Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 175


The world where Ayaka lives, three years later, May 12, it was a sparse day, the sun rose as usual.

Dragon Ball warriors had finished their training and came to a large island 9 kilometers from the southern city.

“Hey, it’s Tian Shinhan and Yamcha!” At this time because of the temperature, a certain distance from the ground rose a thin mist. Krillin floated among the clouds and saw several people standing on the hill of the island from afar, and then followed Son Goku, Piccolo and Son Gohan to land together.

“I was waiting for you, you are late, Gohan grew so tall!” Bulma stood on the side of the airship with a child in her arms.

“Nonsense, what are you doing here?” Son Goku said sternly.

“Come to watch the battle, it’s okay, I’ll take a look at the androids and go back!” Bulma smiled indifferently.

Krillin open his mouth barks a little, sighing, “What surprised me most is what Bulma is holding in her arms, she is married to Yamcha?”

“That’s not my child, we broke up long ago!” Yamcha stood by with a depressed face.

Bang! Bulma kicked on Krillin’s calf, her eyebrows upside down, displeased, “How can you talk like that, this is my child, not that ‘thing’ you are talking about.”


“Don’t you guys think it’s strange? It’s already past ten o’clock, but there’s no sense of the enemy yet.” Tian Shinhan stood on the edge of the end of the mountain, overlooking the prosperous town below.

“That boy also said because of his arrival history may change. In this place the androids will not exist at all?” Yamcha spread his hands optimistically and said.

“Do not be blindly optimistic!”

A short time later, Yojirobe came over in his airship, carrying several newly produced Senzu Beans from Korin Tower. Recently, the year was bad, the production was slipping again and again, and after handing the Senzu Beans to Son Goku he finished his mission for the trip and left quickly in his airship.

Boom! An explosion came and the airship Yajirobe was piloting exploded in the air.

“Someone attacked Yajirobe! What’s wrong? I can’t feel the enemy’s ki at all?” Son Goku looked grave.

“Could it be that there is no ki because it’s an android?”

“If we can’t feel their breath, we can only use our eyes to judge, so let’s split up and look for them, and notify everyone as soon as we find them!”

Swishing a few rays of light, Son Goku and others scattered to various parts of the small town. But there were at least tens of thousands of people on this large island, and it was a little difficult to find the androids from it. Soon after, Yamcha was ambushed by the androids, but in the nick of time Son Goku and the others arrived in time to save him with Senzu Beans.

The two androids that came into view, one was an old man with long white beard and hair shaped like a wither, and the other was a fat man with a pointy horn on his swollen head, and the hat they were wearing was marked “RR”, which was the symbol of the Red Ribbon Army.

“Are they the androids? Finally revealed their true colors!” Piccolo was overjoyed, his eyes showed a compelling cold light, the body’s ki quickly raised.


In a remote island, a cool breeze with the unique smell of the sea blowing. The green vegetation on the island was nourished by ample rainwater and grew into luxuriant branches and leaves, and on the jagged cliffs, several strange pines grew out along the broken walls.

Suddenly, a distortion of the void, space shattered out of a one-meter diameter hole, a wild vortex scraped out from inside the hole, hit the cliff. The rock wall cracked countless cracks in the clicking sound, and several fist-sized rocks flew down.

Snap! A pair of fair and beautiful hands suddenly reached out and grabbed the twisted edge of the space, the untouchable edge of the space immediately looked like a hard door frame, and two young girls, one large and one small, burst out from inside.

“Mama, we’re back!” The petite girl’s face revealed a bright smile, clear and lovely face like a blooming flower, melting the ice and snow at once. Eleven-year-old Ayame had already begun to take on the potential of a beautiful girl.

Ayaka nodded his head. She then pulled out the space scouter and looked at the data showing 1.0213!

At this time from the distance came several powerful ki, Ayaka frowned, pulling Ayame dream to fly into the air.

“The battle with the androids has begun, let’s go there too!”

The two hoo disappeared with a huff, and the light jetted out, cutting two long shadows of light in the air.

In the island of steep rocks and strange rocks, boom boom boom explosions incessantly. A cluster of blinding light flashes in the smoke, and Vegeta, who has just arrived, had already turned into a Super Saiyan and fought with Android 19.  

Huhuhuhu, a large piece of violent energy escaped everywhere, the earth rumbled.

“Eh, Vegeta’s strength has suddenly become so strong, surprisingly pressed Bioroids fight!” Krillin watched in amazement.

Piccolo watched the battle, his face gloomy saidm “Those two androids are not terrible. It is difficult to deal with their hands that can absorb energy. Look at Goku, as long as the opponent’s hands are avoided, eliminating the androids is easy.”

Krillin smiled and turned his head the other way, where the Super Saiyan state of Sun Goku was fighting fiercely with the android 20, and surprisingly, it was the same as Vegeta suppressing the androids to fight.

As long as you find the weakness of the androids, it was very simple to deal with.

Click, the Android 19’s arms from the elbow down all removed, after losing both hands, 19 face was panic up, before it was beaten by Vegeta without the ability to fight back.


A violent explosion came, the earth was blown out of a large crater. The body of the Android 19 was blown to pieces, and a head flew out, throwing an elegant arc.

“Kakarot, my side has settled the androids, you are still dilly-dallying!” Vegeta laughed arrogantly.

“Ah, this android is more difficult to deal with ah!” Son Goku gaze on the android 20, lightly responded Vegeta.

“Hum, do not sophistry, now I have surpassed you, Kakarot!”

Eliminating the androids before Son Goku made Vegeta’s mood extremely relieved, with a smile on his face. This was the first time Vegeta exceeded Son Goku, in his opinion, he was already stronger than Kakarot.

“Oh no, Son Goku and Vegeta are unexpectedly strong, with me alone has been unable to deal with them, do we have to wake them up?” The android 20, namely Dr. Giro was anxious in his heart.

“What a lot of nonsense!” Vegeta impulsively step forward, overstepped the mark, “Kakarot, since you can not deal with it, it will be left to me!”

“Ah, Vegeta, that is my opponent!” Son Goku opened his mouth wide and shouted, the body reacted in a hurry, a flash to follow.

Boom boom boom, Vegeta and Son Goku, two super Saiyan attack, the android 20 did not have a little chance to fight back, and was soon beaten all over the body, and an arm had also been removed.

“Not good! The energy is consumed for a long time, and the speed is gradually decreasing. Damn Saiyans!” Android 20’s eyes were red and he looked grumpy.

“I told you that you will never win, 17 and 18 will come to kill you soon!”

The android 20 yelled in a heartless manner and ejected all the energy with his other hand. Rumble!!! The island was immediately enveloped by the thick smoke from the explosion, the vision was blurred, and android 20 took the opportunity to dive underground and disappeared.

The smoke gradually cleared, a ruin covered with yellow sand had lost the trace of the androids.

“Damn, it disappeared!” Vegeta’s head bulging, roared at Son Goku, “Kakarot, if it were not for your slow hands, the androids would not have escaped!”

“How can you blame me, it is obviously that android cunning!” Son Goku shook his head with an innocent face.

“Humph!” He snorted angrily and stood aside without speaking.

“What should we do, those androids have no ki at all, if they do something naughty, we can’t find him at all!” Krillin’s tone was urgent.

The crowd was silent, that android 20 didn’t look strong, but the escaping technique was definitely not weak, it was hard to find him!

At this time, the figure of Trunks appeared beside everyone, he looked at the group in surprise and said, “Who was that guy just now, why did you fight him?”

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