Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 139


Sure enough, the battle situation has changed, just as Son Goku predicted. Just now, Krillin, who was still alive and well and once made Nappa relatively passive, was actually in a downward spiral. —At the moment, he was holding on bitterly. The defeat was already a matter of time.


Faced with Nappa’s swift and incomparable attack, Krillin jumped fiercely to avoid the attack. His body was just standing upright, panting heavily. His eyes were full of helplessness.

The attack came again.

“Damn it!” Krillin cursed and hastily changed his position to avoid Nappa’s attack.

“Haha, little bald guy, where did the bravery just now go? Why you could only dodge now?” Finally, Nappa calmed down, and with combat power exceeded 10,000, it could be said that victory was already in hand.

With more than 10,000 combat power, even before the destruction of Vegeta Star, was relatively high among Saiyans, and King Vegeta was also at this level. —Although the Vegeta Star was gone and there were only a few Saiyans left, but Nappa’s sense of accomplishment did not lose.

Then close to Krillin’s body, he launched a series of stormy and violent attacks.

During the storm’s attack, Krillin’s figure turned sharply. While calmly avoiding Nappa’s attack, he tried to find a chance to counterattack.

Initially, it was challenging to find a chance to counterattack for this combat level when the combat effectiveness was very different. Still, fortunately, although the martial arts of the Earth specialize in the lower level, it also has its own unique place. —Amid this extremely unfavorable battle, Krillin really found a chance to counterattack.

As the airflow rolled over his body, countless Qi as thin as cicada wings hovered around him. The densely packed small vitality cuts formed a three-dimensional formation. The pleated brilliance resembled the stars in the night sky, exuding a bright and bright light. The dense Qi slashes spread throughout the space like arrows, hitting the target directly with a loud shout.


A vast golden mushroom cloud once again rose above the plain. The sky was filled with smoke and dust forming a black wall of air, followed by an explosion from the inside out. The ground sank hundreds of meters, presenting an appallingly colossal crater.

“Damned Earthling, I’ll break you into pieces!” An angry hiss resounded through the heavens and the Earth, and Nappa came out of the big explosion with a wretched face. The battle suit on his body was tattered in some places, and a corner was missing from his shoulder.

As the countless Qi beheads fell, Nappa actually felt an intense crisis, which made him face red and madly defended despite the qi and blood surging inside his body.

‘Careless ah, unexpectedly let the little bald head found the gap of the attack!’

This attack caused him to be nearly seriously injured. The good thing was that Nappa was full of fighting power. He only looked a bit miserable on the surface.

Nappa no longer dared to underestimate the earthlings. He stood fiercely on the ground that had sunken hundreds of meters. His power had been raised to his extreme, estimated at 11,000 combat power!

With fierce eyes and blood-red eyes scanning Krillin fiercely, a cold and bloody murderous intent clung to the entire plain like a cage.

“Not good, the opponent moved to kill!” Son Goku’s calm face changed, “Krillin quickly back down!!! That Saiyan is about to lose his mind.”

Krillin was shocked at once. He was nervous, and he had already developed a timidity. He felt the astonishing aura from the other party. This aura had surpassed him by a lot.

The aura was like a rainbow, and suddenly a figure flashed rapidly, like the first flash of light, in the blink of an eye had come to the front of Krillin.

“Oh no!”

The speed of Nappa was too fast for Krillin to react.


The wind of the fist arrived…. But there was not much pain.

After a while, Krillin opened his eyes in confusion and found that Nappa’s huge fist had stopped just a few centimeters away from him. —Only a few centimeters away. A little further forward, and he would be knocked away. Krillin was so relieved that he sat down on his buttocks.

“What’s going on?” Nappa looked at his fist in astonishment.

“Krillin, back off while you can! The opponent is too strong. I can’t hold him for long!” Chiaotzu’s urgent shout rang in his ears.
The first thing he realized was that it wasn’t Lady Luck who had blessed him, but Chiaotzu. —It turned out to be Chiaotzu’s supernatural power that was activated in the nick of time to stop Nappa’s attack.

The shadow flashed, Krillin retreated to Son Goku with lingering fears.

Chiaotzu’s superpower was a bit like agile power, to fix the opponent’s body. But because Nappa was too strong, the effective time of that superpower was nothing.

Just a short while after Krillin escaped….


A huge force blasted out, a tens of meters wide destruction groove like a giant’s arm straight into the ground. The ground shook and shattered.

“It’s actually a superpower. It’s getting really more and more interesting!” Vegeta’s eyes were shining, but he was not worried about Nappa.

Nappa’s mouth twitching, with gloomy eyes, he went back to Vegeta’s side. “Vegeta, these Earthling strength is good.”

Nodding faintly, the corner of his eye was on the slightly taller Son Goku. Vegeta chuckled, “Isn’t this more interesting? if it is too easy to conquer, there will be no thrill of the hearty battle!”

“That’s right, Saiyans just want to enjoy the fun of fighting!” Nappa very much agreed.

At this time, Vegeta had no resentment towards Nappa’s defeat in the battle. After all, the opponent’s strength was confirmed. Therefore, the fact that Nappa couldn’t win was also justifiable. —In fact, since the Nappa battle power breakthrough 10000, Vegeta had been impressed with him. If placed in the past, he was definitely the top elite among Saiyan warriors!

As a king, you must show benevolence to your top elites. As only they were worthy to enjoy the benevolence from the emperor.

Glancing at the people on Earth, Vegeta rushed to Nappa, “Don’t waste time. It is better to solve them together. There are seven opponents. Kakarot and the green Namek are the strongest. Leave them to me to deal with, the remaining five to you, a quick battle!”

“Good idea!” Nappa was excitedly licking his lips

 One against five was by no means impossible. Although the opponent’s strength was strong, five people together, their strengths were not stacked on top of each other. If used correctly, Nappa’s 11000 combat power could ultimately send five, no, even ten thousand opponents to hell.


Tien Shinhan’s stared at the two Saiyans who were visiting the Earth. His excellent hearing enabled him to hear what the Saiyans said clearly.

“Looking down on us, how dare you try to settle us all at once!”

“Arrogant enough indeed, but I can’t wait to make my move!” Yamcha rubbed his fist, wanting to try his hand.

Krillin shook his head, “It’s not that simple, the guy named Nappa is powerful enough, and the other smaller guy seems to be even stronger! If they go together, it’s still hard to determine the winner.”

Piccolo let out a “pooh” and spit on the ground, “The Earth is the domain of this demon king. As for the two arrogant Saiyans, I can solve them alone!”

Krillin’s face instantly darkened. He couldn’t help but slander, “It seems you are even more arrogant than they are.”

The common practice had made them these former “enemies” now teammates had an excellent tacit understanding. As the strongest among them, Son Goku nodded, and everyone stopped talking pointlessly then moved towards Napa and Vegeta.

Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha, Son Gohan suddenly accelerated and turned into five light rays and launched a powerful attack on Nappa. While Son Goku and Piccolo also accelerated at the same time towards Vegeta.


“Are you coming, Kakarot? I’ll let you experience the cruel and ruthless purgatory now!” Vegeta proudly tilted his head with a disdainful look at the swooping Son Goku and Piccolo.

The sound of breaking through the air continued to be heard in the air. Son Goku’s body was naturally flexible. His hands and feet changed into countless afterimages, and he suddenly attacked like a bullet.

The erratic figure, as well as a succession of strikes, cooperated closely with Piccolo’s attack. The whirlwind brought by the cooperation of the two was as sharp as a knife. The vast majority fell on Vegeta, but a small number of shots were directed to the ground, leaving a piece of shocking stumps on the ground.

“Interesting, how could such a lowly inferior warrior have such power!”

In the face of Son Goku’s attack, Vegeta gave a stunned voice. At this time, he finally became severe and no longer underestimated his opponent.


Vegeta’s body shook; both his feet were not set, but the soft soil beneath his feet couldn’t help but steeply sink. In a moment, the whole Earth had sunk 30 or 40 meters.

Tremendous force through the feet to reach the ground, to a flat state downward pressure, the ground rocks, soil squeezed each other, instantly turned into a giant lake by the impact of meteors, large chunks of Earth and stone splashed out to the four directions.

At this moment, Piccolo’s sharp claws attacked from behind with a fiery flame. Vegeta sensed it but sneered, seemingly disdainful of dodging, and the distance draws closer when a hand fiercely rushed towards Piccolo’s chest.


Piccolo and Vegeta swiftly bounced in opposite directions at the moment they collided. Both feet stepped on the ground forcefully, and the huge force plunged both feet under the soil. The two of them stabilized their retreating figure, leaving two noticeable scratches in front of them.

“There are two moves!” Vegeta was slightly surprised, he didn’t expect this Namekian was so powerful, but he was a little negligent. So it seems that in addition to Kakarot, the Saiyan, there was this Namekian in front of him who deserved good attention.


Three lightning bolts gathered from different directions towards the same point. Son Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta do not hold back, and they fought together again in an instant.


The fierce battle began to enter the climax.

The red, green, and white figures were constantly flickering on the plain. The sky seemed to be shaken by this intense battle, the clear blue sky became dark clouds, and soon lightning thundered.

There was a loud bang, and countless winding and bright lightning smashed down vertically with fierce and evil destructive power, and the entire plain was suddenly thundered.


Turtle House.

Bulma and others stared nervously at the TV screen, but as the weather shifted, dark clouds had blocked the satellite capture, and the specific battle began to become blurred.

You could only briefly see a massive wave of chakra, energy balls rising into the sky, or shocking bursts.

“In the nick of time, how the weather has become so bad!” Bulma irritably tapped hard on the TV, but the TV is innocent. The satellite image would not become evident because of this tap.

Master Roshi sat on the sofa with a stony face with crutches in his hand. His eyes fixed on the TV screen. On the other side of the planet, his disciples were fighting for the peace of the Earth, while he, the teacher, could only watch coldly here to bless them, and now he actually could not even watch.

“Bulma, how is Goku and their fighting power?” Master Roshi asked after thinking about it.

The satellite image had been blurred, and you could only rely on the strength of their chi to determine the battle situation.

“Let’s see!”

Bulma adjusted the gear parameters of the large detector and gradually refined them to the range of Goku’s battle power and others.

“Found it! Hmm? Four energies close to 10,000 combat power fought with one energy of 11,500, and there was a 1300 energy wandering around. Looking at the others, the battle in the distance should be Goku and the others, so powerful!”

Bulma was amazed. Master Roshi and the others heard her exclaim and immediately poked their heads over curiously.

“26000, 25300, 29000! Goku, and their combat power is so high! I just don’t know whose that 29000 combat power is?”

Everyone in the Turtle House still focused on the Saiyan battle through Bulma’s improved energy detector, but people worldwide do not have that kind of benefit.


At this time, everyone was stunned by the decisive battle that broke common sense. When the specific battle scenes could no longer be displayed on the screen, anxious and irritable emotions permeated, and many people began to fall into confusion about the future.

“Ah, how can I not see it anymore? Will Earth lose?”

“The enemy is so powerful. I guess it’s very uncertain.”

“We must win, we must win!”

“God, please save us!”

When the mind was lost in confusion, faith plays a significant role in filling the emptiness in the heart. But it was difficult to determine what kind of faith was correct and what kind of faith was distorted.

Ambitious people take this opportunity to start spouting conspiracy theories aimed at overthrowing the Earth’s government and grasping power themselves; religious cultists preach doomsaying, divine abandonment, and doomsday theories, and as for people who didn’t have too many pursuits, they were much more realistic and started scheming how to rob money.

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