Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 142


“Someone is coming again?” The old Kami got a fright.

‘When did the earth become so popular with aliens?

‘Before this, aliens never cared about the earth. In the universe, the earth was like “the countryside”, and nobody cared about it at all.’

“Don’t worry, those guys are nothing. Besides, we still have dragon balls in our hands, and we can recover the damage caused by the Saiyan people before! “

The old Kami nodded his head and smiled. But, then, he sighed,: “But it is not a good thing that powerful enemies come round after round!”

Everything started at the beginning, and then it won’t end well. For example, if a strong man comes to the earth and was defeated, it was bound to cause a new round of trouble. The defeated, strong man would rally his partners to attack the earth, and of course, he might swallow the bitter fruit and penance for several years before invading the earth.

Therefore, it was better for the earth to be a planet isolated from the universe.

At least, although it was remote, it would not get into trouble.

But Ayaka knew that the idea of Kami was doomed to be impossible. —After all, this was just the beginning. After this, the enemy would appear one after another. It was no exaggeration to say that the earth that started at this moment had gradually become the highlight of the whole universe. In the future, all kinds of monsters and gods would make their debut.

It was like the people who came to the earth this time were definitely prominent. In terms of aura, it was far stronger than Vegeta after being transformed into a great ape.

“Kami, Mr. Popo, the Look Out will be guarded by you. Lancy and I will go to the lower bound. Although we don’t have to worry about the safety of the earth, the strength of those guys is still quite strong. Castro and the others are not their opponents! “

The old Kami was shocked that he lost his voice and cried, “Are you saying that even Castro and others are no match?”

Castro was a man with a combat power of more than 100,000. Although Kami did not know the specific value, its strength was beyond doubt.

“So I’m going to stabilize the situation, and when it is handled, you will use Dragon Ball to restore everything.” Ayaka smiled faintly and said.

“I understand.” Kami looked serious.

“Mom, I want to go with you!” Reimu yelled, shaking her arm for fear that she would leave her behind.

“Okay… I will let you have the experience,” With that, Ayaka took Reimu’s hand, nodded to Lancy and the others, and then turned into two rays of light.


On the battlefield, after the bombardment of their unique skills, the whole plan changed completely. Not only had the area of hundreds of kilometers been sunk by hundreds of meters, but even the damaged area had expanded several times.


The earth trembled and swayed. Not far away, Vegeta stared at Son Goku viciously, his eyes bloodshot.

Damn Kakarot, you know the weakness of Saiyans!”

A pale red wall of air hovered around him, Vegeta’s body twitched slightly, and his heart was unwilling to withdraw from the great ape-like state. The corners of his mouth trembled violently.

Accompanied by an angry roar, a huge flame burned on the surface of his body.

The dazzling red light diverged to the surroundings, and the black clouds in the sky became lower and lower. —Amidst the lightning and thunder, the black clouds hovered and pressed against the ground. The line of sight became blurred, and it was no longer possible to distinguish between the sky and the earth in such a narrow space.


A rumbling suddenly sounded in his ears. This sound was like a war drum.

It turned out to be the sound of Vegeta’s punch, and the wind pierced the air.

The speed of the fist was breakneck, and a faint gleam of crystal could be seen from the tip of the fist, and even the wind path blowing from the tail could be seen clearly. Son Goku was alert, and his body quickly dodged the punch!

One Punch!

Two punches!

Three punches!


The soil splashed out like waves —the shock wave brought up sand and gravel to form a vortex. The fragmented stones flew as fast as bullets, punching through the air and then hitting the ground, deeply embedded in the depths of the ground.

Son Goku dodged. However, his physical strength was rapidly consumed.

“Is that guy a monster? His power hasn’t diminished a bit!” Piccolo spat out violently.

Son Goku grinned and raised his eyebrows slightly, “That Saiyan should not hold on for long… he consumes too much qi.”

In the air more than ten meters high, Vegeta’s face twisted, enduring the throbbing pain from his body. —In fact, he was at the end of the force at this time. The continuous big moves made him seriously injured. Still, the arrogance that went deep into the flesh at that moment did not allow him to be defeated by inferior soldiers.

Augghh!” A mouthful of blood was spat out, and dizziness surged up.

“How can my dignified Saiyan prince be defeated by lower-level fighters! Kakarot!!” His face was hideous and terrifying, and his eyes were covered with blood. But the firm will drove Vegeta to persevere.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A series of crisp applause came, and six blurred figures appeared in the sky. Half-length hidden in the clouds, obscured by dark clouds, blurred.

“Who?” Son Goku asked warily.

At the same time, Vegeta and Piccolo also looked up.

There was no answer.

After a while, the voice came, “Interesting battle, but the level is too low, boring!”

“The existence of this cloud layer is really an eye-catcher. So let me make it vanished.”

As soon as the voice fell, one of the six people screamed vigorously….


Light blue energy ball burst open, and all of the dark clouds above his head were dissipated. When the light came down, Son Goku and the others could see each other appearance clearly.

“This …..”

All Son Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta’s eyes widened because the leader of the six was ​​exactly the same as Son Goku, but they were very different from Son Goku in both momentum and strength.

“So powerful, is he … a Saiyan?” Vegeta was shocked.

Piccolo glared at Son Goku, pointed at the man, and said, “That man looks so like you. Is he your brother again?”

“I don’t know either!” Son Goku scratched his head and didn’t know what to say. If it was his brother, there were too many brothers.

Although there were many lower-level Saiyan fighters who look alike, they only had some similar characteristics, and they would definitely not be exactly the same… However, the one in front of him was too similar. Could it be the illegitimate son of Son Goku’s father, Badak?’


The large energy detector kept beeping in the Kame house, and the data displayed above startled everyone.

“There are 310,000 fighting forces, and several energies have appeared!” Buma looked at the monitor, and her eyes were dull.

Master Roshi jerked his crutches and looked pale, “Oh, no, now Goku is in danger!”


“Who are you, and why are you here?” Son Goku asked.

The other six people burst out laughing as if they were watching monkeys in the zoo and suddenly heard the monkeys ask them why they came to see them.

“We are the strongest destroyer, Turles Crusher Corps!” One of the tall guys stepped forward, looking proud.

Ha ha, these people are much stronger than those just now. I don’t know if they can take over our moves?”

Two cosmic people who look exactly like twins say with a smile.

Son Goku face changed, “just now? What have you done to them?”

Because of their strong fighting capacity, they fought with Nappa and Vegeta on two battlefields. He had guessed that Krillin and the others must have encountered these six strangers before them.

Hey, do you mean those earthlings? Oh, there is also a bald Saiyan, haha, they are too weak, and they all fall in a few rounds. Don’t worry. We don’t even bother to kill them with their little strength.” The cosmic twin man laughed.

At this time, the man who looks precisely like Son Goku stepped forward and looked at Son Goku and Vegeta. He coldly said, “Kakarrot, and the prince of Saiyan, Vegeta… It’s fate meeting you, but geez, it’s disappointing to have only such strength after so many years!”

“Who are you?” Son Goku and Vegeta asked at the same time.

“Me?” The man chuckled, raised a finger, and shook his head, “Turles, have you heard of this name?”

Son Goku, of course, had never heard of it, but Vegeta was familiar with the name.

Suddenly, a memory emerged and shouted in shock, “You are … Turles, are you not dead?”

Vegeta then remembered Turles, the Saiyan, who had been bullied by himself in his childhood!

‘However, the low-level warrior like Turles should have been destroyed along with Vegeta.’

‘How could he be alive?’

‘And that power is far above him!’

“Damn it, how come there are so many powerful men one after another!”

The dark-skinned Turles curled his mouth in disdain. —Before, he might have looked at Vegeta in admiration, but now everything was different. His strength had surpassed Vegeta’s imagination, and The Saiyan prince was nothing but an object that he could kill at will.

“This was all thanks to the magical spiritual tree,” Turles said with emotion.

Turles, a low-level warrior who escaped from Vegeta by chance, wandered in the universe for several years by chance. He accidentally discovered a young spiritual tree and immediately allowed it to take root on a remote planet. With the fruits of the spiritual tree, Turles’s strength had undergone earth-shaking changes, with a full combat power of 310,000.

The spiritual tree that Turles met was not the same as the spiritual tree destroyed by Ayaka, but smaller in comparison, and it produced no more fruits than Ayaka’s.

At that time, Turles had a combat power of 10,000 and made a breakthrough step by step by eating the fruit of the (harmonious) spiritual tree. The fruit of the spiritual tree was most suitable for people with strength between 100,000 and 5 million, and the enhancement effect was most apparent. However, Turles had thousands of combat power, and he didn’t know these taboos, so he wasted such treasures.

—But hundreds of thousands of fighting capacity was enough to satisfy his wanton arrogance ambition.

After that, Armond, Dez, Kakao, Reiz, and Lacassie were recruited to form the Turles Legion, which focused on destruction.

“This is terrible!” Piccolo looked bitter. —Vegeta had put them into a bitter battle already, and now there were more terrifying people. Turles and his destruction army. 

‘What kind of disaster is happening on earth??’

The demon king who dreamed of ruling the earth also understood how dangerous it was to rule it.

At this time, sensing that four more powerful qi was approaching, Piccolo quickly raised his head.

Four figures appeared in the air.

Seeing the appearance of the visitor, Piccolo and Son Goku breathed a sigh of relief.

This time, Castro and the three Queen’s Guards flew over. —After receiving the Queen’s order, they rushed to here immediately, and they happened to run into Turles’s group.

Beep Beep

A rapid beep from a special instrument at the ear frame.


Noting the other party’s data, everyone in the Turles Corps showed amazement. However, only Turles reported the data with a playful look.

“Master Turles, the strength of those people is too strong. We are not opponents; we need you to take action!” Armond was surprised at the powerful shock of the data and said helplessly.

Gently motioning with his hand, Turles let the legion’s subordinate back. He didn’t expect that such a powerful existence appeared on the earth.

Damn it!”

Vegeta’s face was even more ugly for no reason.

‘How could there be so many powerful people on this small earth?’

‘First the unexpectedly powerful earthlings, then the so-called Destruction Legion, and then this one before him?’

Judging from the opponent’s momentum alone, he was far from an opponent. And he heard from Turles that the lowest of them all had 165,000 combat power!!! —It was not worse than Frieza’s team, maybe even stronger.

The Saiyan prince couldn’t accept it for a while. There were so many people who were stronger than him on the planet. He had some regrets about coming to earth.

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