Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 33 Strategy Promotion Specialist


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Regarding “Oreimo,” Ye You has only uploaded one volume at present. He plans to send it to Kuroneko slowly in the future.

After Useless angel got the novel, she disappeared. Probably continuing to submit her manuscript to go, she did not have any pressure about becoming a copywriter.

Although Kuroneko has her own pride, it still loses to the cruelty of reality. Also, could the things in the dimensional chat room be mixed up with the ordinary world?

Kuroneko clearly convinced herself: No! It was an honor for mortals to have the privilege to gaze upon the Abyss wisdom.

When Ye You saw Kuroneko appear, he moved in his heart, thinking of the “Laconic Primordial Book,” and silently said nothing.

Ye You opened his property panel and could not help but let out a startled surprise.

“68-dimensional point? Why is it 50 points more?”

He clearly remembered that after activating the different dimensional network and opening the video connection last time, only 17 points remained. These days, it should also be 18 points, even if he signed in continuously.

“50 points increase in dimensional point… Did a new person join?” This had happened before, Ye You took it as a reasonable thought.

It was just that he carefully searched on the room member panel and found no newly added members.

“Then what’s going on?”

Ye You were a little confused.

Then he communicated with others when he could not figure it out. He asked Neet Hime and found that she had also increased the dimensional point by 20 points, which was the same as the last time a new person joined.

Does Neet Hime kick the new member? Impossible. There will be a chatroom announcement, whether it was a new member or a member who was removed. Ye You cannot figure it out.

Ye You put the question down, for the time being, looked at the time. It was almost time to prepare dinner.

After eating, Ye You came to Nakamura Yuri’s side. At this time, her temperament seemed to change a little, giving people a softer and relaxed feeling.

Even the way she raised her hands and feet was even lighter than before. Probably the knot in her heart was untied.

“Brother Ye You, Brother Ye You.” Ryoko flew over happily, “Sister, just now, my sister kept talking about Brother Ye You.”

Ryoko smiled narrowly, and Nakamura ran over in a panic: “Ryoko, don’t talk nonsense. Ye You-san saved me, I just appreciate him very much.”

“Oh~~~ That’s how it is~~~”

Ryoko dragged her tone. Ye You touched Ryoko’s head and looked at Nakamura.

“The time for the spell card is almost up. Moreover, this spell card is not something I can make, so sorry.”

Nakamura shook her head vigorously: “That’s not the case. I’m delighted to be able to meet Ryoko and others. Really, thank you very much.”

Yuri bowed to Ye You with her upper body almost parallel to the ground. Ye You did not dodge it but calmly accepted her salute, then motioned to Nakamura to get up.

At this time, Ryoko and the others glowed with soft white light, their figures became lighter and lighter, and they were about to float away like the sky.

They looked at Yuri Nakamura contentedly and waved their little hands, “Then, sister, goodbye.”

Then turned to Ye You, “Farewell Ye You, brother too.”

Yuri Nakamura saw this scene, although she felt unwilling to give up, as an older sister, she had to be stronger at this time. She waved her arms in the air, “Ryoko, Eri, Takeda, you guys must live a happy life over there!”

Ye You smiled and said goodbye to them. The three figures finally turned into a rain of light and disappeared into the room.

After everything was calm, Ye You’s eyes flashed a thoughtful expression: In this world, there was also the underworld? I just don’t know if the underworld was also divided into dimensions.

Nakamura was a little lost. She circled the house. Obviously, knowing that this was the best ending for Ryoko and the others, but still cannot help but feel lost.

“There will be a cafe here in the future. If you want, you can come over at any time.” Ye You said towards Nakamura Yuri, who was standing there dumbfounded.

“Is it really possible?” Nakamura was astonished and said with some delight.

“Huh? Yes.” Seeing Nakamura’s expression, Ye You was shocked.

Initially, this was the place that had left an incomparably painful situation for Nakamura Yuri, but right now, it had also become the place where Ryoko and the others had their final warmth during their final days.

Yuri Nakamura, who had initially been an incredibly complicated relationship with this place, but now it had become a place filled with precious memories after she had unraveled the knot in her heart.

Ye You read her thoughts, and then said, “It happens that my store is still short of the workforce. Are you willing to become the strategic promotion specialist in this store?”

Nakamura blinked, “Strategic Promotion Specialist?”

“It is a profession that understands market trends, observes market needs at close range, then records the data obtained, and finally feeds it back to the store and provides supplies.”

“Huh?” Nakamura was a little confused.

Although it would be nice to stay here and work as a clerk, she could not understand any of the vocabularies that Ye You spoke, and she was worried that she would not be able to handle it.

Ye You raised his index finger and said with a smile, “In short, it’s the waiter.”

With a sound of ppffttt, Nakamura could not help but laughed.

“What was that, this silly guy.”

Ye You saw that her mood improved and continued to send out invitations, “Will you then?”

“Hmph, of course, it’s okay!” Nakamura straightened his young chest, full of confidence.

“That’s right.” Nakamura said as if thinking of something: “I looked at the sign when I came here. There is a school in the middle stage. Is that a high school?”

“Yes. SumiSora Academy.”

“Oh. I see.” Nakamura nodded while touching her chin.

The two said goodbye. Ye You were in a good mood. Not only did he help Ryoko and the others fulfill their dying wish, but at the same time, he found a beautiful girl clerk before the shop opened.

The maid cafe was not as long as there were maids. It also has high requirements for the clerk’s quality, which means that the clerk’s hourly salary will certainly not be low.

“If it were Nakamura, would she be able to speak well?” Before Ye You became a businessman, he took a big step like unscrupulous.

Back home, Ye You just opened the chat room. The useless angel Gabriel appeared.

Useless asked, “Blue Sky, Blue Sky, can you activate the voice system as well?”

Blue Sky lil bit confused, “What?”

Useless said, “I want to play games, play games! That would be more convenient.”

Does she refer to chatroom games uploaded?

Ye You thought that activating the voice-only needs 30 points of dimensional value anyway, and the chatroom members were definitely more able to accept voices than video connections. He agreed to her.

Blue Sky nodded, “Okay.”

[Chat room voice to activate]

Ye You deducted 30 points again. Now it becomes 38 points.

Useless responded, “Thanks.”

Blue Sky  asked, “What game are you playing?”

Useless answered, “a strategy development, and now my protagonist is out of Novice Village.”

Strategy development? I haven’t uploaded this game myself. Was it Neet Hime? Forget it. Let’s write the novel first.

Simultaneously, in a very distant place, under the isolation of the mighty force of inhibition, there was still a constant exchange of information.

A girl with braided hair, her fingers clasped in prayer, her face suddenly filled with excitement.

“Lord, I can hear Your Edict more clearly.”

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