples with pretty good innate ability looked at Yi Tianyun for the last time before they get out.

They made sure not to let their guard down as they’re surrounded by other sect that may attack them anytime.

But as it turns out there’s no point in being cautious, as they’re afraid of Jade Palace for the time being. Because of Jade Palace’s recent reputation they can’t carelessly make enemies out of them.

The moment they came out, one of Magnificent Sect’s disciple immediately reported to Sect Master Huan: “Sect Master, Liang Feng  was killed by Yi Tianyun!”

“What!?” Sect Master Huan is startled, and immediately killing intent filled his eyes: “What do you mean? explain!”

Great Elder quickly approach to find out, she’s not surprised anymore at this point it’s Yi Tianyun after all.

“Sect Master Huan, let me explain, your disciple Liang Feng provoke our junior brother and challenge him on a duel, resulting in his death.” Qin Xue explained the chronology of what actually happened.

Sect Master Huan raised his eyebrow, Liang Feng is one of his precious disciple. He has done a lot to help Liang Feng become stronger.

“Is that the truth?” Sect Master Huan looked at his disciple and confirming the truth.


“Louder!” said Sect Master Huan, staring coldly at his disciple.

“Yes!” The disciple shouted.

“Trash! If Liang Feng lost in a duel of life and death, then that’s all he’s worth.” Sect Master Huan slaps the the disciple, and said coldly: “Apologize to Great Elder of Jade Palace!”

“Yes, Sect Master…” The disciple hurriedly stood up, and said to Great Elder with his swollen face: “Sorry for the trouble our Senior Brother caused…”

“I’m sorry for my lack of supervision, Great Elder Mo Yu.” Sect Master Huan apologized.

“It’s fine.” Great Elder replied faintly. She knew that Sect Master Huan just didn’t want to provoke Jade Palace. They’re afraid of Jade Palace because Jade Palace just drive away three great faction.

Afterwards he checked the martial arts his disciple learned while enduring his anger. No matter whose fault was that, his disciple which he spent quite a lot of resources on was killed. How can he remain calm?

“Now where’s Elder Yi?” Great Elder looked around and didn’t see the source of trouble among the crowd.

“Elder Yi…he’s still meditating at the Smelting Trial Stone Tablet. It’s been a week, he still hasn’t finished his meditation, at this rate he’ll be locked inside the ruin.” Qin Xue said with worried written all over her face.

“What did you say?” Great Elder was surprised.

“Elder Yi hasn’t woken up from his meditation, maybe he’s stuck inside the realm somehow…” Qin Xue said it again.

“What the hell is going on, it doesn’t make sense, all he needs to do is pick one Martial Art” Great Elder frowns said: “Those Martial Arts are good, but it’s not worth wasting so much time to choose one. So he’s still inside?”

It will be troublesome to be trapped inside right now. It will take less than a day before the ruins completely shut. And reopen in 3 years

Yi Tianyun’s cultivation is not low, but that does not mean that he can last for three years inside.

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