Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 101


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The Lesser and Dark Demon Realm’s junction was a treacherous terrain crisscrossed by mountains and forests. The strength of the demons inside was extremely strong due to the Lesser and Dark Demon Realm’s proximity.

Ayaka sensed five powerful ki ahead, each one above Frieza.

“21 million, 23.1 million, 23.21 million….” Ayaka’s eyes flashed with fine light and a bland smile hanging at the corners of her mouth, “There are actually five powerful ki gathered together. It looks like they are still on good terms with each other.”

Soon, she came to understand. After all, the proximity to the Dark Demon Realm inevitably appears powerful and united together; the survival rate would be high!

Suddenly accelerated, a pale golden jet of ki came out, leaving a blurred residue in the air.

The Bartol brothers were the ones who emitted the five ki. As demons, they grew from weak to strong, understood the Demon Realm’s treacherous nature better, and never separated to act alone after they grew up.


The Bartol Boss looked slightly changed. He looked up to the sky, and soon the other brothers also sensed something. One after another, they raised their heads, “So strong, the strength of the visitor is similar to senior brother!”

The Bartol brothers looked at each other, cautiously ready for battle. The hostile aura of the body and the volatile energy fluctuations emanated out, and the five seemed to be clad in thick armor, glittering light.


Ayaka slowly landed down, one foot on the ground, and a pair of bright eyes swept across the five brothers. “This aura, these five people in front of me in the Demon Realm think also occupy a place, and they fight them can fly to accumulate experience!” A trace of joy flashed between his eyebrows, Ayaka thought excitedly.

“Who are you? This is the territory of our Batol Brothers, please leave immediately!” The boss shouted sternly, and the other brothers stared intently. They would strike if Ayaka made the slightest move.

“Well, I don’t mean any harm, I just came here to find someone to compete with. You guys are very strong, if you don’t mind, please fight me!” Ayaka said with a light smile.

The Bartol Brothers froze.

Did the opponent really just want to compete?

The brothers looked at each other. They needed to be careful in everything they did. Ayaka did not bother them, quietly waiting.

“That girl seemed to mean that she really only came for the competition.”

“Well, her strength is about the same as big brother. The real fight will not be our opponent, we can have five people!”

“Even if we fight, we are not that easy to defeat!”

After some deliberation, The Bartol Boss stepped forward. His purple eyes looked at Ayaka and said in a medium voice, “Lady, we agree to fight with you. To not destroy the surrounding environment, we need to change to a remote place.”

As the leader of the land, the Bartol Brothers valued their territory very much.

“Of course!” Ayaka smiled and nodded. She was surprised to find that although these five so-called “Bartol Brothers” were demons, they were not bad-tempered and seemed to be very simple.

Seeing Ayaka agreed, the Bartol brothers flew up in the air, speeding towards the remote and open areas. Ayaka followed immediately.

In a few minutes flew out hundreds of kilometers. The Bartol brothers looked down and pointed to a withered yellow land and said, “Let’s land here!”

Ayaka landed in style, her soulful eyes twirling, “Which one of you will go first?”

“I’ll go first!”

The sturdy man who was the third in the line of the Bartol Brothers stepped forward. His huge body of two and a half meters tall stood in front of Ayaka with a sense of oppression. The height difference created a feeling of a big man bullying a small girl.

Ayaka a narrowing of the eyes, and her dark blue eyes flashing. A shallow smile then appeared on the edge of her mouth, “22.34 million power level, very good. After entering the Demon Realm has not fought with people on 20 million power level, let me move around properly!”

The previous battles on the periphery of the Demon Realm had made Ayaka unmotivated. Although a few fights with her bare hands had increased her strength, the magnitude was not too great.

But finally, this time when she meets her opponent.

She felt energized!


Strong battle intent gushed out. The battle intent has a sense of invisibility, but the Batol brothers didn’t dare to ignore it easily. The pale golden aura together with the surroundings, like flames burning, like a huge wave rolling.

The two sides stood shaking. Their eyes were like eagles staring at each other, and the majestic and vast aura spread out. In a moment, the ground began to shake, and the wind tumbled up. Small trees and debris were twisted as if by a huge force; they flew up from the ground. Click, trees uprooted, and debris together in mid-air.

The sky was suddenly enveloped by high power energy, looking extraordinarily gloomy. The powerful pressure covered the sky and swept away. The air was distorted like a “lens,” blocking the purple moonlight in the air.


Bartol Third Elder shouted, coldly looking at Ayaka. His body suddenly moved quickly, and the windswept the attack came immediately.

Ayaka’s eyes quickly caught the opponent’s movement. Between lightning and thunder, she swung her palm out, accurately catching Bartol Third Elder’s attack.

Bartol Third Elder sneered, and with a turn of the fist wind, he swung his hand and attacked Ayaka’s abdomen with great speed.

“It’s not that easy!” Ayaka coldly laughed and dodged sideways, instantly rendering Bartol Third Elder’s attack useless. Then immediately after the counter-attack, snapping, the hands disowned each other, instantly exchanged countless times; each punch and palm were the best efforts.

Ayaka’s eyes flashed brightly. The lightning flashed in both hands and began to shift from defense to offense. The silvery-white lightning was like an angry thunder dragon, snaking towards his opponent. Bartol Third Elder was not willing to show weakness. He was covered with hostility and demonic power, and the strong demonic power formed a thick armor on his body. The thunder dragon and the armor hit each other straight on with a deafeningly loud sound.


Thunder dragon disappeared after a blinding flash of bright light as if it had penetrated something, while the armor made of hostile ki gathered on Bartol Third Elder also shattered and slid off like glass.

As soon as they met, a violent wave attacked the two, and both sides could not help but retreat hundreds of meters. Bartol Third Elder grinned. The attack of the thunder dragon just now put him under considerable pressure. The skin on his chest seemed to be burnt and emitted an unpleasant smell, and a tingling sensation came from his chest.

“What an intense attack!” Bartol Third Elder’s heart throbbed, and a drop of cold sweat unknowingly emerged from his head.

Ayaka’s body slid, then leaped onto a rocky mound, her eyes gazing, “Demons’ bodies are really strong, and that’s just the beginning!”

It was apparent that both sides did not exert their full strength. They were just feeling each other out earlier.

Having a rough idea of her opponent’s strength, Ayaka was ready to start attacking hard. She quietly used the Heavenly Fist. Her power began to rise, and a huge aura emerged.

Like the Kaio-ken, the Heavenly Fist would have a discounted boost for high power level. However, it was still possible to use a high multiplier and boost it to twice its actual strength.

The sky began to shake subtly under the power, and the clouds were cleared away. Ayaka opened her dark blue pupils and gazed deeply at Bartol Third Elder.

“What is this uneasy feeling?” Being watched by the bizarre pupil color, The elder brother felt surprised, as if his actions were being seen through.


The girl disappeared, and Bartol Third Elder’s heart shuddered, and his keen sense of touch searched sharply. However, no matter how carefully he perceived, he could not find his opponent’s trace.


Without being able to find the opponent’s figure, Bartol Third Elder unleashed his whole power. He armed himself with his power and wrapped himself up tightly, but the throbbing in his heart became stronger and stronger.

“Old Three’s Demonic Armor. This is Old Three’s strongest defensive move, so far no one has ever breached.” The Bartol brothers smiled lightly as they watched the battle. However, they were stunned in their hearts; the Bartol Third Elder’s performance seemed to be completely suppressed to a defensive part!

“Demonic Armor? Then let me give it a good try!” The young girl’s voice came, and the Bartol brothers who stood watching from afar were momentarily speechless.

“That girl’s strength must exceed Old Three by quite a bit. Old Three is definitely not her opponent!” The Bartol Boss’s gaze flashed, and his voice was grave.

The second nodded in amazement, “I wonder where she came from, such a powerful person we have not heard of at all!”

“See, it looks like she’s about to use her full power!”

The brothers smiled, and their eyes focused on the elder in the center of the field.

Ayaka’s figure appeared above Bartol Third Elder; looking down at her opponent, who was covered in demonic power, she took a breath, “The Demonic Armor looks incredibly powerful with unparalleled defense. It tightly wraps around the whole body. Now, let me try to see if I can break it! Take it, SWORD WAVE!”

The light blue ki wave appeared spiraling and attacked straight towards the opponent.

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