Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 141


Seeing that Vegeta is so confident, Son Goku and Piccolo could not help but change their faces. —What Vegeta said about was the great ape transformation, which uses an artificial moon to stimulate the tail and transform the body into a great ape form.

The giant ape looks ugly and savage, but it was a great weapon of the Saiyan, which could increase the strength of the Saiyan more than ten times. However, after the increased strength reached 100,000 combat power, it would no longer continue to grow.

But this was enough. With Vegeta’s current strength, once the great ape is transformed, the combat power would immediately reach 100,000.

‘It’s more than enough to deal with Kakarot and the Namekian.’

The great ape transformation was not perfect, far from being comparable to the Super Saiyan Transformation. Nevertheless, it can be regarded as a breakthrough in the field of small levels. It relied on the activation of the bloodline, unlike the Super Saiyan transformation, where quantitative changes produce qualitative changes, and it completely enters another level. And the huge body, after being transformed into a great ape, could easily become a huge target, which is only suitable for dealing with enemies with a combat power of less than 100,000.

However, these unfavorable factors are broken in the outer fan, which had been from another angle to explain the giant ape transformation. The tail is easily irritated, which is the weakness and uneasy factor of the Saiyan. Its early role was not obvious. At least it had been a potential crisis until it becomes the Super Saiyan III.


He clenched his fist tightly, and several blue veins on his forehead were very abruptly exposed. Soon a bright “artificial moon” was formed on Vegeta’s fist.

An icy smile climbed onto his face, and his indifferent eyes were bloodshot as if the overall situation was settled. Vegeta raised his fist high and pushed the artificial moon high into the sky. With a swish, a dazzling light shone from a high place.

“What is that!” Krillin and others who were fighting not far away from them said in surprise.

Nappa was so excited. Had the battle over there been so intense? To actually force Vegeta to use this move! It seemed that the battle was almost over.

Bright and blinding light so that the Son Goku and others could not help but close their eyes.

“What the hell!” Piccolo roared in indignation.

Vegeta’s cold face changed, his mouth bulged outward, two sharp teeth like a beast elongated, his short body grew a little bit bigger, and his hair grew wildly. Soon he became a giant ape more than 10 meters tall. —The great ape transformation was completed, and the combat power of up to 100,000 had already appeared. The powerful aura was rolling towards the surroundings.

Son Goku’s eyes bulged, his eyes glazed round. He bewilderedly looked at the stout giant ape.

“Hahahaha, almost 100,000 combat power! As long as it is exposed to moonlight, the Saiyan’s tail will react, thus turning into a giant ape form! Kakarot, are you feeling desperate now! Haha, this form is ugly but powerful!”

The deafening sound came from high above, the loud sound with the unique wildness of the giant beast, drumming the eardrums, even vaguely painful.

There was also the pressure that made people had to shudder.

“Bastard, the Saiyans even have such dirty tricks!” Piccolo said with a cold face, and his voice was trembling a little, “Son Goku, how you do not change?”

“I don’t know, damn it, no wonder Kami said that my tail is a factor of instability.” Son Goku shook his head with a bitter smile, his gaze gazing at the immense ape of immense power, now the other party’s aura was too appalling. There was nothing he could do to face it.


Thick giant palm stirring the air fiercely slapped down, bringing up tumbling waves of air. Son Goku and Piccolo were like a boat in the ocean. Although they escaped the frontal attack of the giant palm, they were swayed by the disturbed airwaves.


Pulling back a certain distance, Son Goku cast a super large turtle school qigong.

The sky-blue qigong wave rushed up to the sky and blasted toward the giant ape indefinitely.

But –

The moment it hit the giant ape, the tortoise school qigong disintegrated and scattered into a strand of free energy.

The turtle school qigong did not work at all!

The giant ape was enraged. In addition to slapping over, with a long cry, it immediately shot out high-energy power from its mouth, like a straight water column, endlessly.

Damn it! What a difficult opponent!”

Faced with the powerful attack launched by the giant ape, Son Goku and Piccolo were completely unable to fight back. But they also didn’t dare face it head-on. The gap was vast, it was tantamount to hitting a stone with an egg, so they could only continue to dodge.

The huge fist fell, and the Earth burst open. Circles of terrifying vigor spread beneath the ground, and soon a ring of cracked and sunken faults formed on the ground.



The two major moves were released, and lightning flashed and thundered for a while, and the momentum was spectacular.

But this couldn’t scare the giant ape transformed Saiyan!

“AWOO ……

The giant ape Vegeta was screaming wildly, and a powerful shock wave was ejected from his mouth, which canceled out the World Shocking Palm and the Demon Slaying Light Cannon in the blink of an eye.

This was not the way to go on. They felt physically and mentally exhausted, retreating to a distance and constantly panting heavily.

At this time, although Piccolo was reluctant, he recognized the reality clearly, “It’s too strong …… he’s not something we can deal with.” 

Son Goku nodded. Then, suddenly, his mind flashed, and he shouted excitedly, “I think I know the weakness of the great ape. It’s the tail!!! As long as we cut off the tail is, he will return to his original form!”

“Really?” Piccolo couldn’t believe it.

‘The Saiyan’s weakness would be so obvious? If that thick tail was the weakness, then the giant ape transformation was nothing to be afraid of.’

Son Goku affirmatively nodded, and then the two discussed how to cut off the giant ape’s tails.



Son Goku and Piccolo turned into two rays of light, rushing towards Vegeta.

Flying to the front of Vegeta using the air dance technique, Son Goku and Vegeta look at each other and then laughed “hehe.”

Vegeta instinctively felt something wrong.


Son Goku yelled with both hands on his forehead, and the dazzling light gleamed like the sun, which instantly pierced Vegeta’s eyes.

“AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” The giant ape screamed in pain while holding his eyes.

“Piccolo, take advantage of it now!”

“Got it!” Piccolo moved quickly. His figure quickly appeared behind the giant ape, his hand condensed with a qigong blade as thin as a cicada’s wings.



The giant ape waved wildly, and Piccolo was struck away before he could dodge.

Son Goku was stunned. Such a good opportunity actually failed. It happened that the great ape turned half of its body, and half of its tail appeared in front of him. His eyes lit up, and this was a perfect opportunity. Without further ado, Son Goku hurriedly made a flat disc blade, aimed at the giant ape’s thick tail, and cut it down.

The tail fell to the ground, stirring up a piece of sand and dust.

Vegeta felt a wave of pain came, his body began to lose strength, his body size also diminished, and he quickly returned to human size.


The Lookout.

Old Kami had been focusing on the battle in the lower world, he looked serious until Son Goku cut off the giant ape’s tail, and he sighed heavily.

After the giant ape transformation, their defense and attack indeed rose exponentially. Still, if you know their weaknesses, coupled with the sluggish and clumsy movement, it seemed that the disadvantage outweighed the advantage.

In this way, the three returned to the same starting point.

“Ayaka, the strength of these two Saiyans is already so terrifying. How strong will their backup be?”

Old Kami was cautious, and it would be even more troublesome if they brought them back up.

“Do not worry. Their backup will not come here. But, even if they do, aren’t we still here?” Ayaka said indifferently.

Old Kami nodded thankfully, and the Earth was indeed much safer with Ayaka and the others around.


At this time, several streams of light converged from all directions, Cathro and the Queen’s Guard had returned.

Putting the dragon ball in his hand on the ground, several dragon balls collided together, and they made a buzzing sound like a dragon roar.

Ah, mama, I’m back. Reimu found two dragon pearls!”

The light flashed, Reimu’s slender body fell to the ground, her cheeks were red, and the two dragon balls in her hands were also on the ground.

Ayaka stroked Reimu’s head, looked at the ground constantly flashing seven dragon balls, and said, “As long as we wait for Goku and the others to finish the battle, we can summon the divine dragon to restore the Earth as before.”

After pondering for a moment, Ayaka told the four of Cathro, “the strength of those two Saiyans is not low, Goku and the others are still a bit difficult to deal with the opponent, you go to the vicinity of the guard, if there are changes, then act decisively.”

“Yes!” The four responded in unison, turning into a few beams of light falling from the temple.

“With them around, it’s even more foolproof.”

Huh?” In a flash, Ayaka’s face changed slightly, her bright eyes cast into the starry sky.

“What’s wrong, is there something wrong?” God asked with concern.

Lightly shaking her head, Ayaka revealed a smile, “Nothing, just another bunch of grasshoppers coming to Earth!”

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