Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 158


With the incredible energy surrounding Frieza, the tiny rocks floated away from the gravitational force.

Frieza’s family was the strongest in the universe, relying on the three of them to hold up the glory of the Frozen Clan. This power of the ultimate form was the peak of Frieza and ranked high among the Frozen Clan. It also represented the pinnacle of the strength of the universe!

There was no much expression on his face. Compared to his previous form, the ultimate form of him looked “perfect” a lot. However, the hint of coldness revealed the intention to kill so that people had no time to consider what was so special about this “perfect”.

Ignoring the shocked crowd, he smiled lightly and gently stretched out his finger. The arc of electricity flashed.


A silver-white beam of light shot out so fast that even Son Goku could only barely see the blurred light and shadow.

“Not good, this guy is too strong, I can’t even keep up with his speed.”

Son Goku and Piccolo were shocked at the same time. The winning mentality was instantly eroded by a strong concern. As for Krillin, Yamcha, Tian Shinhan and others, they had long been unable to keep up the pace.

The energy beam flashed close to Piccolo’s face, and in a moment, a giant mushroom cloud rose from the mountain peak 10,000 meters away. A bright shock wave mixed with a whirlwind came after a loud rumbling sound. This time the crowd realized that the ultimate form of Frieza had completely exceeded their imagination.

Son Goku flew to the side of Piccolo, “Piccolo, Frieza’s strength is too strong, let’s join forces!”

Knowing that something was not possible, Piccolo nodded gravely and took a step back to stand side by side with Son Goku. Frieza’s terror had taken Piccolo by surprise.

The sky was cloudy, empty and silent environment in the invisible oppression lost the sense of calm beauty, a kind of indescribable heavy pressure on all hearts.

The battle was about to begin.

Son Goku and Piccolo simultaneously transport luck. The surging and raging ki flames burned fiercely outside the body, emitting a light blue light.



The two disappeared in place, and in the blink of an eye, they tangled with Frieza.

Countless residual shadows appeared in the sky. The energy waves burst out in all directions. The sound of hand-to-hand combat resounded continuously. At first glance, it seemed that the two camps were comparable, but Frieza’s power was indeed much stronger than Son Goku and others, and with the passage of time, this disparity was gradually magnified.

After Son Goku and Piccolo made the full force of his surprisingly still a leisurely look.

“Frieza still has strength left.”

All of a sudden, Son Goku’s heart sank. It seemed that the ultimate form of Frieza was really different from the previous forms, and such an opponent was like a nightmare to fight. The opponent actually did not even need to be serious.

“Hey, hey, those are two people who dare to fight with this king at once, uh, you look a little familiar, have you seen it somewhere?”

Frieza asked in confusion as he returned fire. To him, this was not a fight at all but a one-sided ravishment. Frieza enjoyed the thrill of ravaging the other side!

“This is the real strength of Frieza?”

After quickly flying away from the battlefield, Vegeta looked far away from that piece of light flashing, wielding the death scythe everywhere in the battle site. His face was tangled into a ball, and his heart could not help but tremble.

To the level of Frieza, the weak, he was already not qualified to intervene.

“But Kakarot and that Namekian can actually fight with Frieza for so long!”

He was resigned in his heart. If Frieza’s might was pressing down on him like an iron ball, making him unable to move, then Son Goku’s performance made him a little lost in thought. The same Saiyan, why would a Low-Level Warrior born Kakarot be so much stronger than him?

“Could it be that Kakarot is the legendary Super Saiyan?” A crazy idea flashed through Vegeta’s heart, “No, he should not be a Super Saiyan yet. The only one who can become a Super Saiyan is me, Vegeta. I want to get stronger, I want to become a Super Saiyan before Kakarot!”


A large piece of energy spilt out as a meteor smashed into the earth. The whole Planet Namek kept trembling. The air in the atmosphere was stirred by the powerful energy, becoming like waves churning.


Ayaka flew to the top of a hill with a pair of bright eyes to clearly see the battle ten thousand meters away. She said softly, “Frieza’s strength is still too much beyond Goku, this battle is very dangerous!”

Krillin and others nodded approvingly, with a few worried faces. The opponent’s strength was too strong, simply beyond their predictions. Now, the strength of their Son Goku and Piccolo combined were still at a disadvantage.

“Mama, how about you take a shot at that white guy to get rid of it!” Reimu suggested fiercely.

With a sharp glint in her eyes, as the saying went, those who spoke had no intention of listening, and hearing Reimu’s words, everyone immediately turned their heads sideways.

Yes, they still had insurance herein.

Reimu words, probably…. maybe more powerful than Frieza…. thinking that Ayaka might be more powerful than Frieza, their heads were a little swollen.

Frieza’s battle power was 15.2 million!

Was it possible?

Seeing the skeptical expressions on the faces of the crowd, Reimu tilted her head with a proud look, “Hmph, Mama’s strength is not what you can imagine it, Frieza is definitely not a match!” 

Caressing Reimu’s head, Ayaka smiled lightly, “You do not have to worry, Frieza will be left to Goku and PIccolo. I believe that Goku can solve the problem. If really can not, let the girls to join the fight!”

This was the master of the style!

Taking it in stride! Not afraid of danger!

Everyone was stunned.

So from this calmness alone, Ayaka really exceeded them too much!

“Uh?” Suddenly, Krillin remembered, it seemed that from the beginning, Ayaka’s strength had been far above them. They had no idea of Ayaka’s true strength.

Vegeta listened and stared in amazement.

Reimu grunted, “What are you looking at? Reimu is also a Saiyan, much more powerful than you, the prince of something!”


Vegeta shuddered. His voice trembled as he asked, “She is….. Saiyan?”

“Of course, not only mama is a Saiyan, Reimu also!” She said and straightened her petite body.

“You are actually all Saiyans!” Thinking that Reimu might be more powerful than Frieza, Vegeta looked at Reimu incredulously, “Could it be, you are already…. Super Saiyan?”

Ayaka looked away and did not answer Vegeta’s question, but her attitude already says it all.

Vegeta shuddered and stared at Ayaka in horror, then bowed his head in dismay. He still lagged behind! His heart could not help but recall the scene when he first met Ayaka more than ten years ago.

Shit, more than ten years ago, she was far ahead of himself.

Vegeta admitted that Ayaka was too much better than him.

Wondering what came to mind, Vegeta suddenly laughed out loud, “Good! We Saiyans out of a strong person like you, Frieza, your greatest fear still happened!!!”

Although the first to reach the Super Saiyan is not him, Vegeta was not much resistant to Ayaka’s Super Saiyan. Perhaps, when the realm was pulled apart to a certain extent, it would make people ignore the resentment.

Yes, heartily!

The other side was Ayaka. It wasn’t unfair for Vegeta to lose. Perhaps in his opinion, the other party must have a very noble lineage. Taking a step back, even if the lineage did not belong to the ranks of the nobility, at this moment, there was no longer the need to count. The birth of the Super Saiyan was a bloodline enhancement, purification!

‘Is Kakarot so powerful because of her guidance?’

All of a sudden, Vegeta looked at Ayaka’s gaze filled with fire. Even a Low-Level Warrior and useless Earthling like Kakarot became this powerful because of her. If he could also get her guidance, transforming into a Super Saiyan would be just around the corner.

Well, Vegeta’s heart did not dare to rise to the delusion of bonding with Ayaka in order to optimize the Saiyan bloodline further because that was purely looking for death. However, the Saiyans were so few. Women were particularly scarce, so he was torn.

He didn’t dare to have such thoughts, nipped in the bud!

Ignore the excitement in Vegeta’s heart. Son Goku, Piccolo, and Frieza fight on the battlefield were still in full swing.

As she was watching, suddenly Ayaka wrinkled her brow. Looking up at the sky with some confusion, it seemed that different ki was approaching here.

“Ayaka, what’s happening?” Launch asked with concern. Just after asking, she also sensed something and looked up together with Lancy.


Outer space.

A huge sphere was approaching Planet Namek. It was a big ball made of metal. The size was bigger than the moon, just like a space fortress in a science fiction movie.


“Ayaka, Launch, be careful. A huge metal sphere is approaching Planet Namek!” The anxious voice of the North Kai rang in his ears.

“Can we find out the identity of the other party?” Ayaka asked thoughtfully.

“No, the other party’s ki is too powerful, my detection ability is blocked to know the exact identity of the other party. The guy who can actively block my detection is definitely not a simple person, you guys should be careful!”

Nodding gently, Ayaka cut off the communication with the North Kai and thought slightly, “Even Frieza is not necessarily able to block the detection of the Kai King, but the other party can, is there such a strong person in the universe?”

She said to the crowd, “Everyone pay attention, there is another strong person coming to Planet Namek, the strength is definitely above Frieza, I guess the visitor is not good.”


Everyone was shocked. One Frieza was enough for them to suffer. How could someone be coming again? Had Planet Namek become so popular too?

“Could it be King Cold?” Vegeta asked suspiciously.

In his perception, someone who was more powerful than Frieza was only two people, Frieza’s father, King Cold, and brother Cooler. With the death of the latter, the person who came was most likely King Cold.

“Perhaps.” Ayaka said with a clear gaze.


A few minutes later, the target appeared in view, a huge silver-white sphere slowly approaching the atmosphere of Planet Namek. Then the sphere began to deform, extending more than ten tentacles toward the writhing soft-bodied creatures. Each tentacle was very large, whistling down from the atmosphere. At once broke up the distribution of the atmosphere.

On one side, Son Goku and Piccolo bodies were already scarred.

After seeing the sudden appearance of the huge metal invasion body, they stopped fighting with Frieza. The three looked up in confusion.

“Is the other party…” Ayaka’s beautiful face showed an astonished expression. The heart had a vague number of the identity of the other party.


The huge metal object completely fell, and a green figure sprinted out and stopped not far from Frieza.

The bright green figure, metal body, form and Frieza surprisingly had a few similarities.

After seeing the appearance of the visitor, Frieza’s body trembled violently, pointing at the other party shouted in shock, “Cooler, you are not already dead, how is it possible ……”

The visitor was none other than Cooler. After being hit by Ayaka through the satellite and rushed into the universe, Cooler miraculously survived. Due to severe injuries, Cooler could only barely maintain a trace of life floating in the universe and finally was lucky enough to be rescued by the Big Gete Star and transformed into a metal body.

Although the form of metal Cooler looks like Frieza’s “third transformation form” look, but his power was far more powerful than his strongest state and several times. —The original Cooler had about 50 million power levels after four transformations. Now it was at least several hundred million power levels.

In this way, he was able to search for Ayaka’s whereabouts again and was lucky enough to be informed of the Dragon Balls, and eventually came to Planer Namek.

“Oh, stupid brother, shouldn’t you be happy to see that big brother is not dead?” Metal Cooler said with a faint smile.

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