Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 254


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Planet Metamor was located in the gravitational field of a yellow dwarf planet in the East Area. 

It was one of the fourteen planets in the entire planetary system. It was the seventh-largest rocky planet in the system. 

The sky was clarified with an azure, flawless and spotless sky as if it had just been washed by rain. It was transparent with an azure luster.

Muyang, Melia, and Melis came to Planet Metamor together. The location was a western canyon covered with ravines. 

The strong bitter wind blew through the valley, hitting the stone wall and rebounding everywhere with a booming strong reverberating sound. This place was desolate and lonely, with few traces of life.

“Is this the Planet Metamor? The ki up there is so weak. It’s not at all comparable to Planet Sala.” Melia pulled on the corner of Muyang’s coat; her words were filled with disdain. 

Muyang smiled, “The strength of Planet Sala can only be considered an example. The universe is still generally dominated by Low-Level Planet, and Planet Metamor is High-Level Planet. It’s not something that can be found easily.”

Melia wrinkled her nose, “Is this considered a High-Level Planet? That’s weak! Let me see how many people on this planet have more than 10,000 power level.”

Melia sensed with her eyes closed, everything in Planet Metamor was soon floating in her mind, 1, 2, 3… 

There were only twelve people in the Planet Metamor with a power level of over 10,000, and the best ones weren’t even as good as her.

“It’s so weak. I doubt there are any martial arts up there worth learning.” Melia shook her head.

“Right.” Melis nodded in a heartbeat.

In fact, the twin sisters didn’t know that it was rare in the universe to find a planet like Metamor that could have twelve combat masters with more than ten thousand power levels. 

Even Planet Vegeta, where the self-proclaimed fighting race of Saiyans lived, had the same number of top masters up there.

However, to the twin sisters, who were used to seeing such masters, the fact that they were on Metamor was really nothing.

Such arrogance wouldn’t be good!

Muyang looked at them and admonished, “Don’t be complacent because of that power you have. You must know that weak planets are also capable of producing strong people. On the earth where I live, the average power level used to be less than five, but it also produced masters like me.”

Melia and Melis shook their heads together, “Uncle, you’re different. You’re much better than the others.” 

After spending time with Muyang, they knew more about his wonders. A man with so many magical abilities and profound martial arts couldn’t be an ordinary man! 

Moreover, they had seen Muyang’s Accelerated World with their own eyes, which was clearly beyond the mortals’ realm. 

Muyang laughed, “You guys have quite a bit of faith in me.”

Not bad, this was a good start.

Muyang stroked his chin, pondering which part of Planet Metamor he should go to next, “This time we’ve come to Planet Metamor to learn the Fusion Technique. You two should be humble and quickly gather your ki, revealing 1,000 power level will be enough.”

“Alright.” Melia and Meris obediently regulated the ki in their bodies. 

Soon, the 25,000 power level dropped to less than 1,000.

Honestly, having 1000 power levels on two little girls under the age of nine was quite terrifying. Many of the strongest people on Low-Level Planets didn’t have this kind of power level.

Muyang nodded at the sight, “Planet Metamor is famous for its martial arts; there should be many martial arts schools on the planet. Next, you will enter those schools as martial arts practitioners and make sure to learn the Fusion Technique.”

With Whis’ martial arts perception, Muyang didn’t necessarily look at the other martial arts; only the Fusion Technique was more of his concern. 

Melia asked, “Do we go as disciples? What about you, uncle?”

Muyang smiled, “You all call me uncle, and of course, I’m your guardian. You can also call me Teacher Muyang!”

“By what right can you be our guardian and still want us to call you Teacher Muyang?” Although Melia was young, she also knew what guardians and teachers meant. Although she had always called Muyang “uncle,” it didn’t mean that she was willing to be junior to him. 

“Just because I’m older and stronger than you guys now, so you have to listen to me.” Teacher Muyang laughed and caught a breath in the air. 

He then flew straight towards there.

Melia foolishly watched as Teacher Muyang flew far away. She stomped her feet a few times and followed. 

The three of them flew towards the area away from the Western Part. Their speed was like a bolt of lightning, and they soon flew several hundred kilometers away.

Planet Metamor’s gravity was twelve times that of earth. However, to Muyang and the twin sisters, this gravity was like nothing. 

As the virtual shadow swept past, they flew through mountains and canyons. The terrain below began to flatten, and the surrounding vegetation took on a lush green appearance. 


They landed in the middle of an old city. From this city floated powerful ki with an energy of about close to 10,000.

The owner of this ki was considered a master on this planet.

Muyang nodded his head and brought Melia and Melis into the ancient city. The heritage of the Planet Metamor was ancient, and judging from the mottled marks around the city, it had been built for an unknown number of years.

Looking at the pedestrians coming and going, everyone was wearing a small jacket unique to the Planet Metamor. A pair of trousers tied with a ribbon; this was their unique culture.

Walking in a direction towards the ancient city based on the sense of ki, they soon arrived at the front of a martial arts dojo, with a Metamoran guarding the entrance.

“Remember what I just said; it’s up to you to learn the Fusion Technique,” Muyang instructed.

Melia and Melis oddly nodded their heads, but to improve their physical condition, they still reluctantly said, “Got it, Teacher Muyang!”

Muyang laughed, then went up to negotiate with the Metamorans guarding the martial dojo. The process went very smoothly. 

Muyang took the initiative to release a little of his ki, making the door disciple ran into the dojo with a solemn face, looking for his teacher.

Soon, the master of the martial dojo came out.

“Three of you are not Metamorans. I wonder why do you come to our dojo?” An old man with a white beard came out.

Muyang observed the other person’s ki, and the intensity was close to 10,000. It was exactly the person he was looking for.

He then began straight to the point, “We are from a planet called earth in the distant North Area. I am the head of the earth’s Kami School, and these two are my disciples. I heard that magical martial arts exist on Planet Metamor, so I have come to exchange ideas.”

The old man intoned, “Earth, Kami School?”

He had never heard of these two terms before. Still, from Muyang’s words and his demeanor, he judged that Muyang was a remarkable martial arts practitioner, at least not beneath him in strength. He then immediately said, “Since this is a martial arts exchange, of course, we welcome you.” 

Muyang smiled, “We definitely won’t let you down.”

If it was a real exchange, the many martial arts that Muyang held in his hands, whether it was the Kami School Martial Art, the North Kai Martial Art, the Grand Kaui Martial Art, or Whis Martial Art, all of them were the top and most profound martial arts. Taking out any one of them would be enough to exchange with the Metamorans.

What followed went very smoothly. When Muyang truly revealed the mysteries of Kami School Martial Arts and deliberately revealed some of the mysteries he had learned from Grand Kai, the Metamorans martial arts practitioners were immediately amazed and spoke with Muyang without hesitation.

The growth of martial arts depended on interaction. There was no difference between stubbornness and entrenchment, so both sides got what they needed.

In the exchange, Muyang was also able to get his hands on the Metamoran’s Fusion Technique. Muyang also gave away a crystal with some martial arts insights.


One day two weeks later, the sun was shining, and the weather was excellent.

Near an uninhabited deserted mountain cliff, two little girls with identical looks danced in a funny dance step, approaching little by little, and then pointing fingers at each other.

The two twin sisters dancing the fusion dance steps were precisely Melia and Melis.

Initially, when Melia and Melis first found out that they had to dance such funny steps to learn fusion, they were dead reluctant to do so. 

However, Muyang had his way, and with a good meal, the two sisters were quickly bribed by him.

The training of fusion wasn’t easy. Melia and Melis had fused unbecoming characters like Gotenks several times when something went wrong in the middle. 

Until now.


A brilliant flash of light appeared. After the thick smoke cleared, a girl with a slightly more mature figure appeared in place. Having experienced several failures, Melia and Melis finally succeeded in infusing. 

The girl had black hair, looked about 11 or 12 years old, and was slightly more mature than Melia and Melis. 

Sixty percent of her appearance was similar to the twin sisters. The other forty percent actually had vague traces of her former Mexia.

Unlike Gotenks and Gogeta, this girl was wearing a pale green jacket, but a white cloth wrapped around her chest, so she didn’t bare her breasts. 

Her bottom was white trousers with a green ribbon, exposing a lot of white skin on her arms and neck, full of collagen and could be bounced off the skin like gelatin.

The face was still young, but the entire figure already had the trend of a teenage girl.

The name of this young girl, born from Melia and Melis’s fusion, was called “Melissa”!

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