Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 312



The tail behind him slapped on the ground, and the hard rock immediately became shattered.

Cooler alone faced the siege of Muyang and Melissa, but the more he fought, the more depressed he became; his heart could not help but run up nameless anger.

Obviously, the opponent’s strength was not as strong as his, but somehow it was as cunning as a loach, and several of his attacks all fell short.

If he couldn’t hit the enemy, what’s the use of strong power?

Cooler was so angry that he wanted to destroy the whole world.

“Release it, release it!

“A mere ‘Super Saiyan’, how can you be my opponent? Let you see the ultimate power of King Cooler!

The surging ki like a silver vase, exploded and spread in all directions at once.

The faint purple glow was like a twisted line, extending to a distance of a thousand miles in a moment.

Muyang and Melissa were both stunned by Cooler’s power. The completely unleashed Cooler was surprisingly powerful to such an extent.

At this time, a deep, cold, but dull and determined dark purple light shadow attacked. Cooler instantly appeared at Muyang’s side.

With a bang, Cooler’s attack landed on Muyang’s body. The ferocious force penetrated through his chest, and the sound of bones crumbling resounded.


The body immediately flew backwards.

Cooler’s cold smile flashed as his body moved quickly, soon catching up with Muyang’s figure. Cooler then clasped his hands and slammed down with force!

“I have to block it!”

Both of Muyang’s arms rested in front of his chest, the silver-white ki flame collided with Cooler’s fist. Although he blocked Cooler’s power, his body fell straight down.


The dust flew, and the gale swept around.

The hard rock layer collided with a huge crater of the unknown depth of a thousand meters in circumference. Muyang’s body disappeared directly, penetrating thousands of meters into the ground.

Time stood still for a few seconds, and suddenly a cold light lit up. 


The ground rumbled up a huge opening, and azure shock waves shot out from the ground.

Cooler’s eyes filled with an icy cold light, and a hand slash sent the Heavenly Sky Beam flying out.


Tens of thousands of meters above the horizon rose a huge mushroom cloud. A violent storm swept the whole Planet Vegeta.

Standing in the outer space perspective, it could be found that Vegeta’s rotation was affected by a powerful force.

A giant cyclonic vortex was causing a climate cataclysm where Muyang and the others were fighting.

“Muyang, are you okay?”

Melissa flew behind a pile of rocks with Muyang, then her delicate palm-covered Muyang’s chest. A crystal shining light lit, and the broken bones in Muyang’s chest were reattached.

Muyang shook his head a little, gasping for air in his mouth. He then stuffed a Senzu Bean into his mouth, “There is nothing serious…”

However, at that moment, Cooler’s icy figure descended from the sky. His fist hit the ground hard, making it crumbled, instantly triggering a super huge earthquake.

“Saiyans, where do you escape? Take my fist!”

Cooler’s cold voice rang out, followed by a few blurred flashes of light. Then, Cooler appeared straight beside Muyang and Melissa.

Muyang hurriedly pushed Melissa away and then took Cooler’s attack hard.

The rumbling sound instantly resounded through the world.

The ground once again collapsed massively…. heavy smoke splashed up with the harsh air force. With the dull sound of a thud, the hard rock layer was lifted, and the stones squeezed each other as if bullets shot out in all directions.

Muyang’s face turned pale as he looked back at Cooler’s purple figure; he was like a demon. Suddenly, Muyang flung his hand as if he had flipped a switch, and his whole body boiled with power.



In the battle, Muyang no longer had any reservations and even began to exert his power at an excessive level, casting out all the skills he had mastered.

Of course, he could not forget the “Sun Flare”, which didn’t consume much energy but was tried and true!

At one time, the blinding light and colourful mixture of colours formed a trembling energy storm.



Countless debris mixed with terrifying energy was swept into the swirling storm. These stones and gravel kept hitting and turned into a plasma energy impact. As the “Legendary Super Saiyan,” Melissa was good at explosive, and her superpower makes her even more powerful.


Faced with this sudden and violent attack, Cooler seemed unable to stand it. His body was quickly cut and bruised by energy blades.


Cooler screamed, his flesh and blood squirming. His appearance was wildly divergent, and a little red liquid sprinkled through the thin air above ten thousand meters.

At the moment of being washed away by the energy, Cooler felt a hint of death, and an emotion called fear flashed through his heart.

He actually felt fear!

In an instant, solemn ki enveloped the entire planet.

“How terrifying. So that’s the power of King Cooler.”

“Even the planet was affected.”

“Those two guys who fought with King Cooler are not weak either. Are they the Legendary Super Saiyans?”

The Cooler Legion people floated far away in outer space, looking at the huge fireball rising above Planet Vegeta. They only felt a coldness that stimulated the depths of their souls enveloped them. For a while, their throats became dry beyond measure, and thoughts flashed through their heads, unable to say half a word.

In the past, these aliens with tens of thousands of power levels were pretending to be superior and bullying in the universe. However, it was not until they experienced today’s battle that they realized that their pathetic power was nothing in front of the real powerful people.

Their previous insight was too shallow.

Those Saiyans who survived the previous battle had now regained their human form. They looked blankly at the constantly shining lights and shadows in the sky and ground; they were dumbfounded.

“Hurry up and go. Let’s get away from these monsters.”

“The energy is terrifying. Even from far away, my heart can’t help but tremble!”

“But where else is there a safe place above Planet Vegeta?”

Looking at the distant shining up gorgeous light of the three groups of awe-inspiring storms, these Saiyans could only hear the ear-piercing bursts of air as it coiled and impacted, and their nerves were constantly being challenged.


God of Destruction Planet.

Whis sat leisurely in front of the dining table while drinking tea and watching the image emerging from the void.

The image of Planet Vegeta had become very bleak.

The planet was littered with cratered huge impact craters as if it had experienced countless large-yield nuclear bombardment. The scorched impact crater in the centre, the hard gravel in the heat baked into a molten sticky state, leaving only a barren and full of death look.

Taking a bite of dessert, Whis touched his lips with a tissue.

“Muyang and Melissa seem to be in a bitter battle! It seems that the training is still not enough to apply the God Power to the battle!”

“Should I go over and help them a bit? Forget it. It’s better to let them comprehend it by themselves!”

Whis thought with some distress and finally gave up the intention to go to Planet Vegeta personally.

Although he had the most powerful force in Universe 7, he could not move instantly. Even if he went to Planet Vegeta now, it would take him several minutes to get there.

The angel holds the highest authority in the universe. If they wanted to resurrect a person, it would only be the work of waving a Divine Staff, which was more convenient than wishing for the Dragon Ball.

There was no difficulty at all.


“Damn it. I will break you into pieces and use your blood to wash away my shame.”

Cooler let out a heartbreaking and almost crazy roar. His pair of eyes burst out two daunting cold awnings.

In the moment of the energy impact just now, Cooler was actually afraid and thinking about it, making his face burned for a while.

This kind of shame.

He must use blood to wash away.

He had a fierce smile on his face, “Super Saiyan is worthy of being a strong person passed down in my clan. Although the power is not as strong as this king, to be able to wound this king, this is enough to make you proud.”

“But you have a huge weakness. If the planets no longer exist, can you survive in the universe?!”

Hearing Cooler’s words, Muyang’s face suddenly changed.

Cooler wanted to obliterate Planet Vegeta, and this time it was definitely not as simple as the previous “Death Ball”.

Seeing the sudden change in Muyang and Melissa’s faces, Cooler thought his plan was about to succeed. His body quickly rose into the air and soon arrived in the deep space beyond Planet Vegeta.

Looking back at the pale Planet Vegeta, Cooler’s face was covered with frost, and a shuddering energy bomb coalesced in his palm.

“Super Saiyan. After all, you’re not my opponent.” Cooler’s face showed a cruel sneer, secretly intoxicated thought.

With 470 million power levels, he could be more resilient than his brother, and the vacuum of the universe was nothing to him…

But the opponent, it couldn’t be…

Thinking of this, the corners of Cooler’s mouth curved hooked up a smile.

Looking at Planet Vegeta, Melissa’s face was pale as she watched the sky light up with tiny dots of light, a trace of blood hanging from the corner of her mouth.

“Did this guy wants to destroy Planet Vegeta?”

“Cough cough, it’s all an old trick.”

Muyang gasped. His face also did not lack blood because of serious injuries.

The people of the Frieza Clan were like this. As soon as it came to the point where they could barely fight, they would destroy the planet as a way to show their superiority in being able to survive in the universe.

The only thing was that Cooler thought wrong this time.

Although Muyang and Melissa were not aliens, both have practised the “Vacuum Inner Breath” of Planet Yadrat, so they were not afraid of the vacuum environment.

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