Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 221


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Carefully mulling over the martial arts concepts taught by Whis, Muyang began to change his way of moving.

Time passed day by day, and in the first year and three months of Muyang’s entry into the God of Destruction Planet, his actions had met the requirements of Whis, and his power level rose to 720,000.

Even without using the Kaio-ken, he was able to use this power very solidly.

“Good. This is the only way to standardize your movements. You’ve reached the entry-level of your training.”

Whis’ face was unruffled, indicating that Muyang could put away the power. To reach the entry-level that Whis spoke of, was quite a remarkable achievement.

“Your life level has already reached the level of King Yemma, so it’s clear that you’re also following the path of the gods. That’s why you shouldn’t rely too much on external objects, knowing that external objects won’t help you raise your level on this path.”

“Thank you, Whis, for your guidance.”

Whis gave a faint “hmm.”

He then smiled lightly with a relaxed look and threw a crimson crystal towards Muyang. Muyang spread it out and asked in confusion after seeing the crystal, “What is this thing?”

“You have been in the God of Destruction Planet for more than a year, which is actually long enough. However, you have not reached the necessary level to enter here. According to the rules, you are not allowed to remain here.” 

Whis said, “This crystal has some of my understanding of martial arts recorded in it. When you are puzzled, take it out and refer to it as a reward for teaching your culinary skills to me.”

After hearing Whis’ explanation, Muyang immediately and carefully put the crimson crystal away.

This was the crystal that recorded Whis’ martial arts comprehension. Even if it was only a small portion of his comprehension, it was still a precious and good treasure that would allow him to take many less crooked paths.

He thankfully said, “Thank you. This thing has cleared away many obstacles in the future.”

Whis smiled and said, “It’s nothing. It’s just a little enlightenment. I hope you will have the chance to come to the God of Destruction Planet for training in the future with your strength.”

“I think there will be opportunities in the future,” Muyang said confidently.

“I hope so!”

“By the way, you must be kind to that little being called ‘Gaia.’ I sense some different regulations in it.” Whis looked over at Gaia in Mexia’s arms and looked severe. 

“Gaia? What’s so special about it?” Muyang’s gaze fell on Gaia’s body, somewhat confused.

By now, this little jelly had grown to the size of its own body. Its soft body was shrinking in Mexia’s arms, like a blue pillow. Muyang still didn’t understand which species it belonged to.

Whis shook his head, “It’s not clear. I think I sensed a hint of the Dragon God’s energy from its body, but it doesn’t seem to be. In short, it’s an extraordinary life form.” 

Muyang’s face turned pale at the words. Something that could make even Angel Whis unclear, it was indeed a bit strange.

This lifeform called Gaia; what exactly was it?

As it seemed to feel the suspicious gazes of the crowd, Gaia rolled over a bit. It let out a squeaky low chirp and called out, “I’m Gaia… Gaia.”

Muyang smiled and said, “I know your name is Gaia, but what exactly is your origin!”

“Gaia… Gaia…”

Well, he was afraid that Gaia itself didn’t know where it came from.

However, looking at the fact that Gaia was able to produce the Spring of Life, it definitely wasn’t a simple life.

Without dwelling on Gaia’s problem, Muyang quickly bid farewell to Whis.

“After bothering you for over a year in the God of Destruction Planet, it’s time for us to take our leave.”

“Well, I’ll send you back. Although you’ve learned the Instant Transmission of the Yardratian, this secret technique has its limitations. With your current power, you are still unable to sense the lower world from the God of Destruction Planet.”

After Muyang offered his farewell, Whis smiled.

“I’ve troubled you again.”

“It’s nothing,” Whis said softly, then waved the divine staff in his hand and thumped the ground with two taps.

There was a wisp of colorful light that suddenly rose in the sky. In the blink of an eye, he encompassed Muyang and Mexia, and they flew through the void, from the God of Destruction Planet to the Lower Realm.


North Area Southern Part, a planet.


A colorful pillar of light suddenly broke the space and emerged. After the brilliant light gradually dissipated, it soon revealed a few silhouettes, and Whis landed on top of a plateau of this Planet with Muyang and Mexia.

“This is a planet in the North Area. You can find your way back.” Whis leaned on his divine staff. 

Muyang nodded his head. He was thankful that Whis was able to send them here.

Whis then looked at the two Mexias and used the crystal ball on the divine staff to tap on each of their heads and said, “I have now sealed a part of my power within your consciousness. After reincarnation in the future, when your bodies grow to a certain stage, your memories will be automatically awakened.” 

“Thank you, Whis.” The two Mexias thanked Whis at the same time.

Whis’ approach had solved their worries, so next, they could go to reincarnation in peace.

“There’s no need to be polite. It’s a fate that when we meet. I hope we can meet again.” Whis smiled and nodded towards Muyang.

Then, with a wave of the divine power that was fiercely launched, Whis left as soon as he spoke.

Soon, he transformed into a stream of light that pierced through the void and headed towards the God of Destruction Planet.

Looking at the place where Whis disappeared, Mexia raised her head and said, “Senior brother, Whis is so powerful. It would be great if one day my superpower could be the same as him.

“One percent out of a hundred would already be awesome.”

Mexia smiled and said wistfully, “That’s right.”

The other Mexia casually took Muyang’s arm, expressing her desire to take a look at Muyang’s Acceleration World.

They were too busy exercising their spiritual power when they were in the God of Destruction Planet and didn’t have time to go in for a stroll.

“Senior brother, send us to your Acceleration World to have a look.”

“As you wish.”

Muyang waved his arm heroically, and a touch of power enveloped Mexia’s body. Then, with a flash of light, the few of them appeared in the middle of the empty Acceleration World.

With the “Acceleration Space ” being upgraded to “Acceleration World,” Muyang could already use a small part of the world’s power in the outside world.

Besides, when his life level reached Level 4 Dimension, his body instinctively produced some strange spiritual ability.

With the combination of the two, Muyang could use some of the regulations in the outside world.

Whereas inside the Acceleration World, Muyang was the master, and everything inside was under his control.


In the middle of the empty and void world, there was a green planet ten kilometers in diameter at the center of the vast spherical world.

This green Planet was small, not at all comparable to the original vast continent. However, there was a natural feeling of peace of mind when standing on it.

There was no star in the Acceleration World so far, and the 50,000 km radius was still white.

Except for the central Planet above, which was illuminated by a white light.

Mexia looked around curiously after entering the green Planet. From time to time, she leaned down to touch the fresh grass on the ground.

Not far away, there were lakes and shrubs. Such as plants that already had the basis for reproducing life. 

Little Gaia also jumped up and down and kept rolling around on the grass, showing that it liked the current environment very much.

Mexia’s main soul said, “This planet is beautiful to look at, but it’s a little small.”

Mexia Divided Soul said: “But it’s bigger than the North Kai’s planet.”

Muyang said, “Nonsense. If it’s not even as good as the North Kai’s Planet, wouldn’t it be too shabby?” 

Mexia covered the corners of her mouth with her hand, revealing a charming smile, “Senior brother, if the North Kai hears your words, he will cry out with a loud voice.” 

“Actually, North Kai has always been miserable. If I were him, I would have cried long ago.” Muyang said incomparably seriously.

There were so many Kai in the entire Dragon Ball World, which one of them was as miserable as the North Kai?

In the early years, the good North Kai’s Planet was slapped to pieces by the God of Destruction, Beerus.

After regrouping, the volume shrunk to only a small amount. Afterward, Sun Goku’s visit broke his peace even more.

Even at the end of the final Cell Games, he was implicated and lost his life, and a chance to resurrect was still forgotten.

It could only be said that the North Kai’s miserable days had not yet begun and would get worse from now on. 

Being Kai to this point in his life, he should be crying indeed if he had the foresight.

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