Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 172


A medium-sized city in the south of the Earth, nearly a thousand kilometers from the West City.

After defeating Son Gohan, the androids traveled all the way south, and when they encountered a human-inhabited city on the way, they would continue to kill with mad cruelty, and in just one day there were several cities destroyed.

Ayaka, Son Gohan and others had been flying in the direction of the androids, overlooking the ruins of the city below had become a wreckage, the brow showing complex emotions.

Although it was a parallel space, after all, there were so many lives.

“It’s true what Trunks said, the androids here are a complete source of evil, there is no need to exist anymore!”

Ayaka always had a good feeling for the beautiful android 18. If possible, she did not mind taking the 18 away, but in the current situation, this world’s 18 and the original world 18 in addition to appearance, there was no point of similarity, both cold and cruel, Ayaka did not have the heart to take her away.

Son Gohan said, “We must find No. 17 and No. 18 as soon as possible, and then eradicate them!”


Small town.

Android 18 twisted and dropped a stack of clothes in her hands high up, looked dissatisfied cold snort, scared the shopkeeper blushed and hid under the counter.

“Hmph, this world is getting worse and worse, there are not even a few beautiful clothes, it’s really boring!”

Haha, 18, since you are not satisfied, there is no need to keep this place, let me destroy this small town together!”

“Spare my life, I still have a lot of beautiful clothes here, make sure this lady will like them ……” The owner of the store was so scared that his face was bloodless when he heard that these demons wanted to destroy the whole city, and he hurriedly ran out from under the counter with a crawl.

He he, whatever you want!” 18 tossed her beautiful long blonde hair and walked out of the store door with her head held high.

A smile lifted up on 17’s cold cheeks. She hooked her lips, before extending her fingers to launch a devastating attack on the store. In an instant, the fiery flames from the explosion engulfed the mall mercilessly like a raging fire dragon. The steel quickly deformed under the intense heat, and because the energy of the explosion was too great, the concrete structure of the mall instantly collapsed, and a dim yellow beam of light with searing heat shot up into the sky like a small nuclear explosion, raising a beautiful mushroom cloud.

The smoke cleared and all the buildings within a few hundred meters of the mall were reduced to ashes.

18 stroked the blonde hair, blowing away the smoke and dust around the diffuse. frowned, expressionlessly looking at only a few skeleton structure buildings, face dissatisfied, “17, you’re too heavy-handed. Look around, the stores are destroyed by you, it’s more difficult to find good clothing stores!”

17 shrugged, “Oh, I forgot, next time pay attention and make sure to strike after you have chosen the clothes.”

Well, there’s nothing I want here, destroy the city!”



Ayaka and the others flew through the air, light flashed, and in the blink of an eye had disappeared, far behind them could only see a few beams of long, blurred light ribbons held up.

Suddenly huge energy fluctuations came, Ayaka face changed, faint voice sounded, “The androids are just ahead, they are doing it again, everything according to plan!”


“Got it!” The crowd agreed.

Ayaka has arrived in the middle of the city with an Instant Transmission, slowly lowering his height, and his vision has been able to see the situation in front of him. The entire modest city had been completely flattened in the big explosion just now, and the few ruins rising high could still barely discern that this was once a city where humans were active.

“This is the same sight as always, the androids are too abominable!” Son Gohan said angrily.

“Calm down, the androids are nearby!” Ayaka turned back to a stern voice.

Son Gohan nodded his head, eyes still cold flash, but obediently back to the side, next to Ayaka.

It was easy to find the androids 17 and 18 who were preparing to leave.

“Mama, isn’t this the Saiyan? I remember it seems to be the son of the Son Goku, called Son Gohan. Last time the battle was so fierce that only one arm was missing? The injury healed too quickly. Huh, this time also brought a few companions…” 18 covered her mouth in amazement and giggled.

“Androids, today will be the end of you!” Son Gohan’s cold voice rang out.

17 and 18 smiled properly and laughed out loud.

“Son Gohan, last time let you lucky save your life, not well hide but take the initiative to find the door, but also so shameless, you Saiyan is really too unaware of the time!” 17 said indifferently.

“17, 18, if a little more restrained, I might still spare you, but unfortunately, you make me very unsatisfied.”

Ayaka stepped forward, two beautiful eyes smilingly looking at the androids No. 17 and No. 18.

“Where did that woman come from? How dare she be arrogant in front of us!” 17 burst out in anger and shouted sternly.

“Two guys with only a few hundred million power level!” Muttering softly, Ayaka’s figure fiercely disappeared into thin air.

“Not good!” 18 shouted anxiously, “17 hurry up and dodge, that woman is not a generalist!”

“What ……”

When 17 heard her sister’s shout and turned back in disorientation. It was the first time that a woman could be a part of a group of people who had been in the business for a long time.

‘Super Saiyan?’

When 17 heart flashed a trace of panic, the other party’s cold, unfeeling gaze like ice poured on the heart. Her whole body surprisingly stiffened up. Without much thought, Ayaka’s hands resting on her chest lit up with a blinding light.


17 screamed miserably, two powerful energy waves penetrated hermes birkin bag replica his chest, hard through his chest out of two bloody holes, 17’s heart was instantly shattered.

“18, she is not an ordinary Super Saiyan ……”

Before the words were finished, it died with a twist of the neck. The androids were also human, 17 and 18 was not a pure mechanical body, but according to the human body modified, the loss of the heart was fatal.

The scene was suddenly quiet, was the powerful and terrifying android died so simply?

Son Gohan and others stared blankly up. After a short silence, they burst out in surprise cheers, while the heart turned up waves of shock.

‘This was the death of human beings, goods than goods to throw ah!’

‘The Dragonball warriors were abused to death one by one, so that the world was full of infinite fear of the android 17 was killed so simply?’

‘The strength of this aunt from another world was actually terrifying!’

Son Gohan and Trunks feel the ground on which their feet are soft, as if in a dream, and pinch themselves in disbelief.

‘It hurt!’

‘It was not a dream.’

‘Android 17 was really killed!’

They looked at Ayaka with admiration in their eyes!

‘This was the real strong.’

For a moment, Son Gohan permanently memorized his aunt’s delicate and valiant heroic posture as a goal to strive for in the future.

“The androids in this world really can’t compare with the original world, the power of No. 17 can’t even compare with Metal Cooler! Gohan strength can not keep up with the original. The androids are also fragile, and this world must not exist as strong as Majn Buu!”

After a round of strikes, Ayaka felt the level of this world was somewhat lower. After all, it was not a traditional world, the power was completely unable to match the original world.

Damn, I can’t believe 17 is dead!” Seeing her sister being killed by the woman in front of him, 18 immediately fell into a frenzy, whistling then rushed towards Ayaka.


The eyes flashed a cold light, Ayaka raised her turquoise eyes, and casually swung her hand towards 18. Suddenly, a series of several vast and incomparable energy swings out, surprisingly knocked No. 18 away.

With crazy shouting, 18 tattered clothing, a flash, continue to attack Ayaka.

After losing her only sibling, 18 had gone completely crazy.

“Since you want to die so badly, report to the Other-World together with 17!”

Ayaka muttered, the glowing white bright light flashed up, wrapped the entire 18, then in a crisp chirp, the white bright light disappeared into thin air, along with the android No. 18!

18 was Ayaka’s favorite type, it was a pity that the androids of this world were too cruel to allow her to continue to exist anymore.

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