Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 171


At the Planet Namek Northern Part. After a while, Muyang appeared in a canyon area with gullies and ravines.

This place was a fracture zone formed by the ground’s crust movement during a climatic cataclysm, with bare rocks rising from the ground, surrounded by blue moss.

The Namekian’s Grand Elder was a nostalgic man who had lived here for many years.

Muyang continued to fly forward through the winding canyon to a rocky, rock-encircled forest.

On top of a tall stone tower, a white building was constructed. It was shaped much like the beetle spaceship in Accelerated Space, divided into two tiers with two pointed tentacles on top.

“Yes, this is the place. The Namekian’s Grand Elder is inside.” Looking at the white building on top of the mountain, Muyang looked a little excited.


Muyang landed in front of the white building. There was a fine, hard, weathered rocky ground beneath his feet and the stone sliding made a soft sound.

At that moment, a young green-skinned Namekian walked out of it.

“Stop, this is the place where the Grand Elder is practicing. Please leave.”

Based on the original story, Muyang knew that the young Namekian in front of him was the guardian protecting the Grand Elder’s safety. He was Nail, a rare Warrior-type Namekian.

Nail’s power level when he first appeared was 42,000. As for now, although he was still young and not as powerful as he would be in the future, he still possessed over 6,000 power levels. It was far beyond what the current 3,100 power level of Muyang.

After just a little perception, Muyang was quickly shocked by the powerful ki on the other person.

“Please tell the Grand Elder that I have come from earth. I have something important to ask for his help!”

Muyang said in the not so proficient language of the Namekian.

“Go back; the Grand Elder is not seeing guests.” Nail said with a cold glance.

“Please pass on the message!” With a raised eyebrow, Muyang patiently requested.

Although it had long been known that Nail’s attitude would be colder – to prevent outsiders from interrupting the Grand Elder’s rest time, he always behaved more exclusively.

However, only after talking to him in person, Muyang realized how unfriendly he was, which simply made him want to make a move.

Sure enough, after hearing Muyang’s renewed request, Nail’s face went cold. What was the matter with this ungrateful earthling?

Hadn’t he already told him that the Grand Elder was not seeing visitors? Nail was about to snap a few words when the Grand Elder’s old voice came from the room.

“Nail, let him in. He has come a long way, don’t be rude.”

“Yes, Grand Elder.”

Nail nodded helplessly when he heard the Grand Elder’s words and said to Muyang, “Come in. Right now, the Grand Elder needs to rest; you shouldn’t disturb him too much!”

“Yes.” Muyang let out a sigh of relief and followed Nail into the white hut where the Grand Elder lived.

The Grand Elder resided on the second floor. He was now very old, unable to move around, and could only lean on his seat.

On the top of his seat, there was a large Dragon Ball in a football size.

When Muyang saw the Grand Elder, even if he had been mentally prepared, he couldn’t help but be frightened by the other’s huge size.

“Hello, guest from earth. I sensed different ki and great merit in you. I wonder what you are looking for me for?”

The Grand Elder was already very old; his voice trembled slightly as he spoke. He struggled as he had to maintain a huge physical exertion and spent most of the day in dormancy.

No wonder Nail was so wary of outsiders visiting the Grand Elder. The Grand Elder was indeed old.

“Greetings, Grand Elder of Planet Namek. I have come here regarding my home planet earth. Not too long ago, the earth was invaded by demons. Most of my people died at the hands of the demons, and their souls are suffering in hell. I have heard that Planet Namek has a powerful Dragon Ball that can grant any wish, so I hope you can help me! “

Because it was a quest, Muyang lowered himself to the ground and briefly stated his purpose.

The Grand Elder didn’t know what was happening above the earth. However, he was somewhat able to discern the truth from the other person’s words, and the fact that Muyang did have great virtues, he believed his words.

“So it’s the demons. They showed up again… child, you come here!”

The Grand Elder strained to lift his arm and took the large Dragon Ball on top of the seat and handed it over to Muyang, “Take this. I hope it will help you!”

“Thank you!” Muyang didn’t expect to get the Dragon Ball so easily. He was so grateful.

“Oh, you’re welcome. Nail, you accompany this guest to the village and have everyone take out the Dragon Balls.”

“Great Elder.”

Nail was taken aback. He was surprised at how easily the Grand Elder had given the Dragon Balls to an outsider.

“Don’t worry; he’s a man you can trust. I have a feeling that there will be another disaster in the future for Planet Namek, and his help will be needed when it happens!” The Grand Elder’s old voice rang out.

Nail looked at Muyang in amazement, wondering how this “weak” earthling could help Planet Namek in the future?

However, the Grand Elder had instructed him, so he respectfully obeyed.

“Guest, come with me; I’ll take you to fetch the other Dragon Balls.”

“Please!” Muyang said silently.

Just as Muyang and Nail were about to walk out of the room, the Grand Elder spoke up, “After you have completed your wish with the Dragon Balls, come back here. Guarding your planet requires great strength; I may be able to help you a bit.”

Muyang was shocked to hear this. He thought to himself whether the Grand Elder was planning to develop his potential for him. He immediately bowed slightly to the Grand Elder.

“Thank you.”

“Mm.” The Grand Elder faintly nodded and closed his eyes, as if he was sleeping soundly.

After the Grand Elder rested, Muyang and Nail exited the Grand Elder’s room. Nail took one step ahead and flew towards the village of the Namekian. Muyang saw it and hurriedly followed.

Along the way, Nail was silent and cold, so Muyang wouldn’t ask for trouble; he kept his mouth shut and didn’t speak.

“Earthlings, the Grand Elder is old; I hope you don’t bother him too much.”

On the way to the village, Nail suddenly said with a cold face.


Muyang smiled faintly and made a simple response. Soon, two streaks of white light pierced the sky, and scattered villages were already visible.

A few hundred years ago, only the Grand Elder survived after Planet Namek suffered a great climate catastrophe.

After a few hundred years of prosperity, the number of people in Planet Namek was still only 108.

“What are you doing here, Nail? What did the Elders order?”

There were a dozen or so Namekian gathered in the village. One of them, who asked, was an older Namekian.

Nail said, “This earthling had a problem with his home planet and came to Planet Namek to seek help from the Dragon Balls. The Grand Elder asked me to bring him to get them.”

“I see. You guys wait a moment…”

The Old Namekian nodded. For a few moments, he looked at Muyang and earnestly carried out the Grand Elder’s order to have the orange-red Dragon Balls brought over from the village.

With Nail, the guardian of the Grand Elder, the process of collecting the Dragon Balls was very smooth.

Soon after, seven football-sized Dragon Balls were gathered in Muyang’s hands.

Next to a turquoise lake, the seven Dragon Balls were placed together, buzzing and emitting a muted chatter.

Nail looked at those Dragon Balls with his hands behind his back for a moment and said, “Earthling, the Dragon Balls are already here. After you summon Porunga, go visit the Grand Elder, and remember not to keep the Grand Elder waiting!”

After saying that, Nail flew up without looking back, swooshing towards the Grand Elders’ residence, and quickly disappeared across the sky.

“What an odd personality.” Muyang shook his head and mouthed a sentence.

Nail was a qualified guardian. He was loyal to the Grand Elder, but his personality was a bit unfriendly.

Without thinking about it! Muyang shifted his gaze to the Namekian Dragon Balls.

On the bluegrass, seven football-sized Dragon Balls clinked together, shining with a golden light.

This was an empty place where the summoning of the Dragon Balls would not be disturbed by others.

In fact, the Planet Namek species was scarce, and everywhere was empty.

“I hope Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls won’t disappoint me!”

Positioning the seven Dragon Balls in place, Muyang looked nervous and shouted in the Namekian language, “Come out, Porunga, and grant my wish!”

As soon as the words came out, a thunderclap sounded in the sky. Then a large dark cloud came.

The Namekians who had never had a night before quickly clouded up and plunged into the night.


A fierce golden light suddenly erupted on top of the Dragon Balls. The flickering frequency gradually increased, rumbling, as the sound of thunder in the sky became louder as the golden lightning continued to flicker in the dark clouds.

Compared to the scene where Shenron appeared, Porunga was even more magnificent.


In the bright lightning, the golden light blended with the sky. The next moment, “Ow!” A dragon roar resounded through the entire planet. In the sky, a huge green figure appeared.

“The aura alone is much more powerful than Shenron!”

Muyang tilted his head up and looked at the huge Porunga that was a thousand meters high.

His face was filled with excitement. This was the second time that Muyang had seen the divine dragon appear.

However, when Porunga appeared, the magnificent sight still shocked him.

Planet Namek’s divine dragon was called Porunga, which means “God of Dreams” in the Namekian language.

The divine dragon Porunga had a huge body of thousands of meters high. The body was well-rounded and strong, with well-developed muscles distributed all over.

It had two strong and powerful arms, and the upper body was more like a huge giant.

There were black horns on the head and at the side of the shoulders. The broad, upright body contained more power than Shenron.

After all, Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls were made from pieces of Super Dragon Balls. That was why their power was closer to the Super Dragon Balls.

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