Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 271


In the universe, 10,000 power level was a watershed. Below 10,000 power levels, even with a massive attack, it would at most exterminate the species on the planet.

When the energy reached the 10,000 power level or more, only then would it begin to cause unerasable damage to the planet.

In the face of a high-intensity battle, the planet’s solidity was far from enough.

This was the case on Planet Ambera. As the battle between Muyang and Slug continued, the planet’s crust had fractured, as if the end had come. The great rivers had been diverted, and species began to become extinct.

However, Muyang and Slug in the battle, neither of them had time to pay attention to the death of these species. In front of the strong, the weak could survive, only by luck.

With his eyes gazing into the distance and his ki firmly locked on Slug’s position, Muyang gasped for breath, and crystal sweat had seeped out from his forehead.

Suddenly, Muyang took a false step in place. With a whoosh, his body suddenly disappeared, leaving only a blurred figure.

The strength of Muyang had exceeded his expectation, making him unable to control the whole situation.

His eyes followed Muyang’s figure, and the moment Muyang disappeared, he judged where he would appear next and stretched out a fist to attack, yet there was no touch except a muffled sound.

“Is this afterimage?” Slug’s heart tightened. At that moment, a sense of crisis came.

“Not good!” Slug was shocked out of a cold sweat, and his body quickly moved up.

At this moment, the harsh fist wind suddenly brushed past his cheek, and Muyang appeared with his fist waving.

Then, a violent storm rushed to the ground, but he saw the whole earth violently overturned, and a huge mushroom cloud rose.

“What a close call. If that attack hit me, I would definitely have to pay a great price.”

Looking at the huge mushroom cloud that rose, Slug thought while resisting the huge shock wave.

He couldn’t help but pinch a cold sweat in his heart. However, his reaction was also swift.

After just dodging the attack of Muyang, he immediately reacted again. His body moved to the side and smoothly raised his hand.

He lifted one of his hands, grabbed the arm of Muyang, and fiercely threw him.

When Slug grabbed his arm, the corner of Muyang’s mouth flashed a cold smile.

With the vast force of being thrown out, his other handheld Slug’s arm back, giving force to his waist. His feet then kicked his opponent’s abdomen with a hook.

However, after all, Slug was also a ruthless character who fought through the universe.

He instantly discovered Muyang’s intentions, and his arms were violently extended.

Muyang’s force was immediately nullified. On the contrary, his force intensified the impact of the fall.

With a rumble, the body smashed into the ground, immediately exploded a huge crater.

“Just now, I almost got hurt by you.”

Slug looked viciously. His killing intent almost condensed into a solid body, freezing everything around him.

With a dive, his arms suddenly contracted again, like a leather whip fiercely close the distance. Slug’s body suddenly rushed towards Muyang.

“The body of the Namekian is bizarre.” Muyang was shocked.

The pores of his whole body tightened up to make a defensive posture.

Every part of the Namekian’s body could be used as an attack point in the battle.

The arms could be extended, the body could be gigantic, and the eyes and mouth could also release ki waves.


Slug’s knees smashed into Muyang’s arms, and immediately a soreness and numbness came along in his arms.

Muyang’s body began to fall to the ground. However, while falling, Muyang wasn’t wholly helpless –


A Tri-Beam was unleashed right at Slug’s face. The orthodox Tri-Beam required a long time to build up power, but at this stage of Muyang’s development, even if the Tri-Beam was released immediately, its power couldn’t be underestimated.

The Tri-Beam that emitted danger was so strong that Slug was afraid to take it hard.

He hurriedly stretched his arms to escape. However, at this time, Muyang turned from defense to offense and followed up again.

Peng Peng!

In the air, Muyang and Slug blasted each other, fist after fist. Blinding flash rose like a great sun, and both sides flew backward under the huge impact.

“Damn. How can this kid’s body be as flexible as a mudfish?”

Slug flew in the air a hundred meters above the ground. A mouthful of blood sprayed out of the corner of his mouth, and his face turned pale.

Although the energy of six times Kaio-ken wasn’t as powerful as Slug’s, Slug had aged after all. The long battle had already made him physically exhausted.

On the other hand, Muyang was also panting heavily. However, his panting was mainly from the pressure of the Kaio-ken, not from the exertion of the battle itself.

He would not last long at this rate.


A heavy blow was struck with force.

Slug’s body fell quickly.


In the moment of landing, Slug quickly rebounded. The ground suddenly collapsed out of a huge impact crater of a thousand meters square, with the surrounding area of tens of thousands of meters covered with dense spider web cracks.

In the leap to about the same position as Muyang, the two sides again into two constantly fighting flashes of light.

Between lightning and fire, the two exchanged another tens of thousands of blows, each collision causing tremendous damage to the other’s body.


Finally, Muyang frowned and couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood in his mouth.

“Worthy of being the rumored Super Namekian. Slug’s power is worthy of such a name. Even if Frieza faced him and wanted to defeat him, he would have to pay a heavy price.”

Muyang’s dark eyes stared at Slug. He thought six times Kaio-ken was enough to deal with Slug, but now it seemed that it was not enough!

Although Slug had aged, his combat experience’s wealth was not a match for a pampered character like Frieza.

Muyang could only be Slug’s match with the six times Kaio-ken.

This situation couldn’t continue. If Kaio-ken were used for a long time, it would cause damage to his body.

After gritting his teeth, Muyang knew he had to end this battle as soon as possible. He had no time to take care of the situation on Planet Ambera.

Muyang threw his weight around and frantically unleashed an even more powerful force with a forceful swing of his arm.


Thick energy covered the surface of his body as Muyang endured the severe pain in his body and unleashed his most powerful strength.

As sweat continued to seep out of his forehead, endless energy surged up madly.

The dark red color was daunting to look at, giving a sense of powerful oppression.

Muyang’s ki at this time had been raised to a level comparable to Slug’s.

“Impossible. You actually haven’t used your full power just now!” Slug was dumbfounded.

This scene made him roar with his eyes wanting to crack. When he looked into Muyang’s dark eyes, he actually developed a trace of fear.

This taught Slug to feel incredulous. He was a Super Namekian! He dominated one side of the universe; how could he be afraid of a young man in his early twenties!

“Hurry up and finish the battle. Let’s finish Slug as soon as possible!” Muyang couldn’t bear the pressure of the Seven times Kaio-ken for too long.

“Haha, I’m Super Namekian, Slug. How could I lose to you, little kid!”

Slug opened his mouth wide and laughed. However, the next moment his voice froze as Muyang leaped to his side; his speed was beyond his imagination.


A booming sonic boom pierced through the air.

“How is it possible!!!” Slug’s jaw dropped, hissing loudly in disbelief as he was sent flying.

His body was cutting a huge abyss along the ground, dust rising and rocks crumbling wherever he passed.

At the same time, his chest collapsed into a large depression, and murky blood dripped down.


The sound of bleeding made Slug’s heart chill, and he finally felt his life was threatened.


“Great. Muyang was actually able to suppress Slug.” In the distance, Birgil watched in an excited mood.

However, once he glanced at the mountains and forests that kept collapsing around him, his mood could no longer be good.

Even if he managed to hold back Slug and even kill him here, Planet Ambera would never be able to return to its original state.

At this time, a golden glow caught Birgil’s attention. Underneath the huge abyss blasted by the aftermath of the battle between Muyang and Slug, an orange-red plane of light was revealed. It shone as brightly as if it was as crystal clear as glass.

“What is that thing?”

Birgil was puzzled to go up. However, when he flew to the depth of about a thousand meters in the canyon cracks, he could see clearly what the object in front of him was. An expression of disbelief suddenly appeared on his face.

In the deepest part of the canyon, a huge orange-red crystalline body was revealed. With a flat, glazed surface, the exact size was unknown. It was covered with a thick layer of rocky soil.

After this battle, the soil and rocks crumbled away, revealing its original face. The beautiful color was all too familiar to Birgil.

“Super Dragon Ball!!!”

Birgil was shaken. He gazed at the exposed piece of crystalline ground, then snapped his head up to look at the huge Dragon Ball hanging in the sky.

In contrast, he had understood.

Why was the size of Planet Ambera exactly similar to the Super Dragon Ball in the sky?

Why would the two giants be companions to each other and move in a way that they should not rotate around the center point if their masses were different?

And… why Planet Ambera would also give him a familiar feeling of closeness.

The reason for everything was very simple.

Because Planet Ambera itself was also a Super Dragon Ball!

However, in the long years of washing, it was covered by the dust and water vapor in the universe. Over time, it formed an ecological environment similar to a rocky planet.

The two Super Dragon Balls were actually in the same planetary system. They were so close to each other, which was really unbelievable.

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