Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 159


“How could it be, I am naturally happy that big brother is not dead! If father knows that big brother is not dead he must be very happy too.” Frieza showed an ugly smile.

“I heard that the magical Dragon Balls exist in Planet Namek, brother should help big brother get them, right?” Cooler glanced at Frieza’s tender face, narrowed his eyes and said.

Frieza heard a forked breath, “Damn, Cooler even know the news of the Dragon Balls, then my wish of immortality will not be hopeless!” He smiled sarcastically and changed the subject, saying, “Big brother, these two guys have been obstructing my search for the Dragon Ball. If big brother want to get the Dragon Balls, I’m afraid you still need to go through them.”

When Son Goku and Piccolo heard the visitor was Frieza’s big brother, they looked at Frieza with a kind of groveling and submissive look. His strength seemed to be far above Frieza. The wave was really not calm, and their heart constantly sinking.

“Oh?” Cooler flatly responded. His cold gaze aimed at Son Goku, and then turned to the side of the Piccolo, disdainful, “The two of them? They just trash!”

The two were stared at by the blood-red eyes, and could not help but shiver. They immediately felt the surrounding temperature dropped by several degrees.

“You two, if you want to live, then honestly hand over the Dragon Balls to me, or I’ll let you taste my technique!”

“Son Goku, what to do, the opponent’s strength is higher than Frieza a big cut, we are no match!” Piccolo leaned to Son Goku and asked in a low voice. After the appearance of Cooler, the situation could be extremely unfavorable for them.

“First, let’s carry. I think sister will come over soon.” Son Goku whispered.

Cooler looked at Son Goku and Piccolo whispering, not answering his question at all, how humiliating this made him! With a gloomy face, the metallic luster of his face immediately penetrated the eerie coldness.

“You don’t know how to live!” Cooler shouted in a low voice. With a wave of his hand, a large swath of energy shining with crystal luster greeted the past. He coldly smiled, killing someone that was as insignificant to him was as crushing an ant.

A huge sphere was created in the sky, and in the next second, the ground cracked under the amazing power. In the blink of an eye, the flat landscape around that became a ravine, and the cliff steep mountain blade.

Seeing Son Goku and Piccolo about to be submerged by the high power energy, a light came straight. A golden haze lit up, blocking Son Goku and Piccolo. Cooler threw a large amount of energy to hit it, but it turned into a large cloud of smoke scattered.

The haze scattered, and Cooler was stunned. He saw seven or eight more figures beside Son Goku.

“Goku, you and Piccolo continue to fight with Frieza, Cooler will be left to me. Well, Krillin, Tian Shinhan, you help Goku, find a way to solve Frieza!” Ayaka looked at Cooler.

Son Goku and Piccolo act as the main force, while Krillin, Yamcha, and Tian Shinhan act to take a small advantage of the opportunity. She certainly couldn’t let them join the battle directly. Lancy and Launch act as insurance to isolated Frieza battlefield and Kvila battlefield. If Krillin and others in danger, they could rescue them.

From the arrangement, Ayaka was determined to let certainly in the battle with Frieza to complete the breakthrough to the Super Saiyan.

Krillin and Tian Shinhan nodded firmly, and certainly converge to his opponent, Frieza.


“It’s you!”

Clearly see the appearance of the person who stirred the game, Cooler became as hard as eating flies. His so-called injustice was roughly right! The voice was full of coldness, as if it had just climbed out of hell.

“That’s right, it’s me. I didn’t think that after taking my fatal blow, you could still survive. I really admire your life force!” Ayaka walked up and stood across from Cooler, curiously sizing up the metal state of Cooler. Even though Cooler had turned into a metal body, his strength had certainly doubled several times, but he was equally not in her eyes.

A few years ago, she could have easily defeated Cooler. Not to mention the present after a great increase in strength.

You should know that Ayaka was now a Full Super Saiyan. She was already at the peak of the first stage of the Super Saiyan. She just needed to break through a little to be able to match the Demon World King, Dabura. How could she look at Cooler’s power level of a few hundred million.

“Damn woman, don’t think you can be arrogant just because you once defeated this king. My current strength is much stronger than back then, just be good and die!”

Cooler roared up, and his voice spread across the whole room.

“What, that woman is the Empress of the new Northern Forces?”

Frieza and Vegeta stunned, that woman defeated Cooler a few years ago, so her strength was absolutely powerful beyond compare.

Frieza immediately had a sense of urgency. This moment, he had sprouted a retreat, someone who could defeated Cooler was a person he could never deal with. If something happened, he would be damned. If that woman wanted to kill himself, Cooler would definitely not save him. In an instant, a million thoughts flashed through his mind.

“Escape, I can’t stay in Planet Namek. I must stay away from that dangerous woman!”

Dragon Balls was certainly very valuable, but he needed to be alive to use it. If he continued to stay in Planet Namek, he wouldn’t know when he would be handed over. Frieza judged the situation, and he wanted to use Cooler to hold the new Northern Empress gap to escape. In his opinion, even the reborn Cooler, was not necessarily a rival of the new Northern Empress.

Compared to Frieza’s timidity, Vegeta’s mood could only be described as ecstatic. The mysterious Saiyan had defeated Cooler, the legendary empress of the New North. Even the Emperor of the universe was afraid of the existence! Moreover, she was also a Super Saiyan.

Saiyans finally produced their own strong, didn’t this mean that the Saiyans would rise again?

There was no better than this news to motivate Vegeta. Even though he was not the leader of the Saiyan race, but there was a new Northern Empress’s leadership, it seemed to be more meaningful than his leadership.

Listening to Cooler’s delusional words, Ayaka coldly smiled.

“How pathetic!!!” Her whole body’s ki exploded haughtily, and a rising air current swirled up, blowing her beautiful long hair.

In the flames surrounded by gold, Ayaka’s hair turned golden, and her black eyes turned a cold turquoise color.

This was the Super Saiyan.

The burning golden flames with golden hair and blue pupils!

“Is this the Super Saiyan?” Vegeta’s eyes bulging with a million admiration, “Worthy of the Super Saiyan, really heartbreaking general power! One day, I will also become a Super Saiyan!” Clenched fist, his heart secretly vow.

“Super Saiyan? I never thought that the legendary thing actually happened, what to do! Legendary Saiyans actually exist!” While fighting with Son Goku and others, Frieza was still paying attention to the dynamics of another battlefield.

Above the turquoise eyes, the golden hair between the eyebrows blown around by the air currents swaying. Ayaka heroically standing, didn’t lose to Cooler’s terrifying ki blast. In a blink of an eye, she pulled closer to Cooler.

Ayaka’s first Super Saiyan State had several hundred million power level!

“It is this disgusting look. When the king saw it, he can not suppress the urge to destroy it. I hate you Saiyans this so-called Super Saiyan form!” Perhaps because once defeated under the Super Saiyan, Cooler was most unpleasant to see the Super Saiyan transformation.

At that moment, there was a slapping applause, and another person came out from behind the high rock shelf, a tall figure in a cloak.

“King Cold!”

Ayaka was taken aback. Cooler’s transformation into a metallic body and his visit to Planet Namek was already a surprise to her, but she didn’t expect King Cold to come too. When did he come?

Well, Planet Namek had really become a big party for the Frozen Clan. If Frieza, Cooler and King Cold were all wiped out, the North Area would be completely at peace.

“Father?” Frieza called out in surprise, while Cooler grunted plaintively.

This was the difference between Frieza and Cooler. The Frozen Clan was cold-blooded and ruthless, even friends and family would turn over because of the benefits. However, Frieza could only be considered a child in the Frozen Clan. He was still relatively attached to King Cols, especially when the opponent was so powerful, the appearance of King Cold had given Frieza something to rely on.

“Is this King Cold? The appearance is the same as Frieza’s first transformation state!” Looking at King Cold’s huge body of nearly three meters, Ayaka frowned. Therefore, Frieza and Cooler, King Cold were more difficult to deal with. He was a mature member of the Frozen Clan, and had survived for countless years. The long survival made King Cold’s strength became unfathomable.

“Just the first transformation state power was so powerful. Well, the power level is close to 100 million! Then how strong will his ultimate form be?”

Ayaka got serious. Compared to Metal Cooler, King Cold was more difficult to deal with. Fortunately, the original Trunks came out and killed him directly with a sword. He did not give him the opportunity to transform into his ultimate form, otherwise the outcome it was really unknown.

But then again, since King Cold had such strong strength, why would he sit back and watch the rise of the new Northern Forces and not act on it?

Was he scared?

Thinking about it, Ayaka came to his senses. King Cold acted too cautiously. He must have listened to Frieza’s communications, if not for the news of the Dragon Balls, he was afraid that he would not have come to Planet Namek.

Super Saiyan, after all, was a taboo passed down from the Frozen Clan in ancient times.

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