Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 104 Dabura


Four months later, a silver-white polar glacier.




Several glowing blue ki waves shot over, hitting the glacier rocks. A series of explosions like a tiger whistling ape cry spread out. Thousands of years of standing ice mountain canyon collapsed, a large piece of ice broken off, have slipped into the river.

“The ki boost almost stabilized. This is the strength of the Super Saiyan!”

Ayaka transformed into Super Saiyan, floating in the air with a golden glow burning all over her body. She clenched her fist and felt the amazing energy coming from her body. She wanted to roar with excitement, and if she was just the equivalent of a child when she first transformed four months ago, she was now considered an adult. The first four months of the Super Saiyan realm allowed her to grow by leaps and bounds, and she was completely transformed.

In just four months, she felt her ki had nearly doubled again. This was the real threshold of entering the Super Saiyan!

Resisting the excitement in her heart, Ayaka flew towards the Demon King’s Castle located in the center.

To the flight, Ayaka’s immense aura deterrent countless demons, but none of the demons dare to take the initiative to challenge. To survive in the Dark Demon Realm, the person must be super strong and knowledgeable. After sensing the aura from Ayaka high in the sky, they all wisely chose to hide.

“Strange, how come none of the demons came to stop me?” Ayaka shook her head regretfully; then, she came to her senses. She dared to think that the aura she emitted was too powerful, and many demons were deterred.

She lifted her Super Saiyan state. Her hair and pupil color returned to their original color, and her body’s ki immediately converged into her body.

It didn’t take long for some demons to come out and intercept her.

“There’s prey on the doorstep!” Ayaka’s eyebrows were twitched to measure up to come out to intercept the demon race.

The demon’s body was covered with scales and hard armor, with two red-tails at the back. The strength was not bad with several tens of millions. However, the demon apparently did not know the terrifying strength of Ayaka. It spoke in a very arrogant tone, making Ayaka was immediately upset, and several ki waves popped him into ashes.

“Do I look that easy to bully?” Strangely looking at a few wisps of smoke draped around the remnants, Ayaka turned in place a few times.

Along the way dealt with several high-level demons, she got closer and closer to the Demon King’s Castle. The closer the Demon King’s Castle appeared, the stronger the demons’ strength, sensing the strength of hundreds of millions of strong people more and more.

While flying, Ayaka sensed the surrounding atmosphere. Suddenly, the surrounding environment became pitch-black, not penetrating a bit of bright light, as if wrapped up by a huge dark sphere.

“What is the situation?” Ayaka amazed and stopped herself, carefully surveyed the surrounding, “A hundred kilometers in diameter all become dark. To make such a big noise, the opponent is not ordinary it!”

However, she was not frightened, and a smile dotted her face. Ayaka’s heart leaped, and she could not wait to explore.

As she kept sweeping, she soon caught the other party’s tail; the aura was powerful but strange, a kind of demon race that excels in devouring light, “Hmm? Attacking over!”

Her eyes were awe-inspiring, and then a cold smile hung on her face. She had long locked the opponent’s ki, and any movement of the opponent could not escape her perception.


A sharp bayonet in the darkness towards her. Ayaka’s body was agile, and she sidestepped. Her eyes flashed coldly, and she quickly changed her body’s direction and instantly counterattacked towards her opponent. Those who didn’t know how to sense the ki thought that the darkness could trap their opponents, but they didn’t know that as long as they could harness the ki, they could be comfortable even in the dark.

Bang! Bang!

Ayaka stretched her palm like a knife. Her body moved skillfully, slapping a fist and a palm on the sharp edge. Her palm clung to the sharp edge, with a slight effort to deflect the opponent’s attack. With the hiss, it repeatedly missed. The opponent let out a beast-like hiss, seemingly enraged.

“There’s something odd about this sound. It’s not like the voice of a demon. The sharp blade doesn’t look like a weapon, but like a growth.” Ayaka backed up her body; her brain turned flexibly, “Shit, is the opponent not a demon!”

Ayaka sprinted back and pulled away hundreds of meters, then pushed the ki in her body to turn herself into a Super Saiyan.


The body emitted a golden glow, dazzling bright light like a searchlight immediately illuminated the surrounding area. The opponent’s appearance was quickly revealed. Ayaka’s turquoise eyes looked up, and shocked eyes flashed in his icy pupils.

“The sharp claws, the bloody mouth, the lizard-like rough skin, and the ability to devour light.” The image was instantly recognizable, and Ayaka blurted out, “It’s a monster!”

“No, this is the Demon Realm, how did the Demon Beast Yakon appear in the Demon Realm?”

Demon Beast Yakon was from the Dark Planet, which could eat light and was good at dark combat. In the original story, Demon Beast Yakon was controlled by the wizard Babidi with magic. Finally, due to devouring too much energy light, it was hardened by Sun Wukong’s energy and burst into flames and died.

Regardless of why the Demon Beast Yakon appeared in the Demon Realm, Ayaka’s priority was to defeat it. Demon Beast Yakon looked small and should not be as powerful as the original, but it was a little stronger than the other demons Ayaka had encountered.

“Hahaha, Demon Beast Yakon, you like eating light so much, so enjoy it!” Ayaka laughed out loud. Her body glowed with golden light.

Demon Beast Yakon saw the prey emitting an incomparably bright light; two eyes glared, blood-basin mouth among the saliva continuously secreted out, long tongue excitedly licking the mouth.

A mouth, a huge suction force showed up, like a greedy taotie swallowing mountains and rivers like crazy absorption of light.

Feeling the huge suction force constantly extracting energy from the body, Ayaka sneered, turquoise pupils in the cold light flashed. Steeply all over the body, light shone violently, powerful and terrifying energy high-powered output.

The body energy constantly gushed out, turned into a golden light shining. Immediately devoured by Demon Beast Yakon, and week after week, Ayaka’s ki in the body was only half left!

“This is the time!”

Seeing the right moment, suddenly the remaining ki in the body a brain output. Without a trace of awareness, immediately by the huge impact of energy, the entire body swelled up violently.

Looking at the bloated and swollen Demon Beast Yakon, who would explode at any moment, Ayaka grunted coldly and shook his head and sighed, “I can’t believe I’ve used up my whole body’s ki. However, it was a good thing that this Demon Beast hadn’t grown yet and could only have a limited capacity of energy!”


The Demon Beast Yakon body burst, containing a huge energy shock wave spread towards the surrounding. A hundred kilometers square of darkness immediately disappeared.

Ayaka was back to normal, panting and sitting on the ground.

“If Demon Beast Yakon last for a while, I don’t know who will be the one who finished!”

This tactic was completely different than the capacity of the ki of both sides. Without a little confidence, she did not dare to make it.

“Haha, interesting little kid. You kill my pet!” A man’s voice came.

Ayaka alertly stared up and hurriedly got up from the ground and carefully examined her surroundings. She looked up and saw a man in a blue cloak flying in the sky.

“This is…”

Ayaka looked at the other man in surprise, obviously surprised by his appearance. The robust body, the light red complexion, the blue clothing on his body, and the two horn-like protrusions on his head all indicated his identity.

“King Dabura of the Demon Realm, how come you have time to stay in the Demon Realm if you are not out conquering the world?” Ayaka felt her throat a little dry. Dabura was much more powerful than the Super Saiyan, but she said with a mouth full of words to hide her weakness.

Dabura smiled lightly, “Since I am the King of the Demon Realm, the entire Demon Realm is my territory. How come I can’t stay in the Demon Realm? But when you talk about conquering the outside world, it’s a very good decision.”

“Oh….” Ayaka’s eyes rolled a few times. Dabura hadn’t left the Demon Realm, but this was still a long way from his Demon King’s castle, so how did he end up here?

“Little girl, you killed my hard-to-find pet, how do you think you can compensate me!” Dabura domineering boundless floating in the air. He seemed to be talking casually but put Ayaka under immense pressure.

Carefully activate the Unsighted, Ayaka was ready to understand the difference between herself and Dabura. Just as soon as the Unsighted opened, a stabbing pain came; Ayaka felt as if her eyes were burning; the pain was unbearable.

“The gap is too big for the Unsighted to detect!” Ayaka immediately recognized the reality. Even the detection of the Unsighted was blocked. 


The thought arose in her heart; Ayaka then prepared to launch Instant Transmission.

At this time, Dabura eyes flashed alarm. He seemed to perceive the energy of the Unsighted, and his body instantly disappeared, “Kid, go to hell!”

The cold voice came, making Ayaka startled. Then a fierce attack came; she simply had no time to dodge, not even the opportunity to move instantly.

Dabura’s powerful punch was about to land on Ayaka. With Ayaka’s current condition, there was no chance of her taking it. At that moment, Ayaka’s body fluorescence flashed, space around as if melting the general subtle bending, and a crystal transparent longsword appeared.


A solidly textured impact, resisting Dabura’s terrifying blow.

Ayaka certainly wouldn’t waste this opportunity. She hurried to adjust the state to activate the teleportation. Swoosh! She disappeared.

The punch fell short, causing Dabura’s face to be gloomy. His eyes were as cold as if to freeze into ice, and he looked thoughtfully at the place where Ayaka disappeared.

“Is it Kibito’s Instant Transmission? That weird longsword! Humph, count her lucky to escape from the hands of this Demon King!”

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