Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 100


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“Is it really okay to give the Tree of Might Fruit to Piccolo?” Launch was flying in the air, turned her head, and asked.

“It’s okay, let Piccolo realize how big the world is. He shouldn’t presume to rule the world. He and Goku are back on the same starting line, let’s see who’s stronger in two years!” Ayaka said with a self-effacing look.

For the current Ayaka, Piccolo was no longer a problem. Even if she let him compete with Son Goku, there was no impact on the big picture. On the contrary, there were some benefits.


The three-speed up the flight and soon reached the Demon Realm entrance said in the anime. She pushed open the Demon Realm door, an evil and dark and with the smell of blood came.

Ayaka entered the Demon Realm and then closed the door of the Demon Realm.

“What a dark feeling.” Launch covered her nose.

The Demon Realm’s unique demonic power resisted the divine power in their bodies, making her somewhat uncomfortable. No matter how powerful the existence was in the Dragon Ball World, the soul would report to the Other-World after death. Only those who were killed by the demons would suffer eternal torment without transcendence.

Ayaka nodded. She had the same feeling as Launch. The ki of the Demon Realm made her dislike it.

“The Demon Relam space is extremely large. Compared to the Other-World is not very different, and there are many masters inside. A little carelessness is not allowed. This area is the area connected to the Earth, so the strength is relatively weak.” Ayaka’s eyes glance as she felt the ki were very weak; she roughly judged the strength of this area.

The main world of Dragon Ball was actually the world under the Kai framework, which contains the Other-World, Hell, and Heaven, and belonged to the banner of the Kai.

According to the plot, that was the orthodox world!

Although the Demon Realm was a completely different world system, technically, it was part of the Dragon Ball World. Just like a realm of the main world, the territory was not as big as the main world but had considerable independence. It was led by the King of the Demon Realm (The King of the Demon Realm, not the Demon “Realm King”) and had countless strong demons.

Because the King of the Demon Realm’s strength was comparable to the Second Super Saiyan and even better than the full-bodied Cell, the King of the Demon Realm was considered very powerful and almost not subject to the management of Kai. After death, the King of the Demon Realm was a mess of goodness, which was an afterthought.

“First, find out the ruler of this area. Maybe we can get some useful information!”

With that, the three flew toward the strongest ki in this area. It was ki of 230 power level. If it was not predicted wrong, the opponent was King Shula that Son Goku had encountered.


In the underground gloomy and dim palace, King Shula was sitting freely in the upper hall, leisurely and elegantly drinking wine. Under the stage, the dancers dressed in beautiful costumes, graceful and moving dance, on both sides of the countless ministers drink freely, laughter.

This area was a bitter cold land, located in a remote corner. The strength was low, and their status in the Demon Realm was meager. There were very few masters who would fight here, such as King Shula, who was in charge of this area. Although he was suffering a bit, his life could be described as extremely free and leisurely. When there was nothing to do, he set up a banquet in his palace and invited his men to get away together.

The only thing that brought trouble to King Shula was the intrusion of a human boy a few years ago. The boy was young but strong and once fought to a draw with King Shula and snatched a human princess from King Shula. Of course, that teenager quickly left without bringing shock to the reign of King Shula.

“My King, recently the nearby Gurumes Army is not very peaceful, does it want to make some moves?”

After drinking the wine, a tiger-headed demon opened his mouth and said, “Humph, but Gurumes Army has no masters, not enough to worry about. However, Gurumes Army should be careful to watch out, I heard that their King Gurumes has a breakthrough in strength.”

King Shula’s purple eyes flashed a trace of contempt, confidently said, “King Gurumes breakthrough is no match for this king, do not pay attention to them.”

“Unfortunately, we have a harsh environment here. If very few powerful warriors appear, the masters are not even looking at this place. The strength is far less than the great powers in the distant world.” King Shula had walked in the distant regions when he was not dominant. There were many masters there, and he knew that those places were not places he could mix away, which was why he came to this bitter cold land.

Sighing helplessly, King Shula drank his cup of wine in one gulp.

Steeply, King Shula inexplicably felt a chill, then three young and beautiful young girls appeared on top of the hall. Their pairs of beautiful eyes sweeping around.


King Shula’s heart trembled violently. Upon seeing two beams of deep and dark gaze cast, his body temperature seemed to drop by ten degrees all of a sudden, “Absolute masters, countless times more powerful than the human teenager last time!”

“Humans?” Numerous demons shouted out of breath, then murmurs rang out in the hall.

Humans and demons still look very different, so the demons present instantly recognized Ayaka and the others as humans!

A tall and mighty demon angrily scolded, “How dare the human race enter the Demon Realm. Take them down!”

“Hold it!” King Shula hurried to stop, ordered his subordinates to retreat. Instead, he got up and came to the three.

The opponent certainly masters, not some people they could offend.

King Shula lowered his posture and cautiously said to the young girl, “I wonder what the three of you need help with?”

For King Shula’s low-profile question, the subordinate demons couldn’t help but be amazed. Could it be that these three young girls have a great deal to offer, especially the demon who just voiced out a rebuke was sweating like rain?

“Are you King Shula? This area’s strength is not bad!” Ayaka glanced at the purple-haired demon in front of her. Since King Shula put his posture so low, she did not intend to make things difficult and said, “We just entered the Demon Realm and need you to provide some information about the Demon Realm.”

“With great pleasure!” King Shula’s stiff face squeezed out a smile and told what he knew.

“The Demon Realm is vast, and only few people know exactly how big it is. I am in charge of the kingdom located in a remote area of the Demon Realm, and there are the Gurumes Army and King Gurumes nearby….”

King Shula talked slowly and very carefully about the Demon Realm state; Ayaka listened and generally understood the Demon Realm. Here was located in a remote, harsh environment, and was a relatively inferior territory of the Demon Realm, belonged to the periphery of the Demon Realm.

According to the strength, the ruling demons were divided into Dark Demon Realm, Greater Demon Realm, and Lesser Demon Realm.

The Lesser Demon Realm were generally the same as the remote corner of the territory ruled by King Shula. The strength was very weak; while the Dark Demon Realm was strong and rich; the Dark Demon Realm was completely under the rule of the King of the Demon Realm, Dabura; the strength was the most terrifying.

Generally understand the Demon Realm situation, Ayaka and the girls glanced at each other and instantly moved away from King Shula’s palace.

The moment Ayaka left, King Shula gasped. He felt drained, as if he was going to collapse. Ayaka gave him too much pressure. Just standing there without moving made him sweat and palpitate, and unknowingly his back was already wet.

“My King….”

King Shula shook his head. His purple eyes swept mercilessly and ordered, “The strength of the opponent is too terrifying. Forget all the things that happened today and do not allow half of it to leak!”

“Yes!” The crowd of demons answered in unison.

King Shula nodded blandly, then continued the banquet.

The way to get away was the same, but his mind was not on the wine, song, and dance.

‘A few powerful human girls come to the Demon Realm for what? I’m afraid that such strength can have a place in the Lesser Demon Realm…’


Leaving King Shula’s territory, Ayaka and the girls left the Lesser Demon Realm. They entered the Dark Demon Realm after several consecutive transients.

Once inside the Dark Demon Realm, Ayaka felt different. The surrounding soil or air was incomparable to the periphery, not far from the dense and thick canyons. Powerful ki came from everywhere in the mountains, and there were hundreds of ki of tens of thousands of combat power alone.

Breathe the air with the rich aromatic grass smell, Ayaka sighed, “It really is not comparable to the Lesser Demon Realm. Not to mention the strength and resources, the air is too different. No wonder King Shula dominate that corner of the land for so long. Fortunately, with a little strength, the demons simply do not care about the Lesser Demon Realm.”

“The rich resources and fierce competition, this strong competition atmosphere has created a large number of Demon Realm masters. The Demon masters in just one mountain range far exceed the High-Level Planet.” Launch said with gloomy eyes.

The human advanced planet assessment required having a power level of more than 10,000. However, a mountain range in the Dark Demon Realm had hundreds of power levels over 10,000.

“This is natural. The North Area and even the entire galaxy is just a drop in the ocean of the many galaxies on Earth, while the Demon Realm is not worse than the entire Earth, the Dark Demon Realm’s masters is not surprising!”

Ayaka understood now about the Dragon Ball World – the Kai governed the entire universe, including the Other-World, Hell, and Heaven. Under countless similar galaxies, the number must be huge, and a large galaxy was managed by the respective Grand Kai and the four Kai.

Kai was called King of Worlds, so did the number of Kai and Grand Kai be small?

The Demon Realm was certainly the world under the management of Kai, but the special thing was the King of the Demon Realm, Dabura’s strength was no less than that of the Kai. He created the statue of the King of the Demon Realm and the independence of the Demon Realm, and the strength of the Demon Realm under Dabura’s rule was, of course, extremely terrifying!

“Launch, Lancy, in the next two years or so, we separate for training, and strive to use two years to make great progress in training. After that, you have to patrol the North Area for Kai, your strength must be enhanced!” Ayaka said solemnly.

Mm!” The two nodded seriously.

Their and Ayaka’s strength already had a big gap and somewhat unable to keep up with her progress. Ayaka was going to the field that was not suitable for them to go.

Only by separating could they become stronger.

The three agreed to leave the Demon Realm together in two years. Then each separated and flew in different directions.


The purple moon was in the sky. Under the light moonlight, Ayaka flew fast, covered with a light yellow glow.


A beam of light swept by, leaving a faint as jade-like crystal clear haze…

Ayaka was flying in the air; her body constantly sensed the powerful ki around. As she stepped more and more into the inner circle, the surrounding demons’ strength became stronger and stronger. Hundreds of thousands, millions of power level demons were directly skipped by her, picking those on the strength of ten million demons. Just a few months, the strength of more than ten million masters lost under Ayaka had been no less than a hundred people.

She had gradually approached towards the junction of the Lesser and Dark Demon Realm.

Hmm? There are masters, and not just one!”

Sensing powerful ki coming from the left, Ayaka made a slight adjustment and flew straight towards that ki.

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