Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 103


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“Pick her up!” The oldest brother commanded toward several brothers.

One of the brothers quickly rushed to the bottom of Ayaka’s fall and reached out to catch her.

After sweeping a look at the devastated earth, the Batol brothers picked up the oldest and Ayaka and flew towards their territory.

A few battles down on them consumed a great deal, and their strength had dropped significantly. They must hurry back as soon as possible to be safe. There were many strong people in the Demon Realm. Although there was a Demon Realm King for unified management, the territories were completely dependent on their own leaders’ strength to control each other.

If the nearby demons knew that the Batol brothers were in a weakened state, it would cause the neighboring territories to look at each other.

“Put me down!” Ayaka’s state was weak, but after a bit of rest, not to the point of walking are suffering.

The Bartol brothers hesitated a bit at the words but finally put her down.

Once her feet touched the ground, her body half crouched on the ground, Ayaka took out four Senzu Beans from the bag. Through the fight just now, she also found that the Bartol brothers were not bad-hearted, so she also took out three Sense Beans for the three Batol brothers who had fought with her.

“This is the Senzu Beans, eat these Senzu Beans, and you will soon be able to recover your strength.” Ayaka said, putting the Senzu Beans in her mouth and chewing them up and swallowing them.

The effectiveness of the Senzu Beans was swift. Although it did not immediately restore her to her full strength, the strange energy soon spread throughout her body along her nerves. As if she was bathing in ki, her body was energized.

“It feels so good to be strong all over!” Ayaka smiled and waved her arms. At the moment, her body was rapidly replenishing its strength from the outside world, and she would be able to regain her full strength in no time.

The Bartol brothers looked at the vibrant Ayaka with dumbfounded eyes. Then they stared at the dried Senzu Beans in their hands with astonishment and disbelief, “This little bean really has such a magical effect?”

With fiery eyes gazing at the Senzu Beans, those few Batol brothers who had fought with Ayaka had lost tremendous energy and could not wait to swallow the Senzu Beans.

It was dry without a bit of taste, but after consuming, the feeling soon came up. The three Batol brothers had a stunned look on their faces as they felt incredible energy hovering in the various meridian tissues of their bodies. Instantly, all of their body injuries were restored, and the power consumed was slowly recovering.

“This is…. recovered?” Unbelieving eyes widened, the Bartol brothers stammered a little.

“Oh,Senzu Beans is a healing sacred medicine, very precious!” Ayaka smile. She carried no less than 100,000 Senzu Beans on her!

After moving his arm, feeling full of strength, the boss laughed nervously, “Haha, powerful. This kind of healing speed, I never heard about it, not to mention seeing it, is simply a divine object!”

The several brothers’ blazing eyes looked at Ayaka; the eyes looked like a cute pet begging for food from its owner…

Ayaka reached out to feel a small cloth bag, spread out a look. There were dozens of Senzu Beans inside. Her face hesitated, and finally painfully determined to pick out twenty or so from inside and put them into her jacket pocket, handing the rest of the Senzu Beans along with the cloth bag to the Batol brothers and said, “This time thanks to you guys to accompany me to train. These few battles have made me progress a lot, here are some Senzu Beans, I’ll give them to you!”

“This…. is not good!” Bartol brothers said with a coy face.

They could see that the Senzu Beans were very precious; otherwise, Ayaka would not be so heartbroken, but yes, something with such magical healing effects, simply a divine thing that could not be found! However, precious things were precious. It was too bad to let such a good thing go; the Bartol brothers’ eyes were shining all the time staring at the cloth bag; the hope in their eyes speaks for itself.

“It’s just some Senzu Beans. Just take it, I have to bother you guys for the next while!” Ayaka smiled and threw the Senzu Beans over.

Such an excellent trial with each other was not easy to find. Ayaka was ready to rely upon in here for a while. As the saying went, you couldn’t have the heart of harm, defending against others; the Bartol brothers were, after all, people in the Demon Realm, the secret of the Senzu Beans could be revealed only a little bit. It would give some sweetness but could not give indiscriminately! She gave more so that the Bartol brothers felt worthless, and at the same time, let them have the idea that possession was not good.

Ayaka’s heartache was mainly feigned. She wanted to let the Batol brothers know that she only had these Senzu Beans on her, and there would be none left after eating them.

The Bartol Boss hurriedly caught the small cloth bag, carefully collected it, and said cheerfully, “Don’t worry, you can choose the next time. We are always ready to fight against you.”

Oh, that couldn’t be better!” Ayaka smiled with satisfaction.

Just a few battles have given her a great sense of touch, vaguely touch the legendary realm. As long as she continued to work hard, she believed that it would not take long for the water to come to fruition.


The sun and the moon turned upside down, the passage of time, and soon a year has passed.

Ayaka has been in the Batol brothers’ territory in a year, every other day to challenge them. Countless times the peak of the battle down, and Ayaka felt that she had entered the state. The ki had accumulated in the body to complete, that Super Saiyan barrier seemed to be stabbed open at any time.

Recently, Ayaka had felt that she had met the upper limit as if there was a lid on his rising head.

Ayaka gave 30 or so Senzu Beans to the Bartol brothers, whom they had not been willing to use. Anyway, the Senzu Beans did not have a shelf life, so they would share equally among the five brothers. One of them carried five or six ready to save until the time of crisis.

Looking at the so precious Senzu Beans, Ayaka scraped her face. She seemed to feel that she had given a little less.


Ayaka’s body lightly swept from the high altitude, then walked into the Batol brothers’ fortress. Ayaka had come to say goodbye; she felt that her breath was complete, and it was time to leave to recuperate for a while.


Inside the rock fortress, the Bartol brothers sat around a fire with a ten-meter-long dragon-like creature perched on it.

The elder Bartol held a charcoal fire and said with a reluctant face, “Ayaka, why are you leaving so soon?”

“Yes, I have vaguely sensed a higher realm, so I need to recuperate for a while next.”

The Bartol Brothers’ character made Ayaka have a great heart change towards the Demon Realm. At least there were still many demons with a pure character like the Bartol brothers.

“It’s really hard to give up! Seriously, I’ve seen many strong people but none like you, you’re simply a monster. We’re not even a match for you anymore.” The Second Brother’s face oddly said.

This year’s battle with Ayaka let him deeply appreciate the meaning of the word “monster”. Demon’s life span was relatively long, and the environment was very harsh. They were strong individuals who did not rely on the accumulation of time. Ayaka had improved this year, and in the Demon Realm, it was absolutely amazing!

The five brothers wanted to dominate their side; they were also considered top masters in this area. However, Ayaka had abused them except for the first few battles. From the beginning of the one-on-one battle to the later one-on-two and even one-on-three, she won without incident. Now, even if the five brothers come at the same time, they are simply not Ayaka opponents.

“That is, with your current growth rate, if you can keep it up, I dare say even in the Dark Demon Realm, you have a place!” The Bartol brothers said this, unanimously agreeing that Ayaka’s continued stay in the Demon Realm was a matter of great promise.

“How can you only talk about me, you guys have not also become much stronger!” Ayaka had a smile on her face. As she finished her meal, she waved goodbye sentimentally, “Well, I’ll say goodbye to you guys. Thank you for this year, I hope we’ll have the chance to meet again!”

After saying this, she flew out of the rock fortress. She hovered above for a few weeks and then turned her head and flew past in the distance.


The edge of the Dark Demon Realm of the Demon Realm, Orchid Lake.

Orchid Lake was located in the Dark Demon Realm of the relatively edge of the place. Compared to the Lesser Demon Realm, the Dark Demon Realm was richer in ki and more fertile inland. As the Dark Demon Realm’s various territories were much smaller than the Lesser and Greater Demon Realm, the masters were denser. However, Orchid Lake was relatively remote. In the Dark Demon Realm, in addition to the Kingdom of the Demon King, the territory was relatively quiet.

The blue Orchid Lake was shimmering. The shore of the lake was lush with green grass, and tall, upright shrubs surrounded the lake’s shore. The leaves rustle in the breeze, and the lake ripples. The lavender daylight shines through the low leaves of the bushes on the surface of the lake, revealing a spot of light in the place of the lakeshore; it was beautiful. As if a smooth, flat mirror, the center of the lake occasionally spotted a show, but most of the time is calm.

No one knew that just below the glittering calm lake surface, a cold crystal palace was lurking.

The bottom of the lake, emitting a deep chill ice king palace, Ayaka calmly sitting on her knees. A crystal-like longsword was hovering around the top of her head, hovering very slowly, showing its owner a calm and serene state of mind.

Ayaka did not use strong emotions as in the original Son Goku, and Vegeta prompted themselves to transform into Super Saiyan but chose to train to the realm of completion, the natural breakthrough.

In her opinion, relying on extreme emotions to force a breakthrough was always bad. Even if you enjoy the Super Saiyan power in advance with the help of emotions, but that was transient. Because the mental and physical body did not reach the edge of the breakthrough, the hasty transformation would inevitably affect the play; then, the Super Saiyan was somewhat “weak,” even if the extreme anger led to the transcendent play, the late-stage need to exercise to be able to really reach the qualified Super Saiyan realm.

She called Son Goku’s transformation triggered by the emotion of anger sub-Super Saiyan. He could not master the Super Saiyan ability freely and could not be called a real Super Saiyan.

In the original story, Sun Goku returned from Planet Yadrat when he could freely control the state of transformation when it can be called Super Saiyan. Of course, the early transformation of the Super Saiyan had advantages and disadvantages. The good thing was that when encountering strong enemies, his power level surged, which could save his life. Moreover, he could feel Super Saiyan’s state in advance, which was conducive to the first to cross the level. The disadvantage was that it made the starting point of the first stage of the Super Saiyan pull down a lot, which would not affect the later transformations. Ayaka was not quite sure.

However, she believed that she should have some benefit if she adopted the way of transforming with the device’s fullness to advance steadily. Although the initial accumulation cost her a lot of time, Ayaka was convinced that her transformation should be able to control the energy freely. The transformation’s starting point was also higher, which meant that her Super Saiyan state must be quite a bit thicker than Son Goku’s and others.

In the icy palace, Ayaka had been meditating for months. Her mind was calm and soothing, and her mind and body were in a state of complete forgetfulness.

One day, the Ki energy that haunted Ayaka’s body suddenly burned wildly. The Ki in the ice palace followed the violent stirring, and the cold breath washed the flesh a little. Ayaka’s body and mind stretched, AND the cells of the whole body began to move.

The strange energy cells gradually generated, and the golden breath turned into tiny air currents into the branch veins of the body and then gathered into a flow of golden energy, some through the skin to the outside world. For a time, the body surface of the starting energy boiled.

The light golden ki energy, like a blazing fire, gradually began to burn up. Over time, the ki flame became more powerful, and the color became darker and darker. The color of the ki gradually turned from light golden to golden and finally presented a golden glow, golden yellow.


The golden-colored ki flame rose to the sky, and the majestic and vast aura enveloped the entire palace.

“Zizi!” The air in Ayaka’s cycle rubbed together. Suddenly, her flaxen hair emitted a golden glow, and all of her hair colors became golden. Except for the long hair on the back, the golden bangs on her forehead fluttered toward her temples.

In an instant, the long hair and eyebrows emitted a golden luster, and even the tightly closed pupils turned into turquoise eyes.

‘Super Saiyan!’

Ayaka opened her eyes, and her turquoise pupils were cold and piercing, without a trace of emotion.

“It finally worked!” Ayaka muttered, emotionally calm and spirited.

“This is the Super Saiyan. It’s so powerful, much stronger than the original Son Goku’s first transformation!” She briefly perceived that the Super Saiyan state of her power level instantly soared to 95 million. Of course, this was not the real power of the Super Saiyan.

She then controlled her body at will, changing continuously between the normal and Super Saiyan states.

“Sure enough, I can completely control the transformed state! Now is only the first transformation, wait until the complete mastery of the Super Saiyan state strength will have a greater rise!”

Ayaka’s spirit lifted. She put away the divine sword on her head then flew out of the bottom of the lake, but the ice king’s palace in her arms, and after that flew towards the rest of the core territory of the demon world.

Now, she needed to fight and get her body to use its new power faster. She was confident that it would only take a few months to increase her power level to above 100 million definitely.

It was said that the real Super Saiyan was 50 times the norm. Of course, this was for the power level of Son Goku. Ayaka was touching the threshold and breakthrough. Naturally, there was no exaggerated leap of 50 times like Son Goku. According to the 50 times calculation, Ayaka had to reach at least six or seven hundred million to be truly qualified!

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