Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 151


Big Azure Mountain.

Since two months ago, everyone in the Kami School had begun to prepare for Muyang and Mexia’s wedding. As the school’s headmaster, needless to say, that Isaac, whose daughter was getting married to his eldest disciple, was busy as a father and as a teacher.

The other elders couldn’t be idle either and were making preparations for the wedding. 

At this time, the Kami School’s martial arts building was decorated with lights and festive balls.

“It’s so fast. In the blink of an eye, Muyang and Mexia are getting married.” Isaac ascended the ladder and hung lanterns for the eaves. 

“I had a feeling they’d be together. Senior brother, you just have to wait to be a grandfather!”

On this side, Sith and Karl were laughing lightly as they arranged the ceremonial hall for the wedding.

Recently because of Muyang’s performance in the World Martial Arts Tournament, there was a steady stream of people coming to the Great Azure Mountain to pay respects.

However, except for a few who joined the Kami School Martial Arts Dojo, most of them were politely rejected by Isaac and the others. 

Isaac was in high spirits when it came to happy events. He was laughing with a red face, “It’s still early. I do hope that they will be able to conceive the next generation sooner, but this can’t be rushed.”

“How are the preparations for the feast?” Seeing that the ceremony hall was almost set up, Sith asked.

By the way, the current Muyang was indeed different. Whether it was his martial arts or his reputation in the martial arts community, he had become a trademark of the Kami School.

On the wedding day, many friends from the martial arts community would come; that was why they couldn’t lose their manners in front of their peers. 

Isaac said, “Yula and Clarissa are in charge of that. They found the most famous restaurant in town. The chefs there are of a very high standard, and they can take care of everything.”

For Muyang and Mexia’s wedding, the entire Kami School was very attentive. Isaac, Sith, and others were setting up the venue.

Yula and Clarissa were arranging the wine and food while Alice led April and other disciples to set up the new room. A few other disciples were in charge of receiving the visiting guests. 

It could be said that everything had been prepared and was only waiting for the arrival of the two couples, Muyang and Mexia.


Time passed quickly; the days and months changed.

In the blink of an eye, a few days passed, and it was the day that Muyang and Mexia got married.

A three-level building was covered with festive ribbons on a flat vacant lot at the Great Azure Mountain foot.

This small building was the new house prepared for Muyang and Mexia by Isaac and other elders. 

The decoration of the small building was very avant-garde. With bamboo and pines growing on both sides, the whole building was like a villa, equipped with complete living facilities and divided into a dozen rooms.

Looking out from the front balcony, it happened to be overlooking the entire town. The view of the whole town was panoramic. In the city, the price of such a villa was extremely high.

For Kami School, the entire Great Azure Mountain was private land, and dividing a portion of it to build houses couldn’t be simpler.

The mason was also a good worker in the local town, and everyone knew each other well.

His son was studying martial arts in the Kami School Martial Arts Dojo. When he heard that this was a new house for Muyang and Mexia, he immediately said that he wanted to show his housekeeping skills.

So with almost nothing more than a few cost money, a showy and spacious villa was completed.

On the day of the wedding, friends from the martial arts community also came, Wuting, Liz, Gillo, Arlo, and several martial arts seniors invited by Isaac. Today, Mexia wore a beautiful wedding dress and joined Muyang at the door to welcome the guests.

“Senior brother, this is for you.”

On the festive day, April came running cheerfully. The blue dinosaur, Growlie, following behind with a basket in her hand.

“What is it?” Muyang asked in confusion.

“He, he, it’s honey.” April smiled and uncovered the basket in Growlie’s hand, revealing a slab of beehive inside and the dark, clear honey dripping down the side of the hive.

“Senior brother, this is what Growlie and I picked from the mountains this morning.”

“Ow!” The little blue dinosaur cocked his head and barked, his little wings puffing out.

“Thank you, April.”

Gently ruffling the little girl’s hair, Muyang let Mexia lead April and the little blue dinosaur into the backyard to put the honey away while he continued to greet the guests.

At this time, a blue-haired woman from afar came with a man; Marlene and her husband were from the town’s restaurant. 

“Senior Sister Marlene!” Muyang smiled and greeted her.

Marlene smiled, “Congratulations, you’ve finally made it right with Mexia. Those sisters in the town have been sad for a long time when they knew you were getting married.”

Muyang was stunned. He then smiled and led Marlene and her husband inside.

Marlene’s husband used to be a hunter. At first, he had trained in the Kami School Martial Dojo for a while; then, when he got married to Marlene, he managed the restaurant together with his wife.

By the way, Muyang had hired the chef of their restaurant for this wedding! A few years ago, when Marlene and her husband had their wedding, Muyang also attended the event.

“Hmmm, it’s a nice setting.” Marlene scanned the surroundings.

“It’s all set up by the teacher and the others.”

Muyang took them on tour. 

Marlene laughed, “Mexia should be considered your child bride. I see you’ve been hitting on her since she was a child.”

Muyang rolled her eyes and denied, “There is no such thing.”

“By the way, why didn’t you bring Landy?” Landy was Marlene and her husband’s daughter. A lovely blonde haired girl with a hair color inherited from her father.

It seemed to be genetic that her husband’s blonde beat out Marlene’s dark blue hair color.

Marlene said, “That little one is as wild as a boy, so I let her stay in the restaurant.”

Muyang laughed and brought Marlene and her husband to some of his junior brothers and sisters.

He then let them continue the hospitality while he went to welcome the guests.

After the hot and lively wedding began, and the wedding was completed according to the Kami School tradition, tea was served to the elders.

The wedding was considered officially completed. Then it was time for the banquet, and everyone enjoyed the sumptuous food to their heart’s content.

Muyang and Mexia, on the other hand, toasted the guests one by one with their wine cups and quickly drank to their hearts’ content.

“Congratulations. Congratulations!”

Everyone gave their blessings.

Wuting said, “So Muyang’s bride is Mellie. It’s shocking.” 

Arlo said, “They are arguably the most powerful couple in the martial arts community, but we practice with Immortal Korin, so we’re not bad.”

Gillo: “……”

The martial arts community ran into each other and talked about the same martial arts stuff.

Liz took Mexia’s hand and admired it, “The women at her wedding are the prettiest.”


Mexia soon became overwhelmed with alcohol and went back to her room to rest with April and Ness’s help.

She was leaving Muyang alone to continue entertaining the guests.

“Muyang, your place is too perfect. The mountains and water are so beautiful; even the air is so fresh.” Son Gohan took a glass of wine and walked to Muyang’s side, as he said with some envy.

Muyang said, “Then you can also live here. I know there is a place on the other side of the Great Azure Mountain called Mount Paozu. It is quiet and very suitable for living there.”

The Mount Paozu he was talking about was on the other side of the Primitive Mountain Range.

According to the original story, Son Gohan would end up living in seclusion there, just not right now.

Sure enough, after listening to Muyang’s words, Son Gohan shook his head repeatedly, “Forget it. After attending your wedding, I still have to go back to the Mount Five Elements.”

“I think you still have a long way to go if you want to embrace a beautiful woman. Honestly, the environment of Mount Paozu is really nice, and it’s close to here.” Muyang said, patting Son Gohan’s shoulder.

Annin couldn’t leave the Mount Five Elements, so if Son Gohan did get his wish, in the end, he wouldn’t have to live in the Mount Five Elements for the rest of his life! 

Suddenly, he said, “Gohan, I don’t think there’s a solution to Annin’s problem.”

The main reason why Annin couldn’t leave the Mount Five Elements was that she had to manage the Furnace of Eight Divisions, not that she really couldn’t leave herself.

Suppose Annin could find other ways to manage the Furnace of Eight Divisions, such as creating a parting body or something. Then her original body would be able to go out for a walk.

To be honest, Annin was lonely enough after staying in the Mount Five Elements for tens of thousands of years.

Next, he told Son Gohan about the Dragon Balls, and Son Gohan really got on board.

He nodded his head, “If there is a way, I’m willing to try it.”

“There’s no need to rush. It will take at least a year for the Dragon Balls to recover their state. We’ll talk about it then!” Seeing that Son Gohan was on board, Muyang smiled and patted him on the shoulder before continued to entertain the other guests. 

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