Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 95: Crazy


Yi Tianyun killed Old Ancestor Wen Tian almost instantly by making a hole in the old man’s chest. The old man seems to want to say a few words to Yi Tianyun, but never got his chance and falls to the ground dead.

[Ding, successfully killed Old Ancestor Wen Tian, gained 120,000 Experience, 3000 Crazy Point, acquired a Set: Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe (Lower Grade Soul Tool), Chaotic Heaven Divine Armor (Lower Grade Soul Tool), Chaotic Heaven Battle Boots (Lower Grade Soul Tool )!]

Yi Tianyun turns his gaze into another enemy old ancestor in the field. With their strongest cultivator dead, the enemy old ancestor is shaking their boots thinking to run away from Yi Tianyun. Jade Palace’s Old Ancestor sighed in relief, they think of Yi Tianyun as an abomination to the Palace in the beginning, he is a kid that being left behind by the previous Palace Lord who abandoned her duty and ran away with some man.

Now Yi Tianyun has proven them wrong, he already becomes the strongest cultivator in all Jade Palace, and he is even stronger than the old ancestors that gather here. Not to mention that Shi Xueyun is ready to leave behind the palace and her title as a Palace Lord if Yi Tianyun doesn’t want anything to do with Jade Palace anymore. 

All this information about Yi Tianyun is making them relieved that they didn’t take any extreme measure about Yi Tianyun before.

He already proved himself to be the most valuable person that ever comes to Jade Palace since the time of the Old Ancestor.

Great Elder Yu that stands not too far from the Jade Palace’s Old Ancestor was in the same state of shock as the old ancestor. From the perspective of someone that doesn’t really care about Yi Tianyun and already saw him fight once not too long ago, he can see as clear as day that Yi Tianyun has somewhat rise his cultivation again.

This fact alone makes him wonder, just what the heck did Yi Tianyun do to achieve such feat. There is just no explanation to this incredible speed of growth. 

Shi Xueyun and Jiu Lingyun were clearly overcome with pride and awe as they saw Yi Tianyun in action.

“Did any of you shitty fuck still have some shitty remarks to add before I fucking cut your life off from this world?” Yi Tianyun released his red mist again after he speaks. Yi Tianyun’s act pulls the last string from the enemy old ancestor as they began to turn their bodies and make a run for it. 

Yi Tianyun as he’s already prepared, begin to hunt down all the old ancestor, he caught up with them without breaking a sweat.

He starts to thrust his spear consecutively to all the enemies’ old ancestor and they’re dropping like flies.

[Ding, successfully killed Old Ancestor Tian Feng, gained 110.000 Experience, 2700 Crazy Point, Heaven Imperial Divine Palm (Lower Grade Earth Level Martial Art), Rushing Thunder Step (Lower Grade Earth Level Martial Art), Shocking Heaven Divine Stone (Lower Grade Soul Tool)!] [Dīng , successfully killed ……]

He acts like a bloodthirsty demon in the battlefield completely obliterates every enemies on his path, and covers the entire place with blood.

As he approaches the last old ancestor, the old man becomes deranged with fear and turns back and get down on his knees and start begging Yi Tianyun for his life.

“We already lost, I surrender, please spare my life! We will never show our face in front of you again, we will leave this place never to return, please just let me go!”

After seeing this situation, Old Ancestor Bing Xin from Jade Palace makes her own remarks, “Are you for real now? After all you have done to us, you want to leave Jade Palace unscathed? When we are at our backs before have you considered giving us mercy?” Old Ancestor Bing Xin makes her way into the last enemy old ancestor. Yi Tianyun saw what Old Ancestor Bing Xin would do and makes his move before Bing Xin arrive to their spot. 

He trusts his spear against the poor old man’s chest. The old man eyes was taken by disbelief, he screams as he clutches his chest.

After he falls completely Yi Tianyun can see a little aura leaving the old man’s body, giving him a proof that the old man already dead. He doesn’t want anybody else to take down his opponent, as he will not gain anything from it.

[Ding, successfully killed Old Ancestor Tian Tang, earned 100,000 Experience, 2500 Crazy Point, Burning The Heavens Secret Art (Lower Grade Earth Level Martial Art), Wind and Fire Palm (Earth Level Lower Grade Martial Art )!] [Ding, congratulations to Player ‘Yi Tianyun‘, successfully breakthrough to Ninth Level of Core Condensation!]

He sighed in relief, knowing that he finally levels up after killing six old ancestors, many elders and deacons. Now it will be a gruesome experience point grinding to achieve level up and he knows that too. The experience point cap also increase as you leveled up is a fact, there is nothing he could do about it.

All he needs to do now is try his best. He turns his attention to his surrounding and see the enemies all scattered throughout the battlefield, he smirked to himself and stored his Blood Fiend Divine Spear and take out the Frost Fist. He couldn’t use this before because the old ancestor level is too high for it effect to be effective, but to face this level of remaining enemies this is enough. 

He immediately activates its effect and froze the remaining enemies. He started to walks into the nearby frozen sculpture and activates his Absorbing Stars Great Technique.

He gets exp like flowing water, it didn’t stop there, as he can no longer absorb the exp from the dried up enemy, he shattered them, giving him additional exp for killing his opponent. 

After a while, everything’s over. He completely eliminated all the elites brought by the three factions. All that’s left here in the palace is their own and the disciple that defecting to the enemy side at the beginning of the fight.

He now needs to clear this matters, as he already know that there is nothing wrong for them to surrender to the enemy to protect their lives, but at this rate, they’ll be a bad example for others. 

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