Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 311


Cooler was a more mature demon; his attitude towards the enemy was far more ferocious and decisive than Frieza.

Moreover, a power level of up to 470 million made him the actual overlord who dominated the whole North Area; even his father, King Cold…. needed to consider him.

Compared to the enemies Muyang had faced, Cooler was definitely the toughest one.

“Oh, Saiyans.”


Muyang and Cooler were facing each other. After the two sides addressed each other, everything went without saying.

The surging power burned in their body!

The surface of Muyang’s skin shone with a silver-white glow, while Melissa’s body was entwined with gold and green, and Cooler’s body was tumbling with a lavender glow.

The trio kept descending and landed on the reckless ground of Planet Vegeta.


The ground suddenly collapsed downward out of a large crater several thousand meters in diameter.

With three as the centre, the suffocating sense of oppression radiated in all directions.

A powerful shock wave rolled with air instantly cracked all the surrounding sand and gravel, grass and trees, and the ground clattered, radiating out tens of thousands of meters of cracked areas.



A muffled sound came, breaking the calmness of the surroundings.

Looking up, Muyang and Melissa, as if they had agreed to do so, attacked Cooler at the same time.

In the face of the attack of Muyang and Melissa, Cooler bristled and raised his arm. He blocked Melissa’s attack, then his body twisted, using the force from earlier to throw Melissa away. At the same time, his leg sweep towards Muyang’s attack.


Muyang folded his hands, blocking Cooler’s attack. He shook his hands as he felt a tingle.

At the same time, Melissa’s face was also tightened. She stabilized her body in the sky and then joined the fight again.

Melissa’s power was still far less than that of Muyang and Cooler, so she could only interfere slightly in the battle and preserved herself more.


The sky and the ground were filled with the shadows of Muyang’s fighting.

The sky was torn apart by their ki. The three terrifying pressures formed a violent storm; chaotic air currents kept rushing, causing the whole Planet Vegeta to almost fall apart…

At this point, both the Saiyans and the alines were all overwhelmed and retreated in the distance.

“GO DIE!!!”

Suddenly, a blinding light flashed up.

Muyang eyes narrowed when he saw Cooler suddenly flashed. The next second an enlarged powerful attack suddenly blasted towards him head-on.

His eyes looked coldly, switched positions the moment the attack fell, then fiercely popped up, closing the distance with Cooler at an incredible speed.


“Hmph, you don’t know your own strength!”

Cooler sneered and swung his fist, which collided with Muyang’s fist and immediately exploded with a dazzlingly bright light.

The two people involuntarily flew backwards. Cooler stepped hard, smiled faintly, then with a dive, he came to Muyang’s side.

However, at this time, Muyang’s body suddenly disappeared like a bubble and the next second –


Four figures wrapped in silver light suddenly appeared. The moment the figures appeared, the palms of their hands came together and fell from high above their heads.

Suddenly, four sharp pillars of light like giant rods tipped over and came blasting towards Cooler in the centre.

Muyang developed this move after borrowing from the earth martial art “Multi Form”. Then, after some painstaking research, the principle was to compress the released ki to the limit but leave an opening at the backside, so that it had a reverse jet boost.

At the same time, it combined the hegemony of the “Cross Fist” of the earth’s martial arts. The front side was condensed into a sharp blade, just like a big sword cutting down with a bang.

“A trivial skill!”

Cooler’s bloodthirsty eyes turned back and forth, left and right. He had a bland smile on his face, seemingly not taking Muyang’s “Four Holy Punches” into account.

“Here, here, here!”


There were three roars, and the original four pillars of light suddenly became three dumb fire. Muyang’s heart was shocked, and when he reacted, Cooler had already darted up. His right hand swung forward, and with his bare hands, he pinched the light pillar that had poured down… and then, BOOM! The palm along the light pillar slid down.

When he reached the middle, he flexed his fingers, and the last pillar of light exploded with a bang.

“What a domineering power!”

Muyang was stunned. At this time, Cooler’s hard hand and claw had already grabbed his shoulder, and the powerful force almost crushed Muyang’s bones.

Muyang’s face suddenly tightened, and ki was released in a hurry, making it possible to break free from Cooler’s hands.

But the next moment, Cooler’s heavy blow followed. The force penetrated Muyang’s body directly through his chest.


A mouthful of blood spurted out fiercely, and a beautiful blood mist flew in the void.

Muyang’s body glided more than a thousand meters continuously in the air, and the feet landed on the ground shovelling out hundreds of meters of deep gullies.

The unparalleled power was immediately channelled into the ground, and the earth sank steeply, like a massive force of 10,000 pounds had hit it. The instantaneous impact caused an unprecedented scale explosion when the perimeter gas flame came into contact with the ground.

“Ahem, Cooler’s force is so strong!” Muyang touched his vaguely painful chest.

“Taking such a heavy blow from me and still being able to stand, your Saiyan’s physique is powerful.”

Cooler’s entire body revealed its killing power, and with a swoosh, he swooped down from the sky.

“Good, come again!”

Muyang spat a mouthful of spit. A burst of sharp pain from his chest slowed his movements slightly, but the pain also ignited his anger.

This was truly a painful battle!

At this time, Cooler’s demonic purple figure had already descended into the air… with the barbs at the end of its tail; he came towards Muyang to kill him.



With a delicate cry, greenish energy was applied to Cooler’s body. The huge gravity bind made Cooler’s movements stalled for a while. Then countless energy blades shone with crystal light all over space, sweeping towards him.

Cooler’s face suddenly changed, and his eyebrows couldn’t help but frown.

At this time, Muyang had already found an opportunity to rise and continuously strike at Cooler with a vicious hand.




Cooler’s body constantly shone with sparks of metal clashes. In just a few seconds, Muyang had struck a total of hundreds of heavy attacks towards the same place.

“Click!” “Clack!”

The white armour on his body cracked with sinuous fractures. The attacked area swelled up, and Cooler was dizzy as a mouthful of blood nearly spurted out.


Cooler roared with a gloomy face. Veins surged on his forehead, and a powerful force radiated out, struggling to break free from Melissa’s gravity bindings.

Melissa’s face turned white, and her brain tingled. She hurriedly withdrew her superpower bindings and turned towards Muyang’s side to lean over.

“Are you okay?” Muyang looked at Melissa’s pale face. He asked with concern as he held her body.

Melissa shook her head a little, “I’m fine, just need to rest a little.”

“Don’t overuse your superpower. It can easily hurt your soul.”

A physical injury could be compensated with Senzu Beans and Tree of Might’s Fruit, but soul damage was difficult to heal. The most taboo of superpower exercise was the backlash. As the battle with the invading earth’s demons still fresh in his mind, Muyang had to say with concern.

“Cooler is so hard to fight. I feel that there is still a great power hidden in his body.”

The mouth said so, but Melissa’s eyes shone with a beautiful glow. All her blood boiled up from excitement because she was enjoying the current battle. No matter from which planet, the Saiyan had an inexplicable love for fighting.

“Be careful.”

Cooler 470 million power level was a real 470 million power level.

Unlike Frieza, his body’s power couldn’t be as effective as it should be, which Muyang had already experienced in the previous battle. Of course, he believed that Frieza was also not bad. With 320 million power levels, the gap between the two was actually not more than 50%. As long as he teamed up with Melissa, there was still a good hope to achieve victory.

The more he reached a high level; the more Muyang appreciated the importance of energy value. It seemed that all kinds of fancy attack techniques were becoming less useful to this stage than they were.

5 million and 7.5 million had a 50% difference, and so did the difference between 320 million and 470, but the absolute difference between the two was worlds apart.

The difference of 150 million was more than enough difference of one Frieza!

Plus, Cooler was a good fighter. His combat experience since it went without saying, and Melissa …… Well, now Melissa also seemed to be a little more powerful than Frieza.

From the previous loss of the Four Holy Punches, Muyang saw… sure enough, at this stage, the plain and simple fist was the most useful!

Back to the basics was a great ingenuity.

The timing for the wave must be reserved until the opponent was almost out of strength to fight back.

Muyang took a deep breath, then looked determined.


At the distant North Kai’s Planet.

From Cooler landing in Planet Vegeta, North Kai had been watching the situation that occurred above.

Previously, when the Saiyan people turned into a Giant Ape State, he was already shocked. This time, Cooler personally fought and showed the Final Form that had never been seen before, which frightened North Kai with cold sweat.

“So powerful. Cooler was so much more powerful than Frieza.”

North Kai wanted to cry. Other galaxies had been quite stable, and there were no vicious characters. However, his North Area, which was such a small place, had three powerful bullies, and one was more powerful than the other.

The power of Frieza was already invincible in North Kai’s eyes, and it was not easy for them to be killed by Muyang. He thought he could celebrate for a while, but he did not expect Frieza’s brother to be even more powerful.

“Fortunately, the North Area still has Muyang and the girl; otherwise, it will be finished.”

“Muyang and Melissa must hold on! North Area’s hope is all on you.”

North Kai clasped his hands and prayed.

At this time, North Kai forgot that he, a senior god himself, did not know which other gods would bless him.

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