Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 138


“Can you find out the identity of those martial artists who are guarding the Earth?” The King asked as he calmed down.

The officials had already started investigating before coming in to report, and information on those people was quickly found from images of the past.

A serving officer walked in with a stack of information.

“Your Majesty, the leader is called Son Goku, the teenager who once defeated Demon King Piccolo. He was the runner-up of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament and the champion of the 22nd and 23rd tournaments. The rest of them are Son Goku’s fellow disciples and close friends, Krillin, Yamcha, Tian Shinhan, and Chiaotzu…. “

Information on Son Goku and others were easy to find if you wanted to look it up. In addition, the tournaments of the past few World Martial Arts Tournaments were kept intact.

“They have all received instruction from the God of Martial Arts, Master Roshi, and have performed well in previous World Martial Arts Tournaments, being the most outstanding masters on the planet.”

The officer reported briefly.

There had always existed a group of people with great individual strength on Earth, and they were called martial artists. However, apparently before that, the crowd did not have an intuitive understanding of the martial artists. Even after the baptism of the Demon King Piccolo, without entering that circle, it was like seeing flowers in the fog, ultimately separated by a layer.

Until today, when the King’s officer went through the video, he was shocked by the great strength they showed. These things were ignored intentionally or unintentionally, showing a very different perception from the everyday. Without borrowing weapons, a single gun could produce such great power. If not for this crisis, perhaps they would not have known that there were such masters on Earth!

The political atmosphere of the Dragon Ball World was more liberal, advocating practice, and martial artists had always had a very high status. Even after knowing how powerful Earth’s martial artists were, they had never thought of controlling them to serve the government.

“They are the warriors representing Earth, and the ones fighting against them at this time are most likely the aliens who suddenly came to Earth today.”

The King nodded gravely, “Fortunately, the Earth has so many hot-blooded and brave martial artists who resist the evil forces. Otherwise, the Earth would be in danger!”

The government of the Earth didn’t even have an army, which wasn’t justified. Even if the world was unified, in order to maintain this order, the army was bound to be less. However, the King understands very well that the army of flesh and blood was never a match for those aliens.

Look at them, destroying mountains and forests with a wave of their hands. Their power was more terrifying than strategic-grade weapons.

“Contact the TV station and broadcast the images captured by the satellite live worldwide!”

“Your Majesty, won’t doing so cause panic among the masses?” The official looked cautious. This kind of over-the-top video would definitely cause an uproar if it was broadcast live.

The King waved his hand and looked serious, “This is something we didn’t do enough in the past to show the condition of the martial artists to the people, now they are fighting, we can’t afford to get involved. However, we should at least do our part and let everyone know the real situation! Besides a battle with that much impact simply cannot be hidden, so we might as well be generous and open.”

Sooner or later, they would know anyway.

It was clear to everyone that if they failed, the Earth would not remain peaceful.

“I hope they can win.”

Looking at the images of the thrilling battle, the King prayed in his heart.


The world was busy and tense as usual. People were busy with their own work, not at all aware that a fierce battle was in full swing at one end of the world.

The busy street, the downtown streets on both sides of the scene on the screen all transformed. —News, advertising, programs all disappeared, the screen appeared on a scene of people thrilling, let people wonder about the shocking picture.

“What the hell? Is it a new movie? The special effects are very good!”

Many people looked at the screen in confusion. Many people thought it was a new movie and began to comment on it.

“What a gorgeous scene, what kind of image is this?”

“Each individual on it can fire rockets. It’s so amazing!”

“These blindfolds are so cleverly used that you can’t find a single flaw.”

“No, these aren’t movies at all, and they’re not blindfolds.”

Only a few people recognized the people on the screen. Most of them had watched the World Martial Arts Tournament live and were familiar with many of the figures appearing on the screen. —Because of this, they first felt that something was wrong and were anxious. This wasn’t an impromptu entertainment show. It was a fight to the death!

Soon, the big words at the bottom of the screen confirmed their suspicions that the Earth had actually been attacked by powerful aliens and that the Earth’s martial artists were fighting with all their might.


“Aliens attacking Earth, just like that time of the Demon King Piccolo? We’re screwed!”

“The enemy seems to be very powerful. Look at those green monsters, it’s so scary! Can those people support it?”

The whole world was boiling. Although the peaceful life made them intentionally forget some things, but now… the fear of the year when Demon King Piccolo ruled the world… awakened. Reluctantly recalled memories were awakened in blood, and people began to stir with noisy shouts from all areas.

Many vagrants and gangsters began to storm stores, government offices, and even banks…

The Earth, all of a sudden, fell into panic again.



Above the plains, the wind swept in bursts, and the clothes on the people were blown to snap and shake.

The energy waves that could be seen everywhere were scattered everywhere. The resulting impact made the gravel on the ground flutter in the sky. A black mist enveloped the whole Earth.

Because of the battle and become less flat, the land seemed to have gone through several rounds of shells intensive baptism.

Vegeta floating in the place of twenty meters from the ground, hands clasped chest blandly looking at Son Goku and others not far away. The cold cheeks of the eerie chill, the corners of the mouth still hanging contemptuous mockery. Although Son Goku and others could solve all the Saibamen in just a few minutes, which was out of Vegeta’s expectations, this only showed that the opponent had the qualifications to become his opponent. Yet, it was not worth to impress him.

Low-Level Warriors would always be Low-Level Warriors. Even if a few more useless Earthlings were added, the result would not change.

Since they were qualified to be his opponents, they should be treated accordingly.

“Nappa, your Saibamen are too useless, you go up and finish them off yourself!”

“Okay, I’m itching to use my hands. It doesn’t matter if all the Saibamen are destroyed, I can take them all out by myself!” Nappa spat arrogantly, but the total extermination of the Saibamen still made him very unhappy.

Striding forward, he confronted Son Goku and the others from a distance.

“Goku, you guys are too inadequate. I didn’t even grab one of those little green guys before you killed them all, so let me have that big guy!” Krillin stopped in front of Son Goku and argued his case.

Just now, in the battle with the Saibamen, Krillin did not have fun. —The powerful green Saibamen were all solved by Son Goku and Piccolo, and his turn was only a few power level of more than 1000 miscellaneous soldiers. This made Krillin eager to test the results of his practice with a feeling of not being able to perform.

Frowning, Son Goku took a step back and gave the field to Krillin, “You be careful, that big guy is very strong, completely different from those just now.”

“Ha, do not worry. I’ll let you see the results of my training.”

Krillin moved a few arms and leaped forward. Not far away, and quickly arrived in front of Nappa.

“Hum, I’ll let you have this one for now, don’t blame me for being unkind if you lose!” Piccolo glanced and turned away. Before eliminating the Saibamen, he had already exerted the technique and did not bother to compete with Krillin.

The Saiyan called Nappa strength looked average. Although he seemed to be just a little stronger than the green people, Saibamen. The Saiyan, with the spiky hair, had good strength.

“Haha, stupid little bald guy. You’re really bold, how dare you challenge Nappa master alone.”

Seeing the opponent actually out of a short little bald, Nappa first stunned, then laughed loudly. They were too down on themselves, thinking that a short man would be able to deal with him? Well, Master Nappa was very angry!

He turned to ask Vegeta, “How much power level this kid has?”

Vegeta looked at the scouter and said icily, “3788, I didn’t think there was such a master on such a trash planet.”

“Oh, surprisingly that high!” Nappa showed a face of disdain but secretly surprised.

In the original story, Nappa’s normal power level was only 4000. After being beaten by Son Goku and calmed down, it was 8500. However, now Nappa’s normal power level was more than 6000, much stronger than in the original story.

“Krillin, don’t dawdle, quick battle!” Tian Shinhan alert shouted.


The words just fell, and Krillin first launched the attack.


The two sides began to face each other, and the silhouette of a person came and went. The splendid ki wave, the stirring after-effects continue to spread. The wind from the center spoke, and the ki made the air become more thin and fragile. If ordinary people here, it was estimated that even breathing had become very difficult.

The clouds in the sky seemed to be cut open and was a little silence for a while. Then, a winding lightning with flashing folds of cold light fell from the sky, booming loudly, and the explosion more powerful than the atomic bomb dispersed the air at once, making the battle more shocking.


The scouter emitted a sharp beeping sound, and the data displayed on it suddenly changed.

“What, 9820!”

Noticing the data, Vegeta’s face was gloomy down, “How can it be so high!” His heart quickly determined the situation and hurriedly sternly shouted to Nappa, “Nappa do not play, this group of earthlings hide the amazing strength. The real level is not the data displayed by the scouter, now immediately take out all your strength to fight!”


Nappa shook his head. His expression was instantly frozen. In the exchange of hands, he had already experienced that his opponent’s strength was extraordinary, surprisingly not comparable to himself. This made Nappa extremely shocked. To know that he was a Saiyan warrior from a famous family, how could a puny earthling as strong as him?

It was possible that Nappa would have to suffer a loss on Earth.


The sound of Nappa and Krillin fighting from the wide area of the battlefield often came rumbling explosions. Wave after wave of power swept, like a tiger devouring weak prey, within a 10-mile radius of the trees fell in the same direction.


After a few rounds of exchanges, Nappa touched the blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.


He sneered; the hard cheeks appeared hideous. Then, with a low roar, the suppressed power gradually revealed.

“The opponent did his best, Krillin is not an opponent!”

Son Goku calmly gave a conclusion.

“Eh, will Uncle Krillin lose?” Son Gohan was full of surprise.

After only two months of intensive training, he did not have the eyesight and experience to coordinate the whole situation.

“Idiot, the opponent’s ki has obviously enhanced a cut, can’t you even see that?” Piccolo cursed angrily. His green forehead veins surging, scornfully glared at Son Gohan.

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