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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 195


While Frieza and King Cold were discussing the preparations to conquer Planet Vegeta, Muyang was practicing on various planets in the universe.

Now, as his strength grew stronger, the training room that was initially capped at fifty times the earth’s gravity was gradually unable to meet his needs.

Today, the sky was clear, and the sun was shining.

The air of Planet Domini was fresh and pleasant. The early morning fog surrounded the mountains and forests, reflecting a colorful luster.

Muyang once again came to Planet Domini’s Reid Trading Company.

After nearly nine years of absence, the front of the Reid Trading Company still hadn’t changed much. However, the service staff inside had all made adjustments.

“How is the renovation of the gravity spaceship going?” Once inside, Muyang inquired about the renovation of the gravity spaceship.

Although the gravity spaceship’s strength could no longer keep up with his power, he had used that ship for more than nine years.

He was a bit reluctant to replace it, so he simply asked the Dominian to conduct a full physical examination of the spaceship.

He also made some modifications to the gravity chamber on the second level to boost the gravity.

“Mister, we will definitely be able to meet your request; it just takes a little more time.” The Dominian with a round blue head that resembled the appearance of Zeno said politely.

Because of the need for training, raising the gravity chamber from 50 times to 150 times was a test of the Dominian’s research and development ability. However, in front of the customer’s request, the Dominian did his best to satisfy it.

“Okay, do your best to transform it!” Muyang didn’t limit their time, “How’s the production of the replica I want going?”

The Dominian smiled, “It is already done.”

As he said, he took out a gift box from the metal cabinet and handed it to Muyang.

Muyang opened it and looked at it. There was a replica robot inside. It was small in size, only twenty centimeters in height. The skin on the surface was made of special synthetic material. It looked amazing, like a real person. Its appearance was the same as Mexia’s. It was a gift made for Mexia at her request.

“Alright, I’ll take this away for now. You guys step up your work on the gravity spaceship.”

“Don’t worry, mister; you have to trust our reputation.”

“I do.” Muyang smiled. Having worked together a few times, he certainly believed in the talents of the Dominian. He then waved his hand and walked out of the door of the Reid Trading Company.


Arriving at an alleyway empty of people, Muyang opened the Acceleration Space passage and turned around to walk in.

Inside, Mexia was already waiting at warp speed. Suddenly, time began to flow from freezing, and Mexia’s image appeared in Muyang’s vision.

“How’s it going? Is the replica I want ready?” Mexia and her Divine Divided Soul eagerly flew over and gathered around Muyang’s heels.

“Here it is.”

Muyang shook the gift box in his hand and took out the replica inside. The replica had green hair and turquoise eyes, just like Mexia; the only pity was that it was a little smaller. It was like a hand-made.

“Wow!” Mexia cheered and snatched the replica from Muyang’s hands. The eyes of the Divine Divided Soul changed, and her body transformed into a mass of ki that drilled into the replica.

Tick tock, the Divine Divided Soul combined with the replica and took control of the replica’s body all at once.

The small replica bumped into motion and floated up to Muyang’s heels.

“Senior brother, look, I can control this body now.” Mexia’s billet blinked, “The only pity is that the body is a little smaller, just like the little plastic person.”

Muyang smiled, “You can’t control it if you’re given the size of a real person. Your Divine Divided Soul can only control that.”

Ever since Mexia had refined the secret technique of Planet Yardart “Divine Divided Soul,” Muyang had wondered how to get Mexia’s soul out of the Acceleration Space, where she relied on the ki gas inside to condense a divine parting body. However, once she was out of the Acceleration Space, Mexia’s billet would automatically crumble away.

So after coming to Planet Domini, Muyang and Mexia had a sudden idea to make a body for the spirit billet. With the spirit billet’s current soul strength, it could only control a hand-sized replica at most. A larger one, whether it was a replica body or a physical body, would not work.

Besides, Mexia’s soul was in the mutation stage, and Muyang didn’t dare to let Mexia’s soul enter the flesh rashly. That was why this pocket-size replica was created.

“How about you try this body?”

Muyang watched with interest as if he was fiddling with a plastic villain.

Mexia nodded, gradually controlling the movements of the replica villain. Flying in the air, circling around the cycle, displaying superpowers, condensing the size of a grain of rice laser rays on the fingertips, all kinds of experiments completed, and Mexia was very satisfied with her pocket-size replica.

This tiny replica actually had a power level of around 400! With the addition of superpowers, Mexia’s strength wasn’t weak.

“Senior brother, try and see if you can take me out of the Acceleration Space.”

“Okay, but you should be careful.”

Muyang slowly opened the channel of the Acceleration Space, and Mexia’s billet carefully peeked out. With a swoosh, her whole body all went out.

“Woah Woah Woah… I can come out.” Mexia rejoiced, and Muyang came out of the Acceleration Space and made the time inside freeze.

Muyang was concerned, “How does it feel? Does it have any effect on your main soul?”

Mexia’s replica body landed on Muyang’s head, pulling his black hair, “I feel good, but my main soul is in a frozen state; she doesn’t know what’s going on outside.”

“Nothing can go wrong with that, right?” Muyang was a little worried.

After reading too many novels in his previous life, many big characters in the novels gradually generated a new consciousness after differentiating their billet because the main body had fallen into a deep sleep that made the billet out of control. It eventually also competed with the main body. He was a little worried that Mexia would generate two personalities as well.

“What’s there to worry about? Both of them are me! We share a common memory and consciousness, so there’s no need to worry at all.”

Mexia was very spontaneous. Whether it was the main or the billet, wasn’t it all herself?

“You’re right.” Muyang smiled.

The only uncertainty was that the speed of time on both sides was not the same; would this cause insanity.

“Aww, so this is what the Dominian looks like. With his round head, he looks so cute!”

In the air, Mexia looked around curiously. She saw the peculiar looks of the Dominians and began to chatter incessantly. The body rested on Muyang’s head for a moment and then sat on his shoulder.

“Be quiet for me.” Muyang was somewhat amused and grabbed Mexia in his hand.

Muyang wasn’t sure how the Dominian made this replica. The body temperature and touch were just like a real person. Well, it was just a little smaller, just like a hand-made one.

“Senior brother, let go of me!” Mexia laughed and struggled to get out of Muyang’s clutches. She then whirled and flew towards the sky.

“This girl. She’s so playful.”

His wife had turned into a plastic replica; what should he do!

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