Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 234


The Other-World of the Galaxy was roughly divided into four regions. Each with four long, continuous winding paths leading to the four Kai’s Planets in the East, South, West, and North. Above the Other-World was Heaven, covered in golden, auspicious clouds that were as boundless as the ocean. 


In the Other-World, the office of King Yemma.

The massive red-faced King Yemma looked at Muyang, who suddenly appeared in the Other-World with some surprise and asked in confusion, “This is strange. Your life dimension is actually the same as mine.”

“It’s because I was lucky enough to encounter an opportunity.”

Muyang laughed lightly and took out the crimson crystal given to him by Whis, and a very mysterious rhythm emanated from King Yemma Palace.

As he felt that pressure from the High-Level Dimension, King Yemma’s forehead oozed with sweat, and jumped up from his seat. He knew that Muyang must have encountered a god of even higher status, which explained why his dimension had suddenly elevated.

“Do you want to go to Heaven to train? That’s a big thing to report.” King Yemma flipped through the books in his hands, “However, with your current dimension, you are qualified to go in. You just have to be careful when you get to Heaven, it’s an area managed by Grand Kai, so you can’t go unregulated.” 

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Muyang smiled.

Heaven was a world that could only be entered after someone’s death with great merit in the entire Galaxy. It belonged to Grand Kai himself and was in a particular position, just like the mortal world’s central area.

Grand Kai resided in Heaven’s Grand Kai’s Planet and was at the intersection of the four Other-Worlds in the South, East, West, and North. It was even higher than the North Kai’s Planet in terms of spatial dimension and was the Galaxy’s highest level.

Those who were qualified to go to the Grand Kai’s Planet for training were all strong men who had made outstanding contributions or at least had saved the life of a planet with their efforts.

It would have been unlikely for Muyang, as a living person, to enter the Grand Kai’s Planet for training. However, who knew that he was at a High-Level Dimension, and King Yemma would have to sell him a face!

To say why Muyang appeared in the Other-World, things had to start a few days ago.

A few days ago, Muyang fulfilled his promise and accompanied April to visit Brief’s home to see their newborn daughter, Tights. Just as Muyang remembered, Tights had soft blonde hair and dark pupils and looked full of spirit in her infancy. 

April seemed to be very fond of this little niece. They stayed in Brief’s home for a few days. Since she met Panchy, Brief and April became close, and their relationship became much closer.

Seeing that April seemed to settle down in Brief’s home, of course, Muyang couldn’t stay. Otherwise, his identity wouldn’t be disreputable. So he casually found an excuse to leave Brief’s home.

Originally, Muyang wanted to go directly to find Mexia’s reincarnation. However, after thinking that Mexia’s reincarnation was only four years old, he decided to see her after several years. 

He was too embarrassed to disturb Son Gohan and Annin in their warm and cozy life together. So he took his leave.

Afterward, Muyang smacked his head and discovered that he had actually left out a good place for training – the Grand Kai’s Planet!


“Go on; this is your pass to Heaven.” King Yemma quickly agreed.


With a heavy stamp on the paper.

The document carries the power of the Other-World into action.

King Yemma summoned a kid and asked this kid to lead Muyang to Heaven.

“Take this document and go with him. Heaven is above the Other-World; you don’t have to go through the Snake Road to go there. However, be careful because there are masters there, so don’t stir up trouble.”

“Got it.” Muyang smilingly took the communication card. He then walked out of King Yemma Palace under the guidance of the Other-World staff.

“My lord, please follow me. It would be best if you took a special spaceship to enter Heaven. It’s not far from here.” The staff waited carefully because Muyang’s dimension was too much beyond him.

The Other-World was a place where only souls existed, and the oppression from souls here was even barer. 

“Thank you for your help.” Muyang’s attitude was kind, and he wore a shallow smile.

“It’s my pleasure.”

The Other-World staff nodded busily, then led Muyang forward with the path covered with auspicious golden clouds. As they got closer and closer to the entrance of Heaven, several dead people with fleshly bodies could be seen vaguely beside them. 

In the Other-World, only those with great merit would be eligible to possess a physical body after death and could continue training in the Other-World and Heaven. Other strong people might have mortal looks, and their body’s strength was almost completely gone under the constraints of the rules of the Other-World.

Even if it were Frieza or Cell, they would not match King Yemma when they died and arrived in the Other-World. They would not have the ability to resist at all under the constraints of the rules.

Here, the contest was the height of the dimension. No matter how powerful they were in life, they were all treated as ordinary first-level sub-dimensional beings after death.

As for the ordinary multitudes of beings, after death, they would be nothing more than a wisp of white smoke, not even entitled to a humanoid state.

“My lord, we’ve arrived, and ahead is the entrance to Heaven.”

The staff pointed to a golden hole in front of them. It was as if the sky had opened up, and the golden clouds had collapsed inward into a hole, with a helicopter-like spaceship in and out of that hole from time to time. In just a few moments, there had been several spaceships coming and going.

“Thank you!”

Along the direction pointed by the staff, Muyang nodded politely. He then took the passcard issued by King Yemma and boarded a spaceship, which flew towards the hole in the sky under the effect of buoyancy as the updraft continued to blow.

As if entering a buckling funnel, the surrounding dimensions began to rise. The auspicious golden clouds piled up, and when the color of the sky turned pale red, the spaceship had entered Heaven. 

“This is Heaven?”

There were many stars in Heaven, which resemble Kai’s Planet, but much larger. These planets were not far apart and were connected by transparent pipes. So even if they were on different planets, there were not many communication barriers.

Among the many many planets, a green planet in the middle was the most noticeable. Compared to the other planets in Heaven, it was definitely not that big. Still, the Grand Kai’s Planet’s importance was self-evident.

Because it was the planet inhabited by the legendary Grand Kai, this planet naturally had sacred ki. It was the overall dispatcher of all the planets in the Heaven Dimension.

It could be said that all the planets of Heaven were the companions of the Grand Kai.

Just like the planets that orbited around the God of Destruction Planet. Without the Grand Kai’s Planet, all the planets of the Heaven would lose their ancient rules of operation.

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