Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 9: One Move


Using one move to defeat Mo Cheng?

The disciples of the Spirit Sect looked at Tianyun with sarcastic expressions, his cultivation level was certainly not bad, but he clearly doesn’t understand what’s happening due to his arrogance.

The disciples of the Jade Palace also shook their heads. It’s just one win after all and he already became this conceited? This will undoubtedly be his downfall. Mo Cheng‘s cultivation level was quite high, there was barely anyone who could keep up with him at his age, moreover, Yi Tianyun’s arrogance lowered their morale.

“First move!”

Mo Cheng ended his small talk with Yi Tianyun. He stepped forward as his figure distorted. He quickly rushed over to Yi Tianyun. It looked very strange when he disappears and reappear frequently in front of Yi Tianyun.

“This was the Spirit Sect’s secret art, Floating Cloud Steps!” Shi Xueyun frowned. This technique was not easy to learn, but Mo Cheng mastered it.

Yi Tianyun who was staring at Mo Cheng from afar, was shocked when he suddenly appeared in front of him. When he instinctively raised his hand to block Mo Cheng’s incoming attack, suddenly Mo Chen vanished.

Then, he immediately felt a sense of danger behind him, Mo Cheng reappeared behind him!

Following the movements of Mo Cheng, the disciples of the Jade Palace, who were watching behind him, immediately exclaimed. They all saw the moment when Mo Cheng attacked and Yi Tianyun had no time to dodge. Mo Cheng’s speed was unbelievably fast.

Suddenly, Mo Cheng handsome face became fierce. Yi Tianyun would be seriously injured if this attack land!


A cry of an eagle was heard from the sky as Yi Tianyun suddenly jump. Like a flying eagle, he dived quickly from the air, and lock onto his prey, as if he was swooping down from the sky to catch his prey!

When Yi Tianyun successfully held Mo Cheng in place, he instantly unleashed his Absorbing Star Great Technique. Spiritual power was absorbed into Yi Tianyun’s body, and notifications constantly rang out in his head.

“Get 5 exp, 6 exp, 4 exp…”

With the continuous absorption of the Spiritual power into Yi Tianyun’s body, exp kept on increasing. Mo Chen’s cultivation stage was high so the amount of experience absorbed was naturally higher. In the blink of an eye, half of Mo Cheng’s Spiritual power was absorbed!

“What was this evil technique?”

Mo Cheng was frightened and startled. He tried to break free of Yi Tianyun’s grasp but his hand was held tightly by Yi Tianyun. This made Mo Cheng feel desperate, forcing him to use his other hand to attack Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun saw Mo Cheng’s attack coming and shaped his other hand into an eagle’s claw as well, grabbed the attacking hand and held it, rendering Mo Cheng unable to move.

“Eagle Claw Art!”

His eyes shone with fear. Although Eagle Claw Art was not a unique martial art, it was still quite a good martial art. Does the Jade Palace even have this martial art?

“Let me go!” Mo Cheng was shaking like a leaf, his spiritual power was continuously being drained, and desperation could be seen in his eyes.

Why would Yi Tianyun let him go, this was bonus exp to him!

As Yi Tianyun continued to absorb it, Mo Cheng revealed his sly expression and shouted, “I can’t lose!” Then he opened the palm of his hand, it turns out that he had been hiding something this whole time, it was a suspicious-looking black ball.

Yi Tianyun, being cautious, immediately kicked Mo Cheng away into the air as quickly as he could. 

Mo Cheng was thrown to the air, with the black ball still in his hand.

In midair, Mo Cheng suddenly exploded.

Specifically, the ball in his hand exploded, and he was blown out into smithereens!

“What the heck this guy used a bomb!” Yi Tianyun was shocked, how could these bastards have so many hidden weapons on their bodies? If they could not land a hit, they would use a hidden weapon, this was beyond shameless!

Mo Cheng flew straight out of the stage. He rolled a few times on the ground and finally faced the sky. Everyone saw that he turned black from taking the impact of the bomb, and seemed to die instantly. The power of the gunpowder was powerful, and it suddenly exploded and killed him instantly.

『Ding! Congratulations on killing Mo Cheng! You gain 800 exp, 35 Crazy Points, the Floating Cloud Steps movement technique and a Recovery Pill.』

“I got his movement technique!” Yi Tianyun was so happy. He felt that this technique was quite good. It turns you into a spectre-like figure and was useful not only for dodging but also for attacking, this flexibility was what he wanted most.

“Lost…” Zhao Hualong whispered, his eyes were perplexed, even Mo Cheng who was just got on the stage was killed, the final result stunned them.

Their strongest disciples already lost, how could they win now? Even if it was a trick used by Tianyun. Even if Mo Cheng was ultimately killed by his own hidden weapon, it was still considered defeating him.

“Victory! You actually won! Young Master, you were awesome!”

“Young Master, you’re too strong!”

“Yi Tianyun actually won, even Mo Cheng could not beat him… This was not a dream, right?”

Xiaolian yelled out, she had been taking care of Yi Tianyun for a long time now and treated him like her own brother. Now that he had won against a genius of the Spirit Sect, he could not be considered trash anymore. How could she not get excited and scream?

Even the other female disciples of the Jade Palace cheered for him! Their Jade Palace was not the loser, the Spirit Sect was!

Yi Tianyun still felt a bit sad and found it unfortunate. He was hoping to get more exp through the Absorbing Stars Great Technique, but Mo Cheng ended up getting killed by his own hidden weapon.

“You disciples of the Spirit Sect only know how to cheat! This time, he was killed by his own hidden weapon. If you can’t use it well, don’t use it!” Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold, if he didn’t get out in time, he would have died along with Mo Cheng.

“Elder Zhao, you need to give me an explanation! The battle between Yi Tianyun and Fang Yun was a life and death battle, so it was acceptable, but was this life and death battle as well?” Shi Xueyun was also angry, because this was not the first time,  and it’s even worse this time.

“This was our mistake, but since the perpetrator is already dead, there was no need to pursue this matter any further.” Zhao Hualong was even angrier and distressed, his most talented disciple the sect was now gone. He hated Yi Tianyun even more!

Using the bomb to blow himself up was naturally not his idea, but Mo Cheng was really desperate, and he ended up using such an extreme method.

“A good man does not pursue too much so I have nothing to say about this! In that case, send the last person, you should choose!” Yi Tianyun said with sharp eyes, causing the people under the stage to tremble under his gaze.

“Tianyun, that was enough, leave the rest to us!” Shi Xueyun’s eyes were red, was this the Yi Tianyun that everyone called trash? Of course not, he is a normal person, no, he is a genius!

Yi Tianyun could deal with two people, raising their morale, which was enough.

Yi Tianyun saw their worried eyes, but he had to defeat the last one as well. After all, his mission need him to defeat them so he can get experience and treasures!

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