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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 72


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The first floor of Korin Tower.

Korin was cooking fresh sea fish on the stove. He rolled the fish from time to time and brushed the sauce on it.

Since Muyang brought him a hundred tons of seafood, Korin’s little life was quite nourishing. His quality of life suddenly improved a lot, every day changing patterns to make different food. He was living an enjoyable life.

Suddenly, Korin seemed to sense that someone had climbed up the Korin Tower.

He was wondering what was going on lately. Someone had come up again and again. However, when he saw the visitor clearly, he realized that it was Muyang.

“What are you doing here, Muyang? Do you think you already meet my requirements? Hey, your ki has really risen quite a bit.” Korin narrowed his eyes. It had only been half a year since the last time they met, and Korin suddenly noticed that Muyang’s ki had actually risen by a large amount.

Tsk, it wasn’t bad for someone with qualifications that he was optimistic about.

Korin stroked his whiskers, secretly proud of himself.

Muyang smiled genially and took out the string of bells given to him by Kami Noah to Korin.

“Hey, why do you have this thing?”

Korin looked at the string of bells. His eyes widened, and he came closer to take the bells in Muyang’s hands.

He examined the mysterious energy that lingered on the bells’ surface, and yes, it was the Kami’s God Power.

Korin immediately made a judgment. There was a string of the same bells he had here, a token to the Lookout. 

The bells contained the Kami’s Power, which was impossible to imitate.

This was odd. How did this kid Muyang get this string of bells? Was there still a lost bell on earth that he just happened to pick up?

“This was given to me by Kami Noah,” Muyang said.

“Kami Noah…” Korin murmured. His eyes suddenly widened, “Is the Kami Noah you’re talking about… is he a white-haired, white-bearded old man? I thought the guy was dead.” 

Muyang said, “I met him at Fortuneteller Baba Palace.”

Therefore, Muyang explained what happened at Fortuneteller Baba Palace.

After hearing that, Korin suddenly said, “So, he was at Fortuneteller Baba Palace. If that the case, then there’s no problem. That old woman is also amazing. She’s very well known in the Other-Wolrd. Geez, I didn’t think that Kami Noah was also unable to hold back, and actually came to the World of the Living.” Korin had lived for more than eight hundred years and had witnessed several Kamis.

That was why he had some understanding of why Kami Noah had come to the World of the Living.

Korin looked at Muyang and said, “Well, since you’ve already received the token from Kami Noah, the Lookout doors will certainly be open for you. By the way, the Lookout is suspended above Korin Tower, and now you’re qualified to go there.”

“Then how do I get in there?”

Muyang knew that there were only two ways to get up into the Lookout. One was to use the powerful Dancing Sky Art to ascend to the Lookout.

The other was to use the power of the Power Pole. However, either way, the process of accessing the Lookout would be tested by thunder and lightning.

Muyang admitted that his current Dancing Sky Art was not up to the standard to enter the Lookout. 

“Oh, it requires the use of something called a Power Pole. You have to insert it into the top of Korin Tower, and it will send you up to the Lookout.” 

Suddenly Korin froze and slapped his head, “Oops! I forgot that I gave that Power-Pole stick to Roshi. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to get this Power Pole by yourself.”

“I knew this would happen!” Muyang rolled his eyes.

“Immortal Korin, tell me Master Roshi’s address.”

“Hmmm, Roshi has been living in the East Sea, more than a hundred kilometers from the mainland. He lives in the Kame House.” Korin licked his paw and told Muyang Master Roshi’s address.

Muyang nodded lightly and wrote down the address. However, he didn’t go to the East Sea immediately.

Instead, he approached the charcoal fire and directly picked up and ate a bunch of grilled fish that Korin had placed on top of it.

Korin was angry when he saw his grilled food go into Muyang’s stomach, “Hey, hey, why are you eating my grilled fish instead of going to Roshi to ask for the Power-Pole?”

Muyang said indifferently, “No need to rush. If I go to Master Roshi by myself, he won’t believe me at all. What if he doesn’t give me the Power Pole? So, I have to wait for someone.” 

Korin’s ears moved, “Who are you going to wait for?”

“You’ll know who I’m waiting for in a moment. He should be arriving at the Sacred Land of Korin by now.” Muyang knew if he was looking for Master Roshi by himself, looking at Master Roshi’s personality, he would not easily hand over the Power Pole.

Moreover, if he asked him to collect pictures or photo albums of beautiful women from all over the world as a condition, it would be bad.

The winner of the World Martial Arts Tournament went to collect a photo album of beautiful women. It would be too humiliating if the news spread in the martial arts world, moreover if Mexia knew. That was why he had to take Son Gohan along with him.


At this time, Son Gohan had arrived at the Sacred Land of Korin. He didn’t know that Muyang was waiting for him on top of the Korin Tower. He was looking at the Tower from below with a shocked face.

With a gulp, Son Gohan gave himself a boost and thudded his way up the Korin Tower. Soon, he was disappearing into the clouds.

Half an hour later, Korin stood in front of the water tank and looked inside.

“Is this kid the one you were waiting for? He’s much more powerful than when you first came up here.” Korin looked at the Son Gohan in the picture with a surprised face. Judging from the abilities shown by Son Gohan as he climbed the Korin Tower, even Master Roshi and Muyang couldn’t compare to him.

This was the result of being instructed by Mutaito.

Muyang was also standing in front of the water tank, looking at Son Gohan in the picture. A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. What a good boy, he had grown so much in a single day.

“He’s a disciple of the Turtle School. Let him come with me to get the Power-Pole so that he can convince Master Roshi.”

“Do whatever you want. However, it seems a bit unlucky for this kid to run into you.” Korin yawned. Muyang was clearly trying to trap that kid. He then waved his hand, as long as Muyang stopped spoiling the fish, he didn’t want to bother with anything.

“……..” Muyang smiled faintly and didn’t reply.

Another half an hour passed, and Son Gohan finally climbed up Korin Tower. He was exhausted. Once he came up, he lay down on the ground breathing heavily, and then Muyang’s smiling face appeared in front of him.

“Wow, very good. You actually climbed up so quickly.”

Son Gohan rolled his eyes and gasped, “You’re so ungrateful. You left me alone and ran away.” 

Muyang laughed, “Don’t worry. I won’t leave you behind next time. Come and accompany me to Kame House!”

“What? I just came up, and you’re asking me to go down again!” Son Gohan opened his mouth wide and looked at Muyang incredulously. His two fingers that were pointing at Muyang were trembling slightly.

What did this guy mean with his words?

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