Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 196


Muyang and Mexia stayed in the Planet Domini for a long time. The gravity spaceship transformation couldn’t be completed in a short time, so they decided to go to other planets to stroll around first. 

After taking out the silvery-white spaceship of the Dominian, Muyang set the destination and then rested with Mexia inside the spaceship cabin.

Initially, with Instant Transmission, he could jump to another planet as fast as possible.

However, Instant Transmission had a drawback, which was the need to sense the other’s ki.

On a universe scale, to clearly sense the ki of a certain place was too much for a person.

Either that place had a powerful source of ki, or the person who performed it was extremely familiar with that place or had been to that place before. Otherwise, it would be easy to mistakenly enter a hazardous planet.

It just so happened that this spaceship was the one that Muyang had promised to give to Mexia.

So, under Mexia’s demand, they were prepared to take an interstellar trip. After all these years, Mexia hadn’t really traveled across the stars yet.


As she watched the stars on either side of her constantly flickering, and soon not even a shadow could be seen, Mexia felt strange.

It was just that the environment of the universe was very monotonous. After seeing such a sight too many times, this new sensation soon passed in a hurry. 

“Senior brother, are we there yet?” Mexia was lying on Muyang’s shoulder.

Her hands are resting on her chin, her two calves rocking up and down. 

Muyang sat on the sofa, squinting his eyes cozily, “We will be. Four more days or so.”

“Four more days!” Mexia hung her head, a bit disappointed. 

“I thought you said you wanted interstellar travel?” Muyang was a little amused.

“But it’s too boring.” Mexia’s eyes lit up. “Senior brother, let’s have a consciousness training. You can lower your spirit power to almost the same as me, and we’ll fight.” 

Muyang thought about it and nodded his head in agreement. Let’s treat it as a sparring session like when he was a kid to amuse Mexia.


Mexia smiled, flew up from Muyang’s shoulder, and landed on the small coffee table opposite him. She then closed her eyes and mentally connected with Muyang.

Soon, both of them frowned. Their whole bodies trembled slightly, and glittering beads of sweat oozed out on their foreheads.


In the illusory space of consciousness, where the world could not be measured by reality, two people were engaged in a fierce battle.

In it, Mexia returned to normal size, and they entangled, fighting from the ground to the sky and from the sky to the ground.

After they were free from the shackles of their bodies, their movements became incredibly agile. 

It was a state of being free and doing as they pleased.

Because their spirit bodies were limited to similar strengths, there was no distinction between the two for a long time. What they were competing against each other were their fighting skills.

Obviously, Mexia’s skills were not comparable to Muyang’s.

After a few sparring sessions, Muyang took an arrow to step forward and placed her hands on Mexia’s chest.

Mexia tried to dodge, but it was too late. An azure ki wave stirred out, instantly knocking her away.

Mexia withdrew from her state of consciousness with a “wow” and began to pant heavily. But actually, her body didn’t need to breathe at all. 

“Okay, I lost.” Mexia braced her hands and raised her body.

She now felt like she couldn’t compare to her senior brother in every way. Not to mention her combat skills and techniques, even her spirit body wasn’t a match for her senior brother.

Her position was getting lower. Was she going to stay home and be a cook from now? Wow, she was so unhappy.

Muyang grabbed Mexia’s body and put it in his hands, “Actually, it’s enough for you to exercise your spirit right now. You’re going to be reincarnated in the future. How strong you can be in the future will depend on how your body is?”

Mexia look startled, “I’m sure I won’t be able to compare to my senior brother. When the time comes to start training from scratch, the gap between senior brother and me will only grow wider.” 

“Who says? Maybe you’ll be a super genius in the future!”

“How much of this do you think is possible?” Mexia flattened her mouth with rhetorical questions.

Muyang chuckled and didn’t answer. Honestly, if she was reincarnated, unless a miracle happened, Mexia really couldn’t catch up to him.

How much could this probability of genius be? The general power level of the races in the universe was low.

“But I’ll try my best. I won’t be far behind. If a senior brother can progress step by step from a weak earthling, then I can do that too.”

“I believe in you,” Muyang said.


Time passed day by day.

Soon, the spaceship entered a planet where technology was quite advanced. The science and technology here were not as good as Planet Domini, but it was more advanced than earth.

At least from the jet locomotives flying in the sky and the three-dimensional traffic tracks hovering high in the sky, the difference could be seen.

This planet’s technology was about the level of West City in the original story.

Muyang and Mexia disembarked from the spaceship and observed the surroundings. The power level of the native here was only a little higher than that of earthlings.

After roughly determining the strength of the planet, they flew towards the crowded place.

Not to mention, the planet’s amusement facilities and trade market were very well developed. In the following days, Muyang also threw away his intense training and freely entered into relaxation.

“Senior brother, look, I’ve picked up a strange thing,” Mexia shouted loudly from afar.

“What did you pick up again?”

Seeing a small white bulbous machine ringed in Mexia’s hand, Muyang laughed. It seemed that this girl would often pick up strange things.

If she hadn’t picked up a dragon ball when she was little, Muyang wouldn’t have realized that the world he was living in was a Dragon Ball World. Maybe he would just wander around the Great Azure Mountain when he was old.

Mexia held a small white machine floating in the air, “I don’t know. I watched it fly in from space and then keep circling in the sky. Maybe it’s some kind of detection machine.” 

“Nothing as outrageous as you say. Show it to me.”

“Here you go.”

Muyang took the small white machine from Mexia’s hands and weighed it in his hands.

Suddenly, the little white machine trembled violently, as if it had detected some kind of signal, and its spherical shape began to change. 

Muyang looked surprised. It couldn’t be some kind of detection machine, right? 

Mexia, on the other hand, was also a bit stunned.

“Tick! Tick! Tick!”

A display probe appeared on the outside of the white machine and then scanned Muyang and Mexia.

“Target, power level 400. Does not meet the open condition, skip!”

The white machine swept over Mexia and simply omitted it. The series of electronic sounds broadcasted so furiously that Mexia wanted to smash it.

It then aimed to scan at Muyang.

“Target, power level 2200… 2400. Can’t detect in detail. It meets open conditions! Tick, turn on the query system…”

The white machine switched modes, and the original display probe switched to the other side.

“Connecting to the Other-World Ruler Database. The connection is successful. Start testing!”

Tick! Target, kindness, with great virtue. Other-World vetted and approved, now opens Galactic Patrol broadcast…”

The strange electronic voice continued as if to say that Muyang had passed their test. It then exited a purple card from inside the belly.

“Scouter number 75421. A powerful energy response source was detected. Identified as a Galaxy Ontology Intelligent Lifeform. A recruitment broadcast is being made: no matter what planet you belonged to, if you were a Galaxy Native Life, and you were not a criminal, and were conscious of maintaining the stability of the Galaxy, please take this card and go to the Central Area’ Galactic Patrol’ Headquarters and register as a free mercenary.”

“Any freelance mercenary can take Galactic Patrolman missions based on their registration card and also redeem rewards accordingly!”

“Galactic Patrol, welcome aboard!”

After this part of the broadcast was over, the little white robot delivered the spit out a purple card to Muyang’s hand. It then whooshed off towards outer space. 

Muyang and Mexia stared blankly at the little robot that flew higher and gradually disappeared into the air; their faces were still somewhat dazed. 

“Nah, senior brother, this seems like a recruitment advertisement.”

Muyang nodded, “The Galactic Patrol.”

Mexia was puzzled, “What kind of organization is that? Is it like the police?”

“Much more powerful than the police. The Galactic Patrol is a special organization that maintains the stability of the galaxy. Didn’t you hear the detection process just now? That little robot was also able to connect to the inquiry system of the Other-World.”

However, when did the Galactic Patrol begin to send “little flyers?” Did they face a lot of pressure?

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