Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 94: One Hit

[Ding, successfully killed Spirit Sect disciple, earned 20.000 experiences, 1000 Crazy Point, and a Recovery Pill.] [Ding, successfully killed Wing Sect disciple, earned 28.000 experience, 1300 Crazy Point, 50 Blacksmith Mastery.] [Ding, successfully killed Old Ancestor, earned 110.000 experience, 2800 Crazy Point, Soul Suppression Secret Art (Earth Level), Mysterious Ice Divine Armor (Middle Grade Spirit Tool), Cold Ice Blade (High Grade Spirit Tool).] [Ding, successfully killed…]

Yi Tianyun’s arrows shoot through several people in the vicinity, the enemy killed by this move exploded into exp and treasures. The notification keeps beeping constantly, the only unfortunate thing is that he doesn’t have any more double crazy point card. After he leveled up his Appraisal Eye, he didn’t have enough Crazy Point to buy a double crazy point card, if he has that card he sure is gonna reap a hefty amount of Crazy Points right now. 

He is thinking in the right direction for leaving the snow wolf here to protect Jade Palace. These Old Ancestors will not give up on destroying the Jade Palace. At the very least the Snow Wolf is able to defend the ground until Yi Tianyun comes. Now, all he needs to do is kill all this enemies and get as much treasures and exp as he can get.

On the side, Snow Wolf is also killing many cultivators at spirit refinement realm and body refinement realm like crazy. After much killing, the Snow Wolf is able to breakthrough to eight level core condensations, this level up making his fur harden, and much more durable than before. Seeing the progress of the Snow Wolf, Yi Tianyun becomes more assured about the safety of the Jade Palace’s disciple. He turns his sight to the enemies before him and starts to attacks them to reach the old ancestors at the back line. There is no one in there that can resist him on this point, he kills every enemy blocking him on sight. 

“Hurry up! Stop him for fuck sake!” Old Ancestor Wen Tian shouted at his own disciple, and carelessly walks out of his own fight with Jade Palace’s Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor Bing Xin. “I am not gonna allow you to walk out from this fight so easily.” Old Ancestor Bing Xin said and then releases a wave of ice to freeze out Old Ancestor Wen Tian.

“Get out of my way!!” Old Ancestor Wen Tian screams loudly and releases his own aura and makes a shield out of it. The ice wave caught on this shield immediately evaporates, while there is no damage sustained on Old Ancestor Wen Tian at the very least Old Ancestor Bing Xin is able to hold him for a second longer. Old Ancestor Bing Xin and other old ancestor from Jade Palace stop chasing the enemies’ old ancestor altogether. They know that they can’t break a sweat for chasing the cornered enemies. They all know the best opportunity to attack again is after Yi Tianyun succeed tiring the enemies out.

“Tianyun, let me help you!” Shi Xueyun yells at Yi Tianyun so her voice can be heard on the battlefield. She looks so fierce with her sword constantly clashing with enemy’s sword, chasing after the enemies’ old ancestor, so that they can’t get close to Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun at the moment keeps on attacking the enemy with his long spear occasionally stabs two enemies at one time.

The disciple of Jade Palace that previously defected to enemy side, looks at the scene in front of them gasping, disbelieving everything they saw in front of them. They can’t help but feel a little disappointed, fear, nervous, disbelief, and shame at the same time. The one thing that they disbelief the most is Yi Tianyun’s power. They already become the disciple of Jade Palace for quite some time. They know that Yi Tianyun didn’t have Blood Qi to help him cultivate before, now he has the power to kill many Spirit Refinement and Core Condensation cultivator at amazing speed. Now that they see him firsthand, they can no longer deny Yi Tianyun’s strength.


Old Ancestor Wen Tian roars in rage and brings out a huge axe of soul level tools in his hand. The axes almost instantly covered with his blood qi and the axes radiating golden light as he moves around. Immediately Yi Tianyun observes him with Appraisal Eye and saw the old ancestor’s combat power rise up, not only he has his combat power risen, he got his appearance changes to appear younger than he currently is, making him get stronger physique and more flexible. 

Yi Tianyun immediately realize how in rage Old Ancestor Wen Tian is, as this technique surely would make the user far stronger than they actually are, but at the same time having the body enveloped in such a huge amount of blood qi comes with side effect, making the user lost a considerable amount of life span.

After seeing Old Ancestor Wen Tian in rage and getting more serious, other Old Ancestors from his side also do the same. They brought out their Soul Level tools and start feeding their own blood qi into their weapon. They are ready to sacrifice a few years of their live to kill Yi Tianyun. Three of the strongest old ancestors on enemy side quickly surround Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun analyzes them with his Appraisal Eye and sees their combat power at 170.000 points!

Old Ancestor Wen Tian in front of Yi Tianyun sneers at him, “You surely are a restless young brat!” Old Ancestor Wen Tian immediately launches himself and tries to slam his axes down to cut Yi Tianyun in two. Yi Tianyun dodges this attack and activates his Dragon God Secret Art, and with his Dragon God Bloodline active and in fusion with his Blood Fiend Divine Spear in his hand. His power skyrocket and immediately a blood red dragon aura wraps around him.

As Yi Tianyun prepare his attack, the Blood red Dragon Aura that wrap itself around his body start to roar. As he charges down at Old Ancestor Wen Tian his spear becomes beaming with blood red light. Old Ancestor Wen Tian is clearly surprised by Yi Tianyun and raises his axes to defend against Yi Tianyun attack. A powerful blood red aura clashes against the golden aura, but in a second Yi Tianyun’s blood red aura start to push through Old Ancestor Wen Tian golden aura.


Yi Tianyun’s Blood Fiend Divine Spear succeeds in pushing through Old Ancestor Wen Tian defenses and stabs him in the chest. Old Ancestor Wen Tian drops the axes that he holds, and after the clanking sounds of the axes hits the ground, he fell down too, vomiting blood. 

Old Ancestor Wen Tian is instantly killed by Yi Tianyun in one attack by making a huge gaping hole on the old man’s chest, preceding the pressure of the attack to turns the old man’s internal organ into pile of lump meat.

Yi Tianyun stands in front of the old man’s corpse looking bored, as he feels the fight is too easy, no difficulties at all!

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