Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 96: Finished


People of Jade Palace couldn’t say much about the amount of dead body in front of them. Many of them didn’t have an experience about such event. The amount of blood that covers the ground and the stench that burns the noses is something that they just find gut wrenching. There are those who likely have seen this kind of event beforehand and doesn’t look like it bothers them much.

Yi Tianyun looks at this pile of body and he can’t find it in him to feel pity for any of them. He just can’t feel pity to enemy that wants to rip his happiness from him. 

Jade Palace disciple immediately took it for themselves to clean up after the pile of dead bodies in front of them. But there is still a problem that wasn’t quite solved just yet. The disciple of Jade Palace that defected to the enemy side before the war happens is still here, they didn’t expect Jade Palace could win in that situation, they feel ashamed of their action and remorseful about it. 

Yi Tianyun thinks about the problem for himself, and he can’t quite decide about either to kill them for treachery or to let them go. At the very least the one who defected that include themselves to attack Jade Palace are already dead, so the ones that left is just people that really wants to survive.

The elders of the palace is confused too, they don’t know how to approach the situation because they also think these people didn’t do anything extremely treacherous. 

“Palace Lord, what do we do about this problem?” Great Elder Yu asks to Shi Xueyun. Shi Xueyun looks at them and sighed “Just let them go, all they wanted to do is survive after all, and I even encouraged them to do so, but they can’t stay any longer in Jade Palace, as they didn’t have enough devotion to Jade Palace.”

The defected disciples looks at Shi Xueyun with relief “Thank you so much Palace Lord!” 

After they were pardoned by Shi Xueyun, they’re immediately on their knees conveying their thanks, and soon leave the Palace with a heavy heart. They still want to dedicate them self to Jade Palace but they can’t do that anymore, they have done something that can be sentenced to dead, but the Lord of the Palace still let them go, and they are forever thankful for that. 

Shi Xueyun turns her attention to Yi Tianyun, and Yi Tianyun senses the dagger glare coming from Xueyun. 

“Tianyun, You really…” 

Shi Xueyun wants to talk, but Yi Tianyun cut her before she finished her sentence. 

“Aunt, the previous action I have done is clearly for you but the actions I do right now is not only for you but also for the safety of Jade Palace. You made me an elder for Jade Palace and now I shall do my duty to protect it.” 

Yi Tianyun saying these thing with such emotions that make the people hearing him feels moved. Many of them complimenting Tianyun immediately, “Elder Yi you are so amazing, we will follow your command in the future.”

”Yes, you are too good to be true Elder Yi, its amazing to have you as our elder.”

“Whatever Elder Yi told us to do later, we will do just that!” 

All the disciple shows their adoration to Tianyun, making him a little flushed.

[Ding, completed ‘Protection Achievement’. acquired a permanent Title ‘Guardian’, twice base Defense Power!]

Yi Tianyun startled to have this notification that randomly popped up in front of him. He immediately inspects this information, and he realizes he must have cleared a hidden quest. The reward for this is great too, he got double defense power. He still didn’t have information about the range of this reward and how to activate it, but it’s still one hell of an effect. 

He inspects the ‘Guardian’ title once more, and saw the information regarding the requirement for completion of the title which is to have protected more than 500 people with 100 favorability points. He immediately realizes that for the first one he repel the attacks from the three faction he didn’t have the conditions to triggers this title, he didn’t have that much people with that high favorability point. 

But now that’s not the case anymore, he already earned respect of everybody from the Jade Palace, so their favorability points automatically rose above 100. The condition for completion is already there when he finished this achievement. 

“I didn’t have any information about the quest for the title, hmmm, this hidden quest must have some crazy condition to complete.” He imagines himself completing another title in the future with some crazy effects. 

On another side, the Old Ancestor of Jade Palace is feeling a little bit embarrassed, Yi Tianyun clearly have a better cultivation than them, and he is more popular among Jade Palace’s disciple. They feels a little bit sorry about the circumstances, because at first, all they wanted is to drive out Yi Tianyun from the Jade Palace. 

The three old ancestor look at each other and Old Ancestor Bing Xin sighed and with a little hesitation she said: “Elder Yi, we are very sorry about the way we threat you in the past, I hope you can find forgiveness for our previous mistake.” The three of the old ancestor bow their head to Tianyun willingly, and Yi Tianyun know that its not easy to bow head at their position. 

Tianyun sincerely said “I don’t really care about the previous matter, I never think of something that’s already in the past. Its not like you did something unforgivable before, but know this, in the past, present and the future the only one i will listen to is only my aunt, no matter how high your position here i won’t listen to you. If we can agree with that, I am sure we will not have any problems.” Even if one can say that Yi Tianyun’s words is quite harsh but there is no helping that. It is already an incredible feat to have Yi Tianyun protects them after treating him so bad in the past. 

The most important thing for him right now is to protect Shi Xueyun and JiuLingyun as best as he can. He can order the Snow Wolf to separately protect the Jade Palace for him. The old ancestor clearly embarrassed but they are glad Tianyun doesn’t turn his back from them.

Shi Xueyun smacks Yi Tianyun in the back of his head “That is not how you talks to your elders! But I don’t dislike it.” 

She gave Tianyun a toothy smile. the three old ancestor thought that Shi Xueyun would reprimand Yi Tianyun for talking in such manner to them but clearly they were wrong, Shi Xueyun would do anything for her loved ones, she’s even ready to leave Jade Palace for Tianyun. All they could do is show a bitter smile to Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun, they can’t reprimand them as Yi Tianyun is more powerful than them right now, and Shi Xueyun is a Palace Lord.

Shi Xueyun turns her attention to the entire Jade Palace disciple standing there looking at them and said “Well, what are you waiting for? Chop chop! Clean this place up! We need to clear the three great faction after this!” Shi Xueyun coldly smiles, showing her murderous intent.

There is nothing left in the three great factions, they lost almost all of their high ranking members, and with that, they lost their capability to send help. This is proving more and more to the surrounding faction that Jade Palace is not to be disturbed!

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