Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 173


Seeing firsthand that Ayaka wiped out the androids, Son Gohan and Trunks were momentarily too shocked to speak, “The androids were wiped out?”


There was a short silence.

“Great, the world is finally going to peace, and humans do not have to be afraid anymore!”

Son Gohan and Trunks were acting very crazy at this moment, and in Ayaka’s opinion what a disorder it was! But no wonder, the haze of androids oppressed them for more than a decade, and now they see the sky through the clouds, of course, they breathed a sigh of relief. The remaining work was left to the “professionals” to rebuild the world, and they could take a break from it.

Ayame’s cute little face turned red and she held her head up high and said, “I told you that mama was the best, how could the androids be a match?

“Mm-hmm.” Trunks nodded his head vigorously.

Ayaka smiled. Just now the strike seemed to be a little too fast. She had planned to let Trunks and Ayame observe it, but she could only let them see it next time they had the chance. Ayaka did not know that her rapids fierce, swift and fast fighting style had made them long to see, making Trunks’ mind completely shocked.


That night, Ayaka and a few people returned to Bulma’s house.

After telling Bulma the good news that the androids had been wiped out, Bulma shed tears of excitement and then took out the treasured food to celebrate properly.

The next morning, everyone did not get up early, the pressure on the heart of the boulder removed, Son Gohan all relaxed, lying in bed and sleep.


In Ayame’s room, the stuffy feeling at the chest made Ayame sleep restlessly, opened Ayaka’s eyes. Ayame’s entire body was like a wombat wrapped tightly around her, with her little head on her soft chest and a crystal liquid flowing from the corner of her mouth.

The curtains fluttered in the breeze as she lifted the little head on her chest and walked to the windowsill in her pajamas, opening the glass window. Warm sunlight shone through the window, sprinkling dots on the floor of the room, as if a gift from the sky, spread throughout the room.

After a simple breakfast, Ayaka moved a lounge chair to the compound outside the house, while reading the outdated newspaper and sunbathing. The peaceful and calm leisure contrasts with the surrounding crumbling and desolate urban background.


It was the sound of aircraft engines from a distance, not long after a yellow-backed aircraft slowly landed in the courtyard.

Hearing the roar of the aircraft landing, Son Gohan, Trunks, and other people with lunch boxes walked out of the room. Master Roshi, Oolong, and Puar jumped down from the plane and greeted Son Gohan warmly when they saw him.

“Grandpa Roshi, what are you guys doing here?” Son Gohan asked in surprise as he ate his breakfast.

Master Roshi looked at Ayala and suddenly noticed Spn Gohan’s broken left arm, his face changed, and he asked, “Gohan, why is your arm gone?”

Son Gohan shook his head, “Lost in the previous engagement, but grandpa, I have good news for you!”

Master Roshi sighed and said, “Hey, is it about the pretty lady next to you? We’ve met before. Alas, after Gohan lost an arm to deal with the androids will be more difficult, but the good news is that with Miss Ayaka, our chances of winning have improved a little!”

Having said that, the news that Son Gohan lost his arm still cast a shadow over the future of Master Roshi.

Seeing Master Roshi misunderstood, Son Gohan overflowed with a bright smile, “No… This is another better news!”

“Uh, what is the good news?” Master Roshi couldn’t help but be curious.

Son Gohan took a long breath, brewed for a while, and said happily. “Just yesterday, Auntie has personally finished off the androids!”

“What did you just say?”

Deafening words simply made Master Roshi could not believe his ears for a while. He subconsciously thought that he had heard wrong.

“I said that the androids have been wiped out!!!”

“Really?” Master Roshi was shocked.

After receiving an affirmative reply, Master Roshi looked at each other, “So we don’t have to be afraid anymore?”

Oolong and Puar hugged each other, turner hand dancing and cheering. Master Roshi was not as spontaneous as they were. He watched quietly. A stream of hot tears was swirling in his eyes. “The androids are wiped out. Krillin, Yamcha, the androids are wiped out! Your dedication has finally come to fruition!”

Looking at the excited look of a group of people, a look that ushered in the light in the darkness, and Ayaka’s mood stirred up. She said, “Now that the androids have been eliminated, the next step is the reconstruction of the Earth.”

Speaking of rebuilding the Earth, everyone calmed down and frowned. This was a big problem! The impact of the androids for more than ten years couldn’t be eliminated overnight. Those crumbling and destroyed cities aside, after ten years of hellish and chaotic life, the mentality of human beings cannot be turned around at once.

“I can make a trip to New Planet Namek, with the help of Namekian’s Dragon Balls,” Ayaka said his idea.

“But Planet Namek is too far away, and there is no knowledge of interstellar navigation charts.” Master Roshi shook his head. As early as when the androids appeared, they thought of the dragon balls of Planet Namek, only that Planet Namek was far away, and there was no clear location, as well as whether the Dragon Balls could be borrowed so easily.

So this idea, in fact, was no different from an empty thought.

“This, you do not have to worry. I know where the new Planet Namik is, and I have a move similar to Goku’s Instant Transmission. To go to the new Planet Namek is just a matter of moments.”


Everyone immediately felt dizzy with happiness. Ayaka was simply a blessing to the world, eliminating the androids and bringing hope for the recovery of the Earth!

“Of course! How about this? I’m going to the new Planet Namik, by the way. The Earth’s former Dragon Balls are still there?”

“Yes! All of them! When the androids first appeared, we collected the Dragon Balls just in case, but unfortunately, they killed Piccolo. Bulma, quickly take out those Dragon Ball stones!” Master Roshi busy shouted at Bulma.

When Bulma heard this, she was also unusually excited. She walked from the safe to take out seven ball-shaped white stones.

“After the Dragon Balls are restored, resurrect all those who were killed by the androids!” Ayaka lightly ordered, under such circumstances, they could resurrect a few, and those whose bodies were not preserved, it wasn’t all doomed. The Dragon Balls of Planet Namek should be able to restore their physical bodies.

Ayaka unlashed Instant Transmission and disappeared, in a flash, has come to the new Planet Namek.

After she left, Master Roshi and Bulma nervously gazed at the Dragon Balls, the brow due to the nervousness of the sweat seeping out.

After a long time, the seven spherical stones in their dreamy eyes once again turned orange-red, inlaid with a few red stars look so brilliant. The seven Dragon Balls buzzed and echoed each other, flashing with waves of golden brilliance.

The Dragon Balls were restored!


At the same time, a desolate desert, Piccolo and the Kami, appeared there.

“I’ve been resurrected?”

“Someone used the Dragon Balls to bring us back to life!” The Kami looked at the sky, which was full of black clouds.

“Earth’s Dragon Balls have also been restored!”


“Is this Shenron?”

Trunks were shocked by the huge body of Shenron that was weaving through the black clouds. This was the first time he had seen the majestic stance of the divine dragon.

The green body snaked through the thick dark clouds, and the dragon held its head high and its voice loud, “O, you who have gathered the Dragon Balls, say your wish!

“Please let all the people who were killed by the androids come back to life!” Son Gohan said excitedly.


The eyes of Shenron lit up with a bloody red light when a magical force covered the earth, all the dead people all revived.

“Your wish has been granted, goodbye!”

The Dragon Balls were scattered all over the world again, and the dark clouds dispersed in a moment.

“By the way, Trunks, you go see if the people whose bodies were destroyed are also resurrected.” Thinking of Shenron to resurrect people need a complete body, Son Gohan instructed.

“No need! People who make wishes should restore the bodies of all people in advance!” A voice came, Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin, and other people’s figures appeared in the air.

“Uncle Piccolo!”

“Krillin, Yamcha!”


Master Roshi and others called out with surprise on their faces and then ran up to the front one by one.

“The androids were actually wiped out. It seems that we missed a lot of good shows!”

From the mouth of Son Gohan, they learned the general situation.

Tian Shinhan had an astonished look on his face, and while surveying the wrecked city around him, he lamented. However, his words had not yet fallen. An amazing change occurred. As if turning back time, the shattered city began to reorganize among the ruins, and in a short while, the crumbling ruins were transformed into a modern city building. The previous dilapidation was like a dream.

Ayaka used Namekian’s Dragon Ball. The first wish was to repair the bodies of all the dead, the second wish was to resurrect Piccolo, and the third wish was to repair the damage done to the Earth by the androids.

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